What We Did Over Our (Summer) Vacation

By Sarah Gevlin (LoClLaKe@aol.com)

Summary: Perry orders Lois and Clark to write a "what I did over my summer vacation" piece, much to their disgust.

This story started out where I was determined to make sense, and not have a MAMOSOH twist where nobody except me would get it …but …it doesn't make much sense, and it does have a BIG MAMOSOH twist. If you get it, I'll be suprised. It gets a little weirder every time I read it … Comments welcome. Sarah


"Oh, come on, Perry! What we did over our summer vacations? How completely dumb. Yeah, the public's going to want to read about that!"

"Really, Chief. I mean …" Clark was cut off by Lois.

"I never even had to do that assignment in GRADE school! And now we're expected to … anyway, nothing happened. I spent my entire vacation in Centennial Park. It seemed like a TV show, with a 'To Be Continued' ending … I left for vacation on the 11th, and came back on the 17th. Nothing different at all about my situation. I mean, the situation I was in was interesting, but it was the EXACT SAME ONE! I mean …"

"Lois, you're babbling." Perry bit the inside of his cheeks to keep from laughing, and noticed Clark was doing the same. "It's a slow news day, nothing's happening, not even Intergang is out causing trouble. No ex-fiances coming back from the dead, no clones of Superman OR you out and about , and no corny bad guys who leave the newsroom half dressed! Not that I have a problem with that, though. That WAS my favorite tie."

"Chief, the point is, nobody will want to read it, and we don't want to write it!" Clark glanced at Lois, who was giving Perry a look.

"Who's the editor? WRITE IT!" bellowed Perry.

Without a word, Lois and Clark turned and stormed out.

"Great shades of Elvis. If I had known it would be that much trouble to get them to do a story about their vacation, I wouldn't have said anything," muttered Perry under his breath.

"So now are we going to do? It'll be a pretty short story," said Clark.

"Really. The entire story would go: 'Over our summer vacation, I sat on a park bench by a fountain in the pouring rain. I had a strange look on my face because Clark had just asked me to marry him. Clark was kneeling, holding a ring …an entire week. Um, we went into shock?"

"Couldn't have said it better."

"Well, I went into shock and a new form of kryptonite was found that paralyzed you. It was hidden in the ring box. Yeah, right." And on, and on, and on, and on, and on …

THE END … sort of