Something Lost, Something Found

By Jennilyn Lazo (

Summary: Clark discovers he has a long-lost relative, a young girl named Samantha.

[Author's note: This story was started after the thought of having to wait three weeks for the next episode. <g> Actually, it's more of an epic. It was started Jan. 22, and finished Jan. 29. Now, I warn you, writing this story was a bold step for me. This is in NO way related to the comics OR the show. On the Listerserv, I nagged on and on about how I wished there was a younger female character (besides Lucy) who could develop good relationships with Lois and Clark. This story fulfills just that. This could never happen on the show or comics, so this story is purely for entertainment. It presents a new perspective on the show, seen through the eyes of a teenager. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the story. A note follows the ending.]

*…* = thoughts CAPITALS = emphasis



Metropolis at night. Yes, it was a sight to behold. Everything was quiet and peaceful. Not to mention beautifully lit. It just seemed so perfect.

But not through the eyes of a certain street rat. Trudging through the messy alleys, which were pitch black dark, she wondered why she was putting herself through what she felt was hell. Her clothes were filthy and a little shabby, though still felt comfy. All she had now was her trusty black Jansport bookbag, slung over one shoulder, and the contents in it.

"I hope I'm doin' the right thing." She stopped as she said this. A silent, lonely-looking alley lay before her. It looked unbelievably long to pass through. "I think I can, I think I can," she softly encouraged herself. He tiptoed silently. About halfway through, she stopped to listen…


She screamed.

"Meow," came the reply.

"Whatcha do that for, huh?"

She shot the cat a dirty look, and ran the rest of the way. At the end, she came across something. A bundle. *Hmm, what is this?* Carefully picking it up, she saw it was a newspaper. "The Daily Planet" newspaper. She skimmed the first page, and spotted two words—Clark Kent. She touched these words, as if they meant something to her.

"Finally," she whispered, "I've found you. After all these years. Finally." She smiled in triumph. "Only a matter of time before the real fun begins." Stuffing the newspaper into her bag, she stole away into the night.




Click. "Hello?"

"Hi, Hon, how are you?"

"Hi, Mom! I'm doing fine. You?"

"Yes, same here, Clark. So, anything interesting happen today?"

Clark sighed. "Oh, the usual. I went to work, helped write a front page story, saw someone in trouble, and saved the day." But he smiled. "At least I spent the whole day with Lois. So, it IS worth it all."

Martha smiled. "I'm glad, Hon. But you sound kind of down. What's the matter?"

"Well, I don't know. I mean, I love being Superman, and helping all the people. But, like I've always said before, it's just—hard. Everyone respects me so differently. You know, as Clark and as Superman. You've always been there for me, and I can tell you anything and everything. But—but—"

"But what, Son?" Jonathan jumped in.

Martha let out a shriek. "JONATHAN!! Don't scare me like that!!"

Jonathan chuckled. "Aww, I'm sorry. But what, Clark?"

"Well, Dad, it isn't exactly a piece of cake to keep this all a secret. I know you two are only a phone call away, but—but what if you're not there? What if I suddenly need someone to talk to?"

"You have Lois, though," they said in unison.

"But I can't talk to Lois about EVERYTHING. You know what I'm talking about. I just wish there was someone else—here in Metropolis—that also knew my secret. Someone I could tell anything and everything, too."

"But Clark—" Jonathan jumped in.

Clark wasn't listening, though. "All of this stuff is building up inside, I think I'm gonna … uh…explode!!"

"But Clark—" Jonathan was close to shouting.

"Oh, sorry, Dad. What?"


"We've got to get going, now," Martha cut in. "I'm really sorry."

"Aww, already? See, that's what I'm talking about. I need to talk about something, but you have to go."

Jonathan tried to explain. "Wait, Clark, see—"

"Something really unexpected came up. But we'll call you as soon as we can, alright?"

"Okay, Mom and Dad. I'll talk to you later. Love you both. Bye."

"Bye, Clark," they both said in unison.

Clark reluctantly hung up. Walking slowly to the couch, he stared at the phone, thinking. *What was that all about? Why was Mom acting strangely?* At the thought of Mom, he remember what he had told them. * "I need someone right here in Metropolis." That's something I really want. Well, besides Lois.* He chuckled to himself, and dismissed the thought at once. *Yeah right, like that would really happen. No one here in Metropolis knows my secret. No one.


Martha sniffed as she hung up the phone.

"Why did you that, Martha? Huh? We're going to have to tell him that his wish 'for someone right in Metropolis' might just come true?"

"Look," replied, "we both weren't expecting this. It all happened so long ago. We both thought—"

"But we thought wrong." Martha cut in. "I still had a hope, though, and I know you did, too."

"Yes, I did. But now that it's happened, how do we handle this?"

Martha was clearly getting frustrated. " 'How this?' and 'How that?' Hmph, too many hows." She sat down, almost breaking down into tears. "I mean, I only got the message today."

Jonathan sighed as he approached the answering machine. Hesitating, he pressed the "Play" button. It said:

"Hi. Look, I know it's been a very long time. I know I should've gone there before anything else. I'm safe, for now, and I'm in Metropolis. Yep, the Big Apricot, or Apple, or some kinda fruit. Anyways, I'll be looking for Clark. It's not the best thing, but it's somethin' I gotta do. I'll call ya soon. Love you both. Bye."

"Hmm. Do you think Clark will remember?"

"I don't know, dear," Martha replied. "He does have photographic memory. But he was kind of young at the time. Plus, he was still getting used to his powers." She sniffed again.

"And I don't think we said Clark was Superman, or anything else about his powers." He slowly walked to the window. Pushing aside the curtain, he stood there, looking up to the stars. "In Metropolis. Of all places—METROPOLIS!!" He shook his head. "Martha, our baby is out there, probably lost. Where could SHE be?"


"G'morning, Clark!"

"Good morning, Lois. How's it going, today?"

"Bad. Today has got to be THE slowest newsday. I'm just tempted to shut off my computer and go home."

"Hmm, that would be a first." Clark grinned.

Lois shot him a don't-get-me-started-I'm-not-ready look.

"Hey, kids, got anything big to put on the first page??" Perry's voice boomed.

"Nope," replied Clark.

Lois added, "Not a thing. It's just so quiet in Metropolis today.

"Great shades of Elvis!! Metropolis—quiet??! I never thought there'd be a day when I'd hear those two words in the same sentence." He chuckled. "Well, keep at it."

"Right, Chief," they said in unison.

They watched Perry as he walked back to his office.


She approached the Daily Planet building nervously. Still clutching the newspaper, she tried to summon up all her courage. *I really hope I'm doing the right thing.* She had attempted to get her clothes at least a little cleaner, but the black streaks of dirt, mud, oil, you name it, would not come off. It was all over her clothes, and on her face, too. Not to mention a couple of bruises and cuts on her body. Yes, these were the signs of what she went through while she was in hiding. But now, she was ready to break out of her shell.

She was worried they wouldn't let her in. But she used the smarts she picked up on the streets to stealthily sneak into the elevator. *Hmm, guess living on the streets for a while did do me some good.* Upon entering the elevator, she asked a woman, "Excuse me, Miss, where can I find a Mr. Clark Kent?"

The woman eyed her suspiciously. "Third floor."

"Great, thanks a lot, Miss," she smiled.

The woman dismissed her suspicions, and couldn't help but to smile back.


The girl looked up. The number 3 was lit.

*Well, this is it. It's now or never. Although never couldn't hurt.* As she walked out of the elevator, a boy, wearing a leather jacket, and not much taller than she was, approached her.

"Hi. Can I help you with anything?" Jimmy asked.

"Yeah. Uh, do you know where I could find Clark Kent?"

Jimmy sighed. "And here I was thinking you were looking for me." He sheepishly smiled. "His desk is right there," he said, pointing straight across.

"Thanks," she said, blushing. She took a deep breath, and walked toward it. She turned a few heads while going there. Despite the fact of her filthy clothes, she had beautiful brown eyes, and her long black hair was tied back into a low ponytail. She had cute, kind of rosy cheeks, which revealed small dimples whenever she smiled. And that she did a lot.

On her way, she was stopped by another woman. The girl took time to look at her. The woman had shiny, shoulder length black hair, dark brown eyes, and a nice smile. She was Lois Lane, but of course, the girl didn't know that.

"Hello. Is something wrong? Are you lost or something?"

"Huh? Oh I'm sorry, no. I'm waiting for a Mr. Clark Kent."

"Ohh," Lois replied. "Well, he's in the men's room right now. So, I guess you're gonna have to wait here at my desk, alright?"

"Okay, sure. No prob. Thanks."

Lois eyed the girl's clothing. "What happened?" she asked, waving her hand up and down.

"Oh," she hesitated. "It's a long story. Trust me, it is." She smiled.

"You think it's good enough to print on the front page of today's edition?" Lois grinned.

"Maybe," the girl replied, giggling. "Why, slow day?"

"Yes, unfortunately." *Cute kid. Why does she need to see Clark?* "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Lois—Lois Lane. Clark's partner." She extended her hand.

"Nice to meet you Miss Lane," the girl said, accepting the handshake. She took an instant liking to Lois. *Your partner, huh, Clark? I knew you'd find someone good.* "And I'm—"

"Excuse me, ladies. I'm so sorry to ruin your female bonding," came a voice so familiar—to both Lois AND the girl. Clark gently laid a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Hello, I heard you wanted to see me?"

*Yes, I have, for all these years, Clark.* The girl turned around slowly. She almost let out a cry when she saw the man standing before her. *Oh my God, is it really you? Clark? You've grown so much—from that scrawny, teenager I first saw, to a handsome, intelligent reporter. If only you knew…* "Uh, yeah, h—hi." She was speechless.

"It's okay, I won't bite. Go ahead, have a seat at my desk."

As she walked away, Lois whispered, "She's a cute kid. Be nice to her."

"Why? Did you talk to her?"

"Yes, and for your information, we had a nice little conversation.," Lois replied.

"Uh-oh, no wonder she's acting like that," Clark said, smiling.

Lois shot him a don't-cross-the-line-or-you'll-get-it look, and went back to her desk.


Clark grinned as he approached his desk. The girl, who at first was seated, quickly stood up as he came nearer. She flashed one of her smiles as he stopped at his desk. He extended his hand. "Hi. Well, as you know by now, I'm Clark Kent. That crazy woman over there is my partner, Lois Lane." They both grinned as they glanced back at her.

Lois rolled her eyes. *Oh, Kent, I'm gonna get you for that!*

She accepted his handshake, too. It felt good to touch him again. She was still overcome with shock to say anything. *God, he must think I'm an idiot.*

Clark could see she was little troubled. "Well, I said my name, now it's your turn. C'mon, it's only fair." He smiled encouragingly.

*Oh my God, he doesn't remember me! What should I do?* "Mr. Kent,—"

"Please, call me Clark."

"Okay, Clark." *Hmm, it feels weird calling him 'Mr. Kent'.* She sighed, and paused a while. *Don't tell him your name—yet.* "Clark, do you know who I am?"

Clark became speechless. *Her—do I know HER? What's going on…* While he was thinking this, he was suddenly taken aback by her eyes. They were certainly mysterious, enticing—and familiar. *Wait, there's gotta be a mistake here.* "Should I?"

"Well, maybe—" *I dunno, should you? After all, the last time I saw you, we didn't exactly exchange full names. Well, maybe not.* "Well, uh.." She sighed—a heavy sigh. "I don't look, in the least bit, familiar to you?"

"No, I'm afraid not." He could see the hurt in her eyes. *Argh, those eyes!! What is it about them that makes me feel like I'm lying??*

"Oh, I see." *The way my luck has been, you probably won't remember me even if I give you my name. Well, I guess it's come to that.* "Okay, Clark, it's only fair. My name is—"

"Excuse me, Clark," Perry interrupted.

Both were startled, especially the girl. *Uh-oh. NOW what am I gonna do? I'm kinda not supposed to be here.* She shifted nervously.

"This is Perry White, our chief," Clark said, trying to calm her down. "Perry, this—"

"No time for introductions, Kent. Excuse me, Miss, did you have an appointment scheduled?"

"Appointment? I had to have an appointment scheduled?" She couldn't help this small white lie, but it wasn't like they would believe her, or the story she had to tell.

"Yes, you did." Perry's tone was beginning to sound harsh. "First of all, you look too underaged to be here anyway. Plus, your clothes—"

"Oh, so you think that just because I'm underage and my clothes are filthy, and I look like some kind of street rat, that I'm here to make trouble for you guys?" *Damn! Why did I do that? I HAVE to learn to control my mouth.* She silently looked up, as if praying Mr. Perry wouldn't be angered more.

Perry could see she was obviously offended. "Look, I'm sorry for that," he said, softening his voice. "It's just that this IS a newspaper center, and as you can see, the reporters are busy." He looked around to show the proof, but Lois, Clark, Jimmy, and most of the other reporters on the floor just sat there, staring. Perry quickly cleared his throat. Startled, they immediately went back to their work.

Clark interrupted, "But Chief, she wasn't any trouble—really. Please—"

"No, Clark." she spoke again. "If Mr. Perry wants me to leave, then I'll leave." She turned her attention to Perry. "Look, Mr. Perry, I'm really sorry to bother you—I mean all of you—like this. Gee, I guess I really did cause some trouble." She half-smiled, and began to gather up her stuff.

Clark tried to stop her. "No, wait—"

"Listen, Clark, it's okay. Really it is. I'm sure we'll meet again. See ya around."

She started to walk toward the elevator. "Nice meeting you, Mr. Perry, Clark, Lois." She nodded at them respectively. "Oh yeah, you too," she said, nodding at Jimmy.

Perry was surprised at her sudden change of attitude, and regretted not giving her the benefit of the doubt. "Look, I'm sorry—"

"For what?" came the reply. "Don't be, I'll just come at a better time—maybe AFTER scheduling an appointment." She proceeded to the elevator. While waiting, she suddenly turned around. She snapped her fingers, and started pointing at Clark. *Geez, I gotta get rid of that habit!* "Oh, uh, Clark. You'll be seeing me again—you can count on it. Believe me, you will."

With that, she turned around, and as the elevator doors opened, she stepped inside. But not without taking a last look at Clark. *It was good seeing you again. Really good.*

The doors finally closed.


She took a deep breath of fresh air as she exited the building. *Whew! That was, uh … very interesting.* She was still kinda hurt that he didn't recognize her. *Well, the first time we met was too long ago. But the second, well…hmm, can't blame him. He never really knew me—the real me. Geez, this double-personality thing is getting outta hand! I wonder if his life is just as complicated.* She didn't notice that she had stumbled her way to a pizzeria. "Oh, what the heck," she said. She managed to gather up enough money for a slice and a Coke. She took a seat by the window.

*So, that's Clark. Boy, did he change alright!* She started reminiscing. *No, no more 'daydreaming'. It's the past, and I can't change anything that's happened already. I've got to tell Clark the truth. And I will, or my name isn't—Samantha Kent.


Clark was obviously shaken by what happened at the Planet. He flew back home after work for a much needed discussion.

Martha and Jonathan were more than happy to see him—they were also a little nervous. After much thinking, they decided to tell Clark the whole painful story. They couldn't keep it in any longer.

"Hello, Clark," they both said in unison.

"Hi, Mom and Dad." He had a worried expression on his face. "Uh, we've got to talk."

"Yes, that we have to do," Martha replied. "Um, we've got something VERY important to tell you."

"Wait, please, can I go first? I've got to get this off my chest. It's been bugging me all day."

"Okay, sure," said Jonathan. "Go right ahead." They seemed perfectly fine, but Jonathan and Martha had a hint of what he might say.

"Well, at the Planet this morning, something really strange happened. There was this girl that came to see me. She looked only 14 or 15, and as if she had come right off the streets."

*Oh no, it's happened.* Martha and Jonathan were thinking the same thing.

"She seemed a total stranger. But, for some reason, I felt like I knew her. She asked me if she looked familiar, but I said no. I mean, I didn't even know her name—she didn't tell me. She never had the chance."

"What do you mean, Son?" asked Jonathan.

"Well, she was about to. But then Perry came in, and asked her if she had an appointment. Said she was underage, and was kind of suspicious. I couldn't blame him, though, because it seemed like she just walked in out of the blue. Still, I said she should stay."

"And??" Martha asked, worried.

"That's another weird part. Perry apologized, and invited her to stay, but she insisted on going. I couldn't believe it myself, but she said that I would be seeing her again. She said to count on it. You know what? I think I will."

"Well, how DO you know that?"

"Because I saw promise in her eyes. Oh, HER EYES!!" Clark let out a deep sigh. "Mom, Dad, you should've seen them. That really got to me. I mean, they seemed so mysterious, so far away—but yet, so familiar." The whole while he had been pacing. But he sat down on the couch, tired and confused. "I just wish there was some kind of explanation for this whole thing." He let out another sigh, and looked to his parents for help.

Jonathan glanced at Martha. *This is it.* "Clark, there IS an explanation."

Clark suddenly rose to his feet. "WHAT??! Wait, hold on," he said, shaking his head in disbelief. *What could he possibly be talking about?*

Martha quickly said, "Please, Clark, just sit down, and listen with an open mind. Please don't leave. Just hear us out. Please."

"Okay, okay, Mom. I'm still here, aren't I?" he said, reassuring her. He took a seat across them, and prepared himself for what he was about to hear.


Jonathan decided to start first. Taking a deep breath, he began the long story. "Clark, I want you to close your eyes. Close your eyes, and try to remember back to when you were about 11 years old."

Clark closed his eyes. "Okay."

"What do you remember?"

"Hmm. Oh yeah, I was still getting used to my powers." He chuckled, "Boy, was I clumsy then. Is that what you want me to remember?"

"No, not exactly." *I have to get him to remember!* "C'mon Clark, think!! Don't you remember anything strange?? Doesn't anything stick out in your mind??"

"No.." He squeezed his eyes tight, trying to search all those memories in his mind. "Hey, wait—"

"What?" his parents said together.

"Yeah, I do. Wow, Mom, you were a little, uh, big. In fact, you kept complaining about some kind of pain. I remember I had to help you a lot because you could hardly walk. Also, you ate alot, too! Just like me!" He couldn't help smiling. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay, she said, also smiling as her mind drifted back also.

"Hey, wait a minute. That doesn't happen regularly." He opened his eyes wide, with fear. "No." He was afraid to speak. "You—you were pregnant," he whispered.

She slowly nodded her head, the look in his eyes scaring her.

"Whoa, wait a minute here. Are you trying to tell me that—that—that I have a someone else out there who's related to me?"

"Not exactly," answered Jonathan, shaking his head. "I mean, she's not Kryptonian or anything—"

"Hold on there, Dad," Clark interrupted. "She?"

"Yes, Clark," Martha replied. "She."

"This is TOO much for one night!! I mean, I find out that my parents, whom I love and trust, have a kept a secret from me my whole life! Then, I found out that secret is I have a sister out there. A SISTER!! Of all things to find out!" He was obviously hurt, shocked, angry—he just had to cool off. But before he could to walk out, he felt his mother's warm hands grip his shoulders and pull him back.

"Clark, you said you would keep an open mind. It's just as hard to tell you this as it is you accepting it." A single tear rolled down her cheek. "Please," she whispered.

"Okay," he said, sighing. "I'll hear the whole story, but you can't blame me for what I feel." *I can't believe the luck I'm having. I guess I owe it to them to stay here.* He took a seat.

"That's fair enough, son," Jonathan said, thanking his lucky stars.

"Dad, Mom, how come I don't have any memories of my s—sister running around the house or something like that?" He couldn't believe the difficulty he had acknowledging the fact he had a sibling.

It was Martha's turn. "When I had the baby, you, of course, weren't there. We left you at home, thinking you could take care of yourself. Besides, you were still getting used to powers, and very conscious of it."

"Yeah, I remember," he whispered back.

"Well, what you don't remember, or even know, is that my best friend, Betty, was there. Oh, so was her husband, Mike. They were really helpful. Especially in my decision."

"What decision?" Clark asked. *Oh, Mom, please don't cry …*

Martha sniffed. "I, uh, I—I gave the baby away."

"WHAT? Why?" Another shock, too great to bear.

Martha nodded, a couple of tears already falling. "Clark, I had to. I mean, I couldn't risk her letting her see your powers. Who knew what she'd do, or what she'd say? No one else would have taken you in and kept quiet about your powers."

"But still, what she went through—I can't imagine." He lowered his eyes. "So, who were the lucky people you gave her to?"

"Clark, it's not like we gave her to total strangers. Betty and Mike have been our friends for so long. I could trust them with my life. Besides, they were childless, and I thought she would bring a ray of sunshine into their lives. They were so happy, they said I should name her, and they would always keep it that name."

"Well, what was her name?"

"Samantha". "I like that name," Clark smiled. "And I suppose I was too young and still a little new here to understand being pregnant, or how you got pregnant, right?"

"Oh, the birds and the bees story didn't quite explain it," she said, managing a smile. "Yes, without the baby at hand, you thought I was just having extremely painful stomach aches. You even told me to stop eating so much because that was what was causing it."

Up until now, Jonathan was silent. He couldn't help laughing, though, as these memories suddenly rushed back to him.

"But still, I can't understand or believe that I NEVER saw her! That seems impossible!"

"You're right, Clark." Jonathan said.

"Uh-oh, something tells me that you're about to tell another story. And another revelation."

"Yeah, you're right." Jonathan took a deep breath. "Okay, Clark close your eyes again, and remember back to your college days. Do you remember meeting anyone—special?"

"Lana.." Clark said dreamily.

"No, someone much younger." Jonathan quickly glanced at Martha. "ALOT younger."

"Yeah, wait—it was back in my vacation after sophomore year. I think it was a kid. Probably about 7 years old."

*Yes, that's Clark. Keep going* Mom and Dad both thought this.

"Mom, I think you said you were baby-sitting her for your best friend. Boy, that kid was alot of fun. Too bad she was only there for 2 days." Clark caught himself. "Wait a minute, did I just say 'she'?"

"Yes, you did," Martha said.

"Hmm. She was alot of fun. Even if she was 7 years old. She made me feel how it was to be a kid again." He suddenly stopped. "Mom, you never did tell me what happened to Betty."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Well, life moves on, and so did they. She was offered a job in Metropolis. Back then, that was like THE city, and it still is. Anyway, she told me, and asked if I wanted Samantha back. But I figured, Samantha had a great opportunity for education, and other things, so I thought it was for her own good."

"But, we lost contact in the years that came. I hadn't heard from her in so long—I was very worried. Well, news travels to here slowly, and it was really late when I found out."

"Found out what?" Clark asked, sensing his mother would start crying again.

"Betty and Mike were killed. Apparently, the job she was offered was for the FBI. She always did love those thrilling, fast-paced jobs. It was a shame that the very crooks she sent to jail hunted her down." She took time to blow her nose. "I just assumed that Samantha was also killed."

"Oh, Mom," Clark replied, trying to comfort her.

"Wait, Clark, there's more." Jonathan cut in.


"Clark, like Martha said, we thought she was dead," Jonathan began.

"But since you only 'thought' it, you were probably wrong, right?" Clark replied, slowly catching on.

"Yes." He took a deep breath before saying the next words. "Clark, one day, after so many years had passed, she—she—she showed up at our front door."

*Oh, no. Not again.* "Whoa, hold on there—"

Martha cut in, "Hon, we knew it was her the moment we saw her it. The first words out of her mouth were, 'Hi, Mom, Dad. It's good to be home—finally after all these years.' "

"But Mom, it could have been an impostor or something—"

"No, Clark, this was her." *Oh, how do I tell him—it's so hard to put it into words.* "Clark, they say that a mother and her child have share a special 'bond'. That is so true. I knew it was her—and I was right."

"How did you find out?"

"Well," Jonathan continued, "we sat her down, and asked her to tell her story. She described everything—life in Metropolis, living with Betty and Mike—everything up to their deaths and how she traveled up here."

"But it was hardly noticeable she was our daughter," Martha tried to explain. "I mean, she definitely picked up a city accent, she had an attitude—but only with people who treated her badly, and it was understandable. After all, she did live in Metropolis for a while."

"Oh, so that's how you got me started up with Metropolis."

They both nodded. "Naturally, she asked a whole load of questions. But she was very much surprised to find out she had a brother—just like you are now. We said we couldn't let you see her, because it would be just too much of a shock for you."

"But she kept on insisting, Clark. 'To see my brother, just once—that's all I ask. Please, Mom and Dad.' Yeah, that's what she said. So, Martha and I couldn't help but give in."

"But Dad, I don't remember having met her at all." *C'mon, Clark, think. THINK!* He encouraged himself.

"Son, you DID meet her. She—she was 7 years old when she came home."

*No…no.* Clark tried to control himself. *7..7..* He opened his mouth to speak.

Martha tried to figure out the best way to tell her son the truth. "Clark, the 7 year old girl you met is the same girl we had to give up as an infant." She felt satisfied.

"Wait," Clark said, shaking his head in denial, "that's impossible. I mean, that would make her—" He suddenly stopped, catching himself once again. "My sister," he whispered, looking up to his parents. *Oh, my God. This is isn't happening.*

"Yes," they said in unison.

Clark gulped. "I met my sister. I met her, and I didn't even know it. Why didn't you tell me?" He was starting to get excited. "You could've at least told me—"

"Clark, we were in too much shock ourselves. It was hard to accept the fact that she was back. She even insisted on not letting you know." Jonathan was worried about Clark's reaction.

"She did? That was weird." *Yeah, just like at the Planet. Could it be..* "I still remember meeting her. She was so cute. She had an adorable little smile, and cheery eyes, and.." His voice trailed off. *Eyes…eyes…* "Mom, where is she now?"

"Well, just like she was suddenly in our lives, she was suddenly out of them. She disappeared 2 days after she came home. I didn't hear from her for another 7 years. Honestly, I really didn't know what happened to her."

"Let me guess. You two told me she went back to her parents in Metropolis, right?" Clark was seeing where this was leading to.

"Yes," Jonathan answered. "Well, we were half right."

"What do you mean?"

Glancing at Martha, Jonathan slowly said, "She DID go to Metropolis. And she's still there to this very day."

Clark's suspicions were confirmed. *Now I know.*

*He's finally figured it out.* Both parents smiled at each other.

"I've got to go," Clark said suddenly.

"Where?" they said in unison.

"To find my sister," he said with a smile. "Don't worry. By now, you know I've met her already, and I won't let anything happen to her. I'll call as soon as I can."

"Thanks, Clark." They smiled and hugged him.

"Love you both. Bye." Whoosh.


Slum Alley. Definitely not the greatest part of the city. But to a street rat, it was paradise. It was the gathering place for most, if not all, the homeless people of Metropolis. Most of the time, people were friendly with each other, happen to make a friend each day. Of course, there were others who just loved to see people suffer. Among those people was Scar. You could say he was the leader, and his clan of workers took great joy in giving others pain. Cruel, unbearable, excruciating pain.

Not revealing his real name, he was used to being called Scar. And no wonder why. Across the right side of his head WAS a horrible scar. Resulting from a deep gash, it measured 4 1/2 inches long. No one else knew how he got it, except that it resulted from a fight. No one else dared to ask him, fearing for their lives. He vowed to get his revenge.

Right now, though, he was making his morning rounds, rudely waking up people. He gave a certain street rat a kick. "Get up!!"

"OW!! Geez, what's your problem??! " Samantha uncomfortably shifted. "Whatsa matter, lose some beauty sleep?"

"Didn't sleep at all. That's why I'm out botherin' all o' yous!"

"Figures. You could use some, ya know," she replied, looking straight at this scar. *Finally, I don't hafta watch my mouth.*

He suddenly lost histemper, and quickly lifted her up by her shirt, throwing her against the wall. "Listen, I ain't got no time for an attitude, so ya better keep yer mouth shut!!"

Waving her hand in front of her nose, she said, "Whew!! Bad breath. Can I interest you in a Tic-Tac?" She wasn't the least bit scared. "Listen, Scar, get your dirty paws off me!!"

Releasing his grip, he threw her back onto the ground. She landed with a thud. "Ya know, I should've killed you while I had the chance."

"Same here." *Gee, Scar, why didn't you?*

"Yeah right, like a 7 year old coulda really been any trouble for me."

"Ya couldn't kill me then—and ya can't kill me now."

"I can kill ya anytime I want to. Yer only a kid, you can hardly defend yerself." Scar was getting annoyed. Only she could do that to him—make him lose his temper—and that made him furious. She was the only one who had the courage to stand up to him.

"Oh really??! Well, if I remember right, this 'kid' gave ya that scar."

He touched it, remembering what had happened. "They deserved to die. SHE sent me to jail. HE helped her crack the case. I hunted 'em down, and got my revenge. Too bad you were there to see the whole thing."

"Yeah, and too bad I was too shocked and afraid to tell the police."

"It's not like they'd believe ya then—or now. I mean, ya ARE just a kid. They'd probably think it was all made up or somethin'. If I didn't have this scar, there would be NO reminder of that lil' incident."

"Good thing I slashed ya with that knife." She grinned, "That was awesome. Ha, the Great Scar himself, outwitted by a kid."

"Another one o' yer wisecracks, and I swear to God I'll—"

"What—beat me up? Slash me through the heart? Put a bullet in my head—just like ya did to Betty and Mike?" She bit her lip nervously, anticipating what he'd say next.

"Maybe I will." He pulled out gun, pointing it at her head. "Thanks for the idea." His finger on the trigger, he really was angry enough to finally blow her brains out.

"Boss, ya ready?"

"Huh? Oh, Lou, look whatcha did. Ya interrupted me. Okay, now what?"

"Uh, sorry, but it's time."

"For what?"

"Duh, Boss, the ro—umph!"

Scar, realizing Sammy was still there, hit Lou in the stomach, worrying she'd find out what they're up to. "Oh yeah, I remember. Let's get to it." He turned to Sammy. "I ain't finished with ya yet, kid."

"And I've hardly begun with you, Scar. I swear I'll finish what I started with your face."

"Yeah, I can hardly wait." He quickly turned around and ran off, Lou just behind him, still rubbing his stomach.

Sammy slowly sat down, her side and back still stinging from her encounter. *I promise you, Scar, I'll get you back. And that's a promise I intend to keep."


"Clark, what's wrong?" Lois asked, worried.

"Nothing." Clark had been staring into space while doing his work. He couldn't get his mind off trying to remember all he could about Samantha. "Lois, did you ever find out you had a long-lost relative?"

"No. Why?"

"Oh, it's just because—"

Lois decided it was time to get him back for what happened the day before. "Let me guess. You found out you had a Smallville sis, huh?" She quietly giggled, and glanced at Clark. She suddenly stopped. On his face was a how-did-you-know look. "Clark, you can't be serious.."

"EXPLOSION!!" Perry's voice boomed just like one.

"What?" the two reporters said, startled..

"Actually, no, I just said that to get your attention," he said, smiling. "But there was a robbery at Metro Savings, and they've reported a bomb there, ticking away."

"We'll get right on it, Chief," Lois said, getting her coat.

"I hope so," Perry replied. "Before you know it—bing, bang, BOOM!! Hurry up!!" He motioned for them to get moving, and hurried to this office.

"Lois, I've go to go," Clark said quickly.

"NOW where?"

"To get some coffee." *Oh, why did I just say that?*

"Clark, an explosion is about to happen. It's the biggest story of the day, and you need to get COFFEE?"

"Yeah," he said hesitantly. "Um, I need the caffeine. You know, to get me going. I'm not quite myself yet."

"That's for sure," she replied. "Oh, I'll just wait for you."

"No, you go ahead," he said, not letting her wait. "Remember— bing, bang, BOOM!"

"Okay, just hurry up. See you there." She hurried to the elevator. *That was weird. He's so different—I wonder how we DID become best friends.* She stepped into the elevator. *Well, I guess opposites do attract—as friends. No, as best friends. Or maybe…*

As she argued with herself, Clark hastily exited and quickly changed into the familiar man in blue.


A few aches later, Sammy was still in the same spot. She could hardly move—she took the fall pretty badly. *Scar is on one of my biggest problems, and I can't ignore that. But the thing I've got to concentrate on is working things out with Clark.* She couldn't visit the Planet again, after what had happened the day before. She hope she would run into him again, somehow. She could faintly hear screams nearby, but she thought it was her imagination.

She heard footsteps, and suddenly looked up. Approaching her was a boy. He had shaggy hair, ripped jeans, a filthy coat, and an excited expression on his face.

"Hi Grant. Wassup?"

"Nothin' much, Sam. Why ya lookin' at me like that?"

"You've got that look on your face."

"What look?" He knew he was lying, and he couldn't wait to tell her the news.

"That I've-found-something-can't-wait-to-tell-you look." She smiled at him.

"Oh man, how'd ya know?" He grinned back at her.

"When I've been hangin' around you as long as I have, I SHOULD know." She and Grant were friends. Best friends. Sure, she knew almost everyone in Slum Alley, but Grant was nearer her age. "So??"

"Sam, get this—there's been a robbery at Metro Savings!"

"No way! That place is loaded with cash!!" Sam's eyes grew wide.

"Yep! Oh yeah, there's some people sayin' that there's a bomb planted there, and that it's gonna explode pretty soon!"

"Ohh, so that explains the screaming I was hearing. Wow, I thought I was going crazy!" She quickly glanced at him. "Shut up," she said laughing, not giving him a chance to reply.

"So, did ya meet him?" Grant knew of Sammy's complicated background. So, that made him the only other person who knew of her relation to Clark. In fact, he had helped her locate the Planet and various things. The problem was that he was always on the run, exploring Metropolis. He could be gone for so long, but he'd always come back. Always.

"Yep, I did. He's pretty cool, although he didn't recognize me. Can't blame him, though. He changed alot, Grant. A whole lot. I'm just trying to fin d out where is now."

Grant paused, thinking. "Ya know, this IS a big story."

She suddenly looked up, catching on quickly. "Sounds like it. And where there's a big story—there's reporters." She started to get up, but fell back down, the pain in her side getting the best of her.

He hurried to help her. "Whoa, lemme help ya there." He pulled her up. "I can see you probably ran into Scar."

"Yeah. That jerk's on my case—like always. I have a bad feeling I'm gonna run into him again at the bank."

"Wherever there's trouble—there's Scar." He quickly added, "And Superman."

"Ya know, I've heard so much about that guy, but I've never seen him or met him."

"NEVER? C'mon, ya can't be serious. I mean, I've even seen him."

"Well, that's 'cause you get to run about in Metropolis. But when you're stuck here as long as I've been, always battling with Scar, and never seeing the light of day, there's not much sightseeing you can do. I didn't even know where the Planet was," she said, grabbing her Jansport. "Who knows—I might just run into Superman AND Clark."

"And Scar," he said, worried. "Be careful, Sam."

"I will," she replied. "Take care yourself, Grant. Have fun. I'll see ya again—soon!" She gave him a hug. It didn't matter how dirty he was, she was glad he was there. They both went their separate ways—Grant, off on some adventure in the city, and Sam, heading for the bank, not knowing who, or what, she would encounter.


Screams for help could be heard. Flying up high in the air, Clark was nearing the bank. A large mass of people could be seen, all panic-stricken and running around hysterically. They started looking up, and were more than overjoyed to see their flying hero. "Superman!! Superman!! Over here! Please, hurry!!" He lowered down quickly, and burst through the doors. He scanned in the room for the device. Finally finding it, he approached it.

Scar had cleverly rigged it. It was attached to one of the tellers' buttons used for alarming the police. Apparently, it was connected to only one. So, someone else had contacted the police. As Scar and the other thugs just about finished getting all the money, he heard the police sirens. He took it upon himself to deliberately set off the timer, wished everyone a good day, and hurried on his way. He planned to go directly back to Slum Alley.

Upon finding the bomb, Clark want sure what wire to pull. With less than a minute left, he quickly decided what to do. Afraid for the safety of the people still in there, he used his breath to freeze the bomb. This cut off any more possible currents. He then used his laser vision to melt the wires. Holding the bomb in his hand, he went back outside. He took a wind-up, and threw that bomb somewhere, out there, possibly into space—who knew??

Hearing the applause of the people, he walked toward them. The chief of the police approached him, saying, "Thanks Superman, for saving our lives once again." The crowds of people echoed his thanks.

"I'll always be here, for all of you," he said smiling. The next minute, he was gone.

"Drat, I missed him," Lois said, out of breath. Seeing him talking to the police and people, she had run as fast as she could to have a word with the man of steel. "Oh well, he probably had to go save the President or something," she said to herself.

"Boo!" came a familiar voice.

She jumped, startled. "Wha—why you.." She glared at him. "There you are—what took so long?"

Clark held up the coffee cup and showed it to her. "Hey, I got my caffeine!" He smiled, a little overly excited.

"Well, it's certainly got you hyped up!"

"Did I miss anything?"

"Oh nothing, except Superman saving the day once again. What he goes through everyday to help these people.." She shook her head. "Enough. Let's get to work."

"Yes, Miss Top Banana," he said, smiling. *If you only knew, Lois.*

"You and your coffee," she replied. She couldn't help smiling back. They proceeded to question the people.


Following the screams of help, Sam eventually found her way to the bank. She was surprised to discover the huge group of people shouting near the bank. "Oh, brother," she said to herself. Nevertheless, she fought her way to to the front. When at last she reached the front, the cries of "Superman, Superman!!" began. She tried to look back, but only found more people blocking her view. *Geez, and I thought Slum Alley was bad!* When she turned around, her jaw suddenly dropped.

In front of her, she found a man in a blue tights, a red cape, with bulging muscles. *Wow, and to think I never saw the guy..* Her eyes followed him as he entered the building. She watched as his breath actually froze the bomb, and how lasers came from his eyes to melt the wires. Well, she couldn't really see it that well, her eyes almost fully closed as she squinted hard to see everything. She listened to him talk to the crowd, and noticed how he was awed by everyone. Then, with the flick of his cape, he suddenly left.

*His voice sounds so manly, but vaguely familiar. He also looks—wait, I'm going crazy again.* She dismissed the thoughts. *Yeah, like I'd really know him. This is only the first time I've seen him. But I hope it's not the last.* As the crowd dispersed, she noticed someone who WAS familiar. *Lois! But why are you alone?* She called out to her, "Lo—". She stopped as she saw Clark appear behind her.

Sam ran to the side of the building. *No, I can't let him see me, not yet. It was good to see him again, though.* She peered around the corner of the building, and watched as they entered it to question the people inside.

That got her thinking. Back to her conversation with Scar. * 'Duh, Boss, for the ro-' * She had a gut feeling that Scar was behind this. *Who else?* She hurried to Slum Alley, out to do some investigating of her own. *** "Okay, you first," Clark said.

"Okay." Lois replied. First, she told Clark the whole story of how the bomb was rigged. "He goes by the name of Scar. According to one of tellers, one of the other thugs called him that when the police where coming. And no wonder. The teller said he had a scar on the right side of his head. A huge one." Lois traced a line on the right side of her heard.


"Yeah," she replied. "I asked what he was wearing, and she said shabby and torn clothes. He was filthy. She assumed that he was right off the streets."

"She was right."

"What do you mean?"

"Well," Clark explained, "I talked to a couple of people out here. I asked if they happened to get a glance of where they ran. One of the witnesses said with the way they were dressed and in the direction they were going, he's pretty sure they were headed to Slum Alley."

"Doesn't sound too nice."

"Apparently not. I asked him what that was, and he said most of the homeless people hung out there."

"Where's this guy now?"

"He's with the police right now, answering questions for them."

"Oh," she said back. "Clark, I'm gonna try to get more out of the police."

"Okay," he replied. "Listen, Lois, I'm going to check out Slum Alley. I mean, if Scar's there—" *Or Samantha…*

"NO!" A worried expression covered her face. "Clark, I may not know that place. But from what I've heard, it's dangerous over there."

*She's worried about me.* He felt a thrill when he saw that look. "Lois, you can't judge a place because of the people in it. Look how wrong Perry was about Sa—that small girl." *Oh! I've got to watch it.*

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Just be careful, okay? Please."

"Don't worry, I will." Their eyes were locked onto each other.

"Uh, I guess I better get to the police before they leave," Lois said abruptly.

"Sure. See you later." He hurried on his way.

*Why do I keep doing that?* She walked toward the police chief. *I keep starting things up with him, and then ending it up abruptly. One of these days, I'll have to finish what I began. And I will.


Searching for Scar, brother and sis were on the chase. Clark used his superhearing to try and listen for anything. Anything suspicious. He waited, listening. "Guys, look at this!! I can't believe we pulled it off!" He followed it closely, trying to be as quiet as he could.

It wasn't too long before he was near the alley they were hiding in. It was a long alley, Clark being at its entrance, and Scar and his thugs all the way at the other end. He figured he could take them all at once, and maybe not have to use any of his powers. But he was forced to forget all about it.

"Hey you," said a husky voice. Clark slowly turned around, and saw a taller, more muscular guy behind him. He pointed a gun toward Clark, and motioned him to go along. "C'mon with me." Clark reluctantly followed. Fortunately, Sammy was right behind.

She peered carefully around the corner, making sure she was not seen. *Uh-oh, I hope Clark can handle that jerk. Well, if I can, then I know he can.* She listen attentively to their conversation.

"And who do I have the pleasure of meeting today?" asked a very arrogant Scar.

"Mr. Scar, I presume," Clark replied, ignoring his question.

"Nah-uh, that's MY name. What's YOURS?"

He hesitated. "I'm from the Daily Planet. My name's Clark—"

"Kent. Yeah, I heard of ya. Some really annoying lil' brat kept asking around for ya."

*Really annoying lil' brat, huh? Ooh, Scar, you'll pay for that.* She tried hard to calm herself.

"Where is she??"

"Ooh, so ya know her, huh? Well, Mr. Kent,—" He motioned to the thug with the gun, Lou, to throw the gun to him. Lou tossed it to him, and Scar caught it in his right hand. But quickly switched to his left.

*So he's left-handed. Got to remember that.* Clark bit his lip, wondering what was his next move.

"See this gun, Mr. Kent? Well, with this same gun, I put a bullet through her heart."

"No," Clark whispered, feeling faint.

*Geez, what a total liar!! Besides, he wouldn't go for the heart, he'd go for the head.* She set down her Jansport down, and figured out what to do.

"Oh, yes," Scar continued. "And with this gun, I plan to do the same thing to you." He lifted the gun, pointing it at Clark's chest.

Clark gulped. He knew that somehow his powers might be exposed.

Scar said, "Say yer prayers, reporter guy." Putting pressure on the trigger, he was about to fire the gun. The gun went off. What happened next seemed like a blur.

"Say yer prayers, reporter guy." At the moment she heard this, Sammy acted on instinct. Before realizing what she was doing, she found herself running into the alley. Clark was only a few feet away. But hearing the gun go off, she took a lunge toward him.

Clark, not knowing what to do, suddenly felt hands on his neck, and a push toward the ground. Landing with a huge thud, he wondered and hoped it wasn't one of the other thugs. He was right. He could sense that a much smaller body was on top of him. He turned around, and found himself staring into those same eyes he had seen the day before.

"See, told ya I'd see ya again, Clark," she said, smiling.

But before he could say anything else, she was off—AGAIN. *Argh, I've got to get ahold of her. But not before dealing with these guys first.* He was gone in a few seconds also, to change into THE suit.


"WHERE ARE THEY??" Scar was furious again. He managed to catch a glimpse of the kid and Clark, but was too stunned at seeing them both to react. Now they were gone. The others were still looking around, some still even trying to figure out just what had taken place. "You idiots!! Go find them—BOTH of them!!"

"You're not going anywhere," came a reply.


That gunshot echoed through that part of Metropolis. It sent Lois's heart racing, and gave her a chill down her spine. She quickly went to one of the officers. "Wolfe!"

"Yeah?" he replied.

"Do you know where Slum Alley is?" She was getting excited.

"Yes, I do. Why?"

"Take me there—please."

"But I'm investigating here."

"I think something happened there."

"Based on what?" He didn't know where this was leading.

"C'mon, Wolfe, didn't you just hear that gunshot? Something happened, and I know, because—"

"What, Ms. Lane?" He was starting to get impatient.

"Look, Wolfe, that witness said he saw them running towards Slum Alley, and—"

"He 'thinks'," Wolfe replied, correcting her.

"Whatever. Clark went there to look for Scar, or whatever his name. For all I know, he could be dead by now. Please, just take me there."

After thinking for a minute or two, he went to tell the other police officers, and came back to her. "Okay, get your car. I'll lead you there."

She gave him a look of gratitude, and hurried to her silver Cherokee.


After performing her 'good deed for the day', Sammy rounded the corner, grabbed her Jansport, and started running. *I don't know where I'm going, I just know that it's outta this place.*

But she stopped, catching her breath. *Wait, I just left Clark there, with all of 'em. I gotta go see if he's alright.* She knew how dangerous it was to go back, and that there would be a chance she wouldn't get out alive. She didn't care, though. *I can't let ANYTHING happen to him. It's the least I could do for Mom and Dad.* She hurried back.

When she got back, though, she was surprised—not at the fact Clark was missing, but that Superman was there. *Him again? Cool, second time I saw him.* She ran up to his side.

"Hey," he said when he noticed she was there, "WHAT are you doing here?"

She stared into his eyes. *What the..* Smiling she said, "Helping you out, C—oomph!" She fell to the ground.

For once, the thugs had done a smart thing. Seeing how Superman and the girl were both distracted, they had followed their boss's order, and attacked the girl. "Got her," Lou shouted.

Clark was about to help her, but instead was surprised at what he saw next.

Lou was on top of Sammy, holding her tight so she couldn't escape. Sammy, being fidgety as always, was able to roll over so that now she was on top. She managed to direct a kick onto Lou's leg.

"OW!!" Lou shouted, letting her go. He sat right up, and quickly started rubbing his leg. "Get her!!"

But the other guys were busy making fun of him. "Lou got kicked by a girl, Lou got kicked by a girl," they said, teasing him. Sammy took this to her advantage. Seeing how they were all distracted, she attacked each one. Her size and agility was what got her through to the last thug. As the last one fell to the ground, she smiled in triumph.

Clark, in the meantime, watched her do all of this. *Wow, will you look at that. My own sis, fighting against all of these guys single-handedly. Reminds me of Lois.* He suddenly scanned the alley. *Oh, no.* He had been so engrossed in watching his sister's fighting ability, he hadn't realized Scar had escaped. He was about to go look for him, when he heard a car pull up. Not to mention a bunch of sirens also.

"Hurry up, Wolfe," Lois said impatiently.

"I'm sorry, I had to call backup."

Upon hearing this, Clark said, "Listen, do you think you can take care of yourself for a few minutes?"

She glanced at him, and then back at the mess of guys in front of her. She turned back to him, giving him a what-do-you-think look.

"I thought so," he replied. He hurried to Lois and the cops.


"CLARK!!" Lois was getting excited. She had good reason to, though. She was ecstatic to see her best friend walking out of the alley, safe and sound. She ran to him, and threw her arms around him in a great big hug. It felt good just to see him again—to hold him again. Nothing could describe the mix of emotions she was feeling.

"Hi, Lois," he said, embracing her too. "Gee, why can't I get a hug from you like this everyday?" He felt her ease up, and stand back.

"I thought you were killed when I heard that gunshot. Where were you?" she said, close to tears.

"Uh, coffee?" he replied, smiling.

Lois didn't even bother to say anything back. She just hugged him again, and never wanted to let him go.

Realizing the cops were still there, Clark reluctantly pulled back. "Uh, Wolfe, take the cops over there. Scar unfortunately escaped, but the rest of his group is still there."

"Oh, I hope they don't give us any trouble."

Remembering back to what Sammy had done, Clark replied, "Oh, that shouldn't be too much of a problem."

As the cops walked toward the alley, Clark said, "Lois, I've got to tell you something."

"Me, too, Clark." This was it. Just four words she had to get out—I love you, Clark. She had almost lost him—again. She wasn't going to lose him a third time without letting him know how she really felt.

"Wait, Lois, I've really got to tell you this." Before Lois could say anything else, he continued. "You're right. I almost did get killed. Scar was about to shoot me. He fired, but it never hit me. And you can't say that he missed, because he aimed right for my heart. You know why I'm still alive, talking to you?"

"Because Superman came and saved you as always, right?"

"No," he said, surprising her. "Because of her." He pointed right to Sammy, who was talking to one of the officers. "She saved my life. She pushed me out of the way, risking her life as well."

"Wait, isn't she that girl—"

"Who visited me at the Planet. Yeah, she is." *At least she's catching on, better than when I first found out.*

"But why would a total stranger risk her life for another stranger?"

"That's just it. She's not a total stranger, Lois. She's my s—"

A gunshot.


"CLARK!!" When Sammy heard this, she stopped in her tracks. *Wait a minute. That can't be Clark. I would have seen him, or at least heard him pass by.* She peered around the corner. There, right before her eyes, was Clark. Then, after thinking, she stared back at the alley, where the fight had taken place.

*No, it can't be. Then again, it has to be. That explains why he looks familiar, why he sounds so familiar.* She remembered staring into his eyes. *No wonder I had that strange feeling!! Could it be??*

She looked at them again. They were in the middle of their hug. Sammy studied the closeness of their bodies. She saw the expressions on their faces—Lois was very teary eyes and worried, Clark giving her looks of gratitude and deep caring. *Hmm, I wonder..*

"Excuse me, Miss, could you—"

Sammy quickly turned around.

The gunshot.


"I'm real sorry to interrupt such a lovely moment here," Scar said sarcastically, looking at Lois and Clark. He pointed at one of the officers with the gun. "You! Get over there and tell all them other cops to get down here and leggo of my thugs. And dontcha try anythin' funny now, ya hear."

"Ye—yessir!" Scar watched him run up to the alley.

"Wuss," he said, shaking his head.

He started walking slowly, and suddenly recognized Clark. "Oh well, will ya lookee here. If it isn't the reporter guy I almost blew to bits."

"What do you want, Scar?"

"Oh, nothin'. Now, listen, Clark, you just do what I tell ya, 'kay?"

"And if I don't?" He felt he was really pushing the limits now.

"Look, just do what I say, and ain't nobody that's goin' to get hurt."

"Nobody 'cept YOU, Scar!!" came an all too familiar voice. Sammy kept herself concealed in the alley.

Scar, startled, turned around in circles. "I know you're here, ya lil' brat!! Just a matter of time before I find ya!"

She peered over the corner—his back to her. She said a silent prayer, and made her move. With great agility, she ran toward Scar. Picking up as much speed as she could, she bolted through the alley as fast and hard as she could. *This is it. This one's for you, Clark.*

Scar yelled, "You lil' coward, ya can't face me!" But hearing faint steps and hard breathing, he turned around. Too late.

When she was within a few feet, he turned around. Sammy jumped into the air. Approaching him, she did a 360. A complete circle. As she turned, she extended her foot. Gaining momentum, her foot made contact with Scar's face. It was bad, it was bloody, it was— beautiful. At least to Sammy. It was one of the moves she had learned. Along with the element of surprise. That was one of her biggest advantages. She could sneak up on anyone with great ease.

The gun flew into the air—and landed in the palm of Sammy's right hand. As Scar stumbled to get up, she pointed it straight for his heart. "Guess ya found me, huh?"

"Yer not goin' to shoot me," he said, not sure if he was right.

"Hmm, maybe I won't." A smile slowly crept onto her face. "But I WILL make you suffer."

"Oh, and just HOW are you gonna do that?"

"Well, for starters, that," she said, pointing to his bloody nose and mouth, "is for calling me a brat, coward, and whatever else you said." She moved closer to him, still pointing the gun at his heart. "And THIS," she continued, is for ALL the pain you've caused to the people of Slum Alley, especially ME!!" With that, she spun around again, and delivered a kick—right to his crotch.

"AAHHH!!" Scar's scream of pain and agony rang through everyone's ears. The male officers looked away, scared to look at him. It was something Sammy would remember for the rest of her life.

The other officers, along with the thugs, approached the cars. Still a little dizzy, the thugs, especially Lou, taunted Scar, "Ha ha!! Scar beaten by a girl! What a wimp!!"

"SHUT UP, ya morons!!" he defensively said, in between gasps for air.

"Yeah, whatever," Lou replied, "Hey, kid," he said, as he was being pushed into the car.

"Yeah?" Sammy replied, turning her attention to him.

"Yer alright." He gave her a nod of approval, and stepped into the car.

Feeling somewhat better, she turned back towards Scar, and watched as the officers handcuffed him and proceeded to take him away.

But as he walked away with them, he suddenly turned back to her. "Hey you!!"

"What, oh Great Almighty Scar?" She was obviously enjoying this moment to the fullest.

"Do you think this is it?" he managed to say, still gasping. "Do you really think yer done with me, just 'cause I'm goin' to jail?"

"No, I don't," she replied shaking her head. "I ain't finished with you, Scar. Not by a longshot."

"Well, neither am I. I swear, when I'm outta that place, I'll hunt ya down, just like before. And when I do—"

"I'll be ready," she said confidently. "I'll finish what I began with your face. Believe me, Scar, I WILL."

Not knowing how to get back at her, he reluctantly went along with the police, and got inside the car.


The whole time, Lois and Clark had watched it together, her being in his arms. She felt protected there, and didn't want to leave. Indeed, both of them were astonished to watch what was taking place. Here was this girl, who looked like a regular teenager off the streets, defending herself against an armed man. And she did it perfectly.

Long before they knew it, Scar was already handcuffed in the car. The only thing that had shaken both—in fact, all—of them, was Scar's scream for mercy. They watched as the girl smiled in triumph, and was approached by Wolfe. It appeared she handed him back the gun, and was answering a whole load of question.

They heard a car pull up. Turning around, they saw Perry and Jimmy running toward them.

Jimmy reached them first, and he gave Clark a big bear hug. "C.K.!! Oh my gosh, I thought you were in for it!!"

"Perry, Jimmy, what are you doing here??" Clark said.

"Clark, I wasn't going to let one of my best reporters almost get killed in the line of duty— AGAIN."

"Yeah, that's for sure," Jimmy added.

"But, Clark, tell me, who did save you? Superman?" Perry asked, wondering.

"No, I did," came a small voice.

All of them turned around, and saw Sammy walking toward them. For Perry, it seemed like deja vu. Like before, her clothes and face were all dirty. And she had that bookbag slung over her shoulder again. "Well, I'll be damned," he whispered. "Aren't you—"

"The girl that walked into the Planet. Yep, that would be me," she said, smiling.

Seeing how shaken Perry was, Clark said, "Chief, I was wondering if I could just go home, to give her, you know, some food, drinks. After all, she did save my life."

"Well, I guess there isn't anything wrong with that. Just make sure you come back," Perry replied. "I need your account of what happened."

"Okay, I will." He turned to Lois. "You sure you'll be alright without me?"

"As long as you come back," she said. *I didn't tell him how I felt. Well, that's something I'll have to concentrate on in the days to come.*

"C'mon, let me take you to my place," Clark said, directing his attention to Sammy.

"Sure. Thanks alot, Clark."

It felt good to hear his sister say his name. "You know, I want to thank you for risking your life to save mine," Clark told her. They were in his house now, and she was seated on his couch. He was standing right in front of her. Ho took a seat next to her.

"Hey, no problem. I saw you in trouble, and I helped you," she said. *It's time. Time to tell him the truth.* Sammy was ready.

*It's time. Time to tell her that I know.* Clark was still figuring out a way to lead up to the subject. "But that's just it. You don't know me, or at least I think you don't. I hardly recognized you at the Planet. I mean, how well DO you know me?"

She turned away. "Clark, I know you better than anyone here in Metropolis." she whispered. "And that's 'cause—"

"You're Samantha. You're my sister." He felt satisfied he had gotten it out.

She quickly turned back to Clark. Her eyes were opened wide. Clark didn't know what they showed—fear, happiness, surprise. But he did know that those were the same eyes he had seen 7 years ago, and those were the same exact emotions her eyes had shown at their very first meeting back in Smallville.

She was stunned. "Wha—how??" But then she thought about it. "You talked to Mom and Dad, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did." It felt strange for Clark to hear someone else also call his parents 'Mom and Dad'. *Well, it's just something I have to get used to. But I won't mind.*

"Figures," she replied, with a smile on her face. She turned away again. "So, what do plan on doing now?'

"What do you mean?"

"Clark, I'm only 14. Face it, I'm gonna be a pain to you, to your friends, to Metropolis." She shook her head. " You know I'm gonna make your life a living hell."

"Well, that's a risk that I'm willing to take," he said, grinning. And he meant it, too.

She turned back. "You mean it?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Oh, thanks." She gave him the biggest hug. "You're just the best." She felt him ease up. "What's the matter?"

"Oh, nothing. Just something Lois said to me."

"Yeah, Clark that reminds of me of something. Wassup with you and Lois?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, what's going on between you and her? You two an item? Just friends? Or just partners at work?"

Clark had forgotten to tell her about that. "Well, let's just say we have a very, uh, complicated relationship. You see, we are friends. Best friends. But, but—"

"You love her don't you?"

It was her turn to surprise him. "Yes, I love her. But I really don't know if she loves me back."

"Why? Is there another guy in her life?"

"You could say that, I guess." Clark replied, thinking of Superman. He was going to tell her about that, too, but the phone rang. He picked up. "Hello?"

"Clark? Hi. This is Perry. Do you mind if you could come down now? I'd really love to hear your side of the story."

"Sure, no problem Chief. I'll be right there." He hung up. "Listen, Samantha, Perry wants me to go down there now." He gave her a pair of keys. "Listen. These are spares. Go take a shower, and change into something more comfortable—and cleaner. Do you have anything to change into?'

She pointed to her bookbag.

"Okay, do that. When you're done, meet me at the Planet."

"You plan on telling them the truth about me?"

"Yes. They're going to have to find out sooner or later about you."

"Yeah, guess you're right." she replied.

"You're pretty smart for your age, you know that?" Clark asked, smiling.

"Hey, like brother," she said, pointing to Clark, "like sis," pointing to herself.

"Yeah, guess you're right," he said. "See you at the Planet."

She watched him as he walked out the door. She still didn't tell him the WHOLE truth. "I guess you also know what it's like to lead a double-life, Clark," she said to herself as she walked to the bathroom.


"Well, Kent, that was certainly QUITE a story there," Perry said in astonishment. He wasn't talking about the story of what happened at Slum Alley. He was talking about the story of Clark's sister, Samantha.

When Clark entered the Planet, he said that he had to quickly talk to all of them. He told what had happened in the past, about his parents giving her up, about meeting her and not even knowing it. But he didn't say the fact that she was the one who walked into the Planet, unknown, and still saved Clark's life—yet.

"Yes, well, that's the truth. I'm still surprised myself when I think about it, what she went through all of these years, and probably what she's going through now." Clark felt good finally telling all of his friends this complicated story.

"Where is she now?" Perry, Lois, and Jimmy asked.

"She's right here," the familiar small voice said. The lighting on the floor they were on was dimmed. So, when they all turned around, they were surprised not to see anyone. Until a few seconds later.

Stepping into the light, she looked as if she had gone through a transformation. She was wearing jean overalls, a creme colored bodysuit, and brown hiking boots. Plus a cap, turned backwards. Her clothes were spotless, and all the grease on her face was cleaned off.

They were all speechless, except Clark. He got out of his chair, and approached her. "Perry, Lois, Jimmy. I would like all of you to meet my 14 year old sister, Samantha."

Sammy waved her hand to everyone. It felt awkward to meet them again in a new light. She could see Perry was kind of uncomfortable, remembering what happened at the Planet. She went to him first. Extending her hand, she said, "Look, Mr. Perry. We didn't exactly start off on good terms. How 'bout we start again, no hard feelings, 'kay?"

"Sounds good to me," Perry replied, accepting the handshake.

"Well, I guess it's my turn to finish the story Clark started. Plus, I'll tell you what happened at Slum Alley, and all I can about Scar."

She took a seat in front of all of them, and began it all.


She told them of how she first lived with Betty and Mike in Metropolis, how Scar had killed both them and gotten away with it. They were all shocked—but there was more.

She told of how she had taken it upon herself to go back to Smallville, her first meeting with Clark, and about spending 7 years in Slum Alley. She described how it was when she met up with Scar again, and all the way up to what happened at Slum Alley that day.

"I'm sorry, Kent," Perry started, "but her story beat yours." Everyone started laughing, especially Sammy. *Whew, it felt good to tell them all.*

"Chief, you should've seen the kick she gave Scar, and the look he gave her back." Clark started laughing again.

Turning to Sammy, he said, "Ow! That must have hurt!"

"Hit 'em where it hurts most—that's what I say," she replied with a large grin.

"Wish I was there," Jimmy said.

"Yes, it was certainly a Kodak moment," Sammy replied, smiling.

"See, Jimmy, she's got a sense of photography too!" Perry said. Jimmy didn't do anything but sheepishly smile again.

"Yeah, that was great," Lois said. "Tell me, where did you learn that? And that move where you jumped in the air, did a circle, and kicked him?"

"Lois, you don't live on the streets as long as I have and not learn ANY kind of defense."

"Oh." Lois thought for a moment. "Have you ever seen Superman?"

"Yes, I have. In fact, I was there when he took care of that bomb."

"You were there?" Clark and Lois said in unison.

"Yep," she said, nodding her head. "Wow, it was pretty cool to see him blast that sucker outta there!!"

*If you only knew that was me. How am I ever going to convince you, Sammy?* Clark sighed. And yawned, too.

"Well, kids, it's getting late. Bedtime now. How 'bout we turn in for now, but lead tomorrow's edition with this story, okay?" Perry himself was getting tired.

"Sounds good to me," they all said back.

"Uh, Clark, can I talk to Samantha alone for just a little bit?" Lois asked.

"Yeah, sure." Then to Jimmy and Perry, "She probably wants to continue her female bonding." Lois shot him an oh-I'll-get-you-for-that look as they continued laughing, stepped into the elevator, and left.

Lois was still in her seat. Sammy approached her. As she looked up to Sammy, she said, "Look, Samantha, I've never really thanked you for saving Clark's life."

"But you don't have to—"

"Yes, I do. Really, I do." She sighed and lowered her head.

Sammy studied her for a while. *Gee, I guess I'm finding out a side of Lois Clark doesn't know.* She bent down, so that her eyes met Lois's. "You really care about him, don't you?"

"Yes, I do. I mean, he's my best friend, and—and," her voice trailed off. *I love him. Oh, just say it Lois—I love Clark.*

*You love him. Just say it, Lois, say it.* "And what, Lois?"

"And—I don't think I could ever imagine life without him." She sighed. *I didn't say it—AGAIN. It's just so hard…*

*Should I tell her or not?? Nah, I'll leave that up to Clark to do that.* She took special care in the way she said what she said next. "That's nice for me to know, Lois. But does Clark know that?"

Seeing she wasn't able to reply, and knowing better, Sammy said, "Look, let's go outside. Oh, and don't worry, I won't say anything to him. I'll leave that up to you." She took Lois's arm, encouraging her to get up. She did, and they walked together to the elevator.

Lois was still stunned at Sammy's reply. Even though, she was glad she had let out her thoughts to at least someone else, and felt a great friendship beginning.


"What did she want? What did she say?" Clark was anxious to know.

"Hey, look, that's for me to know, and for you to find out."

"Aw, fine, be that way," he teased back.

They were walking back to Clark's house. "Clark, about our conversation earlier at your house."


"Let me guess—Superman is the other man in Lois's life, right?"

Clark suddenly stopped. "Yeah, he is."

"Oh, okay. Just checking. Personally though—," *I wonder when I should tell him I know.*


"I'd pick you over him any day." She smiled, and gazed into her brother's eyes. *I can't believe he's really HIM.*

"Thanks." They continued walking. He put his arm around Samantha, at first pretending to choke her, and then easing up. "You know, we've got ALOT to catch up on." He wondered when he should tell her about his alter ego.

"Yep, ya got that right." She was happy to finally have a place she could call home, and someone that would take of her, to talk to, to kind of protect also.

As for Clark, he was VERY happy indeed. He found something that he though t he lost so long ago. And that was his sister. Yes, that was exactly what Samantha was—something lost, something found.



Both Clark and Sammy were still laughing as he opened the door to his house. She felt there was no time like the present to find out the truth. Clark served himself and her a couple of sodas. She took a seat in a chair, and he went on the couch. "Clark, how DID you even start to recognize me?"

Clark sighed, and thought about it. "Your eyes."

"My eyes??! That's very flattering, Clark, but there ain't nothing spectacular about my eyes."

He smiled. "Sam, it's a known fact that there are two things that never change in a person's life. Those things are the person's mind, and the person's eyes. I guess you can say your eyes burned an image in my mind the first time I saw you 7 years ago."

"Oh. Very smart!" *This is it.*

"Thanks." He took a sip of his soda.

"Ya know, today was the very first time I met Superman."

*Oh, no.* "Really?"

"Yeah. And it's funny you should mention that eyes thing."

"Why?" *Uh-oh. What is she leading to?*

"I've got say that Superman's got the coolest eyes I've ever seen." She stood up, and walked toward Clark. "The first time I looked into them, I mean REALLY looked into them, I was taken aback, just like you were when you saw mine."

"What a coincidence," he said, shifting uncomfortably.

"Nah, not really." Now, she stood right in front of him. He was still seated on the couch. "Clark, you're right about the eyes thing. But did you know that it applies to EVERYONE??"

"Really?" *Hmm, maybe I won't have to tell her after all.*

"Yes, it does." She turned away. "So, I guess you could understand how shocked, and surprised, I was when I found those same, remarkable eyes—" She quickly turned back to Clark— and pulled off his glasses.

"Under a pair of ordinary glasses." She carefully folded his glasses and handed them back to him. *Whew, thank God I was able to tell him that!*

*She knew. She knew all along!!* "Wha—how long did you know?"

"Well, remember back in the alley, when I saw you face to face for the first time, and—"

"You had a startled expression on your face when you looked into my eyes." *Wow, this girl's good!* "Wow, good thinking, Sam!"

"Hey, I only learn from the best," she said, smiling, and pointing at Clark. She took a seat next to him. "So, I guess this is the REAL Clark, right?"

"Yep. And this is the REAL Samantha, right?"


"Listen, now that you know—"

"Don't worry, big brother, I won't tell a soul. I mean, c'mon, it's the least I could do for you. You don't know what you're getting yourself into by taking me in." *Wow, I learned two BIG secrets today!! One-Clark, my own brother, is Superman!! Second-the woman he loves DOES love him back!! This is great!!*

"Great. Thanks."

"Mmm," came a reply. She yawned, and before she knew it, she fell asleep on Clark's shoulder.

Clark remembered back to when the same thing happened between him and Lois. How she had fallen asleep on the same couch, on his shoulder. *She reminds me too much of her. That's all the more to take her in.*

He wondered when to tell her about his plans—plans in Metropolis, plans for the rest of his life, plans for him and Lois—but he stopped. *It'll come in due time. I know it will.*

He just sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the fact that he had his sister with him, safe and sound. He thanked his lucky stars that his wish for someone in Metropolis finally came true.


(or maybe not…)

{Author's Note: Like I said, this is no way related to the comics. But also, I said this story kind of presents the whole Lois and Clark story through a teenager's point of view. All I'd like to know is—would you like me to continue writing these stories (with Samantha included)? This could present a whole load of scenarios, plus also, it will be easier for me to write stories. I can even attempt to add on to the last scenes of "Metallo" and "Season's Greedings" (even though it's too late <g>). I know I will probably get a negative reaction, but I had fun writing this up. Please send your comments. Thanks very much.}