Real Short Christmas Story

By Zoomway

Summary: It's the Planet's Christmas party, and Lois is armed with mistletoe for when her favorite guy shows up.


Lois felt as if a current of electricity was flowing through her. She had made up her mind, and was at once thrilled, and frightened by her decision. She wanted the day to be over so she could think about things in peace. The Planet was having its annual Christmas party and all was bedlam. Jimmy had strung temporary speakers so that the Christmas music being played by a local radio station could be heard throughout the city room. People were laughing, talking and singing along, mostly off-key she noted, and everything blended together into a chaotic jumble.

Lois decided to concentrate on unsticking her desk drawer. She hoped that concentrating on something ordinary would keep her mind off of the deeper thoughts that had been plaguing her. She had just placed her hand on the drawer handle when she heard the familiar 'whoosh' sound. She knew she would be able to hear that sound above the din of a battlefield. She turned, and saw Superman smiling at her. "I just wanted to stop by and wish you Merry Christmas, Lois."

"Thank you, Superman. Merry Christmas."

Superman looked at Lois' computer and spied a sprig of green and red. "Mistletoe?"

"Um…yes, I guess it is."

Superman put a hand on her cheek and drew her face towards his. Lois, at the last moment, turned her head receiving his kiss on the cheek. She looked at his perplexed expression and then kissed his cheek. "Merry Christmas, Superman," she repeated. "Thank you for stopping by."

Superman, still perplexed, nodded. "You're welcome," he said, and 'whooshed' out of the city room. Lois sighed and began rattling her stubborn desk drawer. She glimpsed Clark entering the city room. He was straightening his tie as he smiled and nodded to the Christmas revelers. "Clark!" She called out waving her free hand. "Can you help me with this thing?"

"What's the problem?"

"It doesn't seem to be working right."

Clark grabbed the drawer, and then Lois grabbed his hand. "I don't mean this, Clark," she said softly and pulled his hand away from the drawer. "I mean this." She indicated the mistletoe. "Oh," Clark swallowed nervously. "What's wrong with it?"

"Let's find out." She said, and wrapped her arms around Clark's neck and pressed her mouth against his. After a moment, their lips parted. "Merry Christmas, Clark."

Clark smiled broadly. "Merry Christmas, Lois," he said, but did not release her. "That's the best Christmas present I can ever remember receiving."

Lois looked at him lovingly. "Do you know what the best part about giving a kiss as a present is, Clark?"

Clark pulled her in closer. "Tell me."

"Well, when you get a regular present, and you don't like it, you return it, but with a kiss, you only return it if you 'do' like it."

"In that case," he said, and returned her kiss with pleasure, gratitude and a large measure of passion.

As their kiss lengthened and deepened, they were completely unaware of the disc jockey's voice coming over the radio speakers. "And now, a Christmas request from Perry White, the editor of the Daily Planet newspaper." The radio began to blare the Hallelujah Chorus.