A Short Revelation

By Lilly M. (lillym25@hotmail.com)

Summary: Clark finds he can't tell Lois his big secret, so he decides instead to show her.


Clark's apartment

Lois & Clark are on the couch wrapped in a blanket. They are drinking oolong tea.

CLARK: "So you'll think about it. That's better than a positive NO.

LOIS: Clark, this is all too sudden, don't you agree? I mean, we've been friends for so long, and we've just started going out. I just think we should work out other parts of our relationship before we start talking marriage. What's that saying, "Once bitten, twice shy…"

CLARK: (getting angry) "Lois, please don't even think to compare me to that man!"

LOIS: "I would never dream of doing anything like that! But I was accused, by you if I remember, of rushing in and refusing to believe there was another side to my ex-fiance. I would like to believe that I know all there is to know about you, but I don't think I do. You're holding something back from me, Clark, and it has something to do with you running out all the time. Why don't you just tell me?"

Clark gets up from the couch and starts to pace.

CLARK: "I can't just tell you, Lois. Every time I've tried to tell you, we've been interrupted."

LOIS: "That's it? You just can't tell me? And you want this relationship to lead to marriage? What kind of start is this?"

CLARK: "Why don't I just show you. Come here."

He motions for the patio outside his apartment. The rain has stopped. Lois leaves the blanket inside and follows him curiously.

LOIS: "Show me? Show me, what?"

CLARK: "Just come here."

Clark takes hold of her elbows and they start to float upwards. Lois doesn't realize what's happening at first. She looks at Clark expectantly. When she realizes they are about 15 feet above the patio, Lois gasps in panic and clutches Clark's arms tighter.

LOIS: "What the…! How are you doing…? Oh MY God!"

She looks at him horror struck, looks down at his apartment building beneath them, then her cheeks flame pink with anger and she starts to yell.

LOIS: "How dare you do this? You lied to me! I can't believe this! Get your hands off me; let go of me!"

Lois forgets that they are about 20 feet in the air and struggles out of Clark's grasp. She screams as she starts to fall. Clark swoops down and grabs her around the waist. He then lowers them to the patio.

CLARK: "Don't you ever do that again! You scared me to death!"

LOIS: "I scared you? Ohh, Clark Kent, I could just kill you! If I could, that is. Have any spare kryptonite handy?"

CLARK: (frowning) "That's not funny, Lois."

He crosses his arms over his chest and sits down on the ledge of the patio.

LOIS: (pacing) "You must've had a great laugh over me, didn't you? How I used to fawn and gush over Superman right in front of you! Yes, you played a great joke on me! Some top-notch investigative reporter I am! I couldn't even tell that my best friend was the flying superhero in blue tights that I was so infatuated with!"

CLARK: "Lois…"

LOIS: "And all those excuses (laughs) all those excuses, oh, no, I mean lies. All those lies you came up with. Your barber? You left notes in your car when you didn't even have a car? You wanted some frozen yogurt then ate mine on the way back? Oh, and my favorite, the cheese of the month club. That was the best!"

CLARK: "Um, Lois, I actually do belong to the cheese of the month club…"

LOIS: "Oh, isn't that funny. Ha Ha, Clark."

Lois goes over and pushes Clark over the ledge. Clark is so surprised that Lois just pushed him off the roof, that he doesn't react right away and crashes in the dumpster in the alley. Lois is surprised that he actually fell all the way down and didn't fly up before crashing.

LOIS: "Oh, my God! (whispers to herself) Was I dreaming? Were we really flying? What if I was and Clark isn't… and I just pushed him! Oh my God! (screams) Clark! Clark! Are you okay?"

Lois leans over the ledge to look down. She jumps back as Clark flies up and starts dusting himself off.

CLARK: "I'm okay, Lois. You can stop screaming."

Lois is momentarily stunned into silence. Then she starts up again.

LOIS: "What did you do that for? Playing a joke on me! I thought I really hurt you!"

CLARK: "You surprised me when you pushed me, that's all. I don't try to scare people intentionally. That would be cruel."

Lois turns on her heel and storms into his apartment. Clark looks up to the heavens for guidance.

CLARK: "Lois, I've wanted to tell you for so long, you have to believe me. If you want the truth, I was afraid."

Lois looks at him, surprised.

LOIS: "Afraid? Afraid of what? That I'd think you're a liar? That I'd think you were as two-faced as Luthor?…"

CLARK: "I have never lied to you! Except for this one thing. I was afraid that you'd love me for being Superman, not Clark. You yourself told Superman that you would love him if he were a regular guy with no powers, remember? And there I was, a regular guy, and you wanted to just be friends!"

LOIS: "Listen to you! You're talking as if you're two different people! You're not. You're one in the same! And I was confused then, but we've gotten past all that. You know how I feel about you, Clark, and it has nothing to do with any superpowers!"

CLARK: "I know, Lois, I know you love me as Clark, and I apologize for not telling you sooner, but I had to know. Superman isn't real. Clark is the real me. I was raised as Clark Kent, not as Superman. And whatever comes out of this, I'm still your best friend."

Lois flops down on the sofa, not as angry as she was earlier, but still miffed.

LOIS: "Raised as Clark Kent? Who are you really?"

CLARK: "I am Clark Kent, Lois. I have no memory of Krypton or of my parents there. Jonathan and Martha Kent are my parents and they raised me. It is like I was born here."

LOIS: (sarcastically) "Except for the fact that you can fly and eat bombs."

Clark sits next to her on couch.

CLARK: "Lois, Krypton was not a world of "super" men and women. The planet was very similar to Earth. Krypton was just more technically advanced than Earth, much more, and I sometimes wonder if that contributed to its destruction."

LOIS: "Then how?"

CLARK: "I'm not exactly sure, Lois. The only other obvious difference between the two worlds is the suns. Krypton had a red sun. The Earth's yellow sun may be a contributing factor. I often feel stronger, revitalized if you will, when I'm in the sun. That's all I can think of."

LOIS: "How do you know all this about Krypton if you don't remember being there?"

CLARK: "Do you remember the globe, Lois?"

LOIS: (confused) The globe? (Dawning) The one Jack took from your apartment! You were holding it for Super…well, I guess it's rightfully yours."

CLARK: "My father left messages for me in that globe, to let me know about my home world, that he and my mother loved me and didn't abandon me. The planet was destroyed minutes after I was sent off the planet. I sometimes wonder if there are any other survivors. But as far as I know, I'm the only one."

LOIS: "You were lucky the Kents found you."

CLARK: "I've thanked GOD every day for my good fortune, believe me, Lois. Do you understand why I didn't tell you right away? I wanted to help people, to be able to use these powers I've been given for some good, so I needed a disguise so that I could still be me. If I didn't invent SUPERMAN, and did all these deeds as Clark Kent, I know I wouldn't be able to write for the Planet. I wouldn't have this apartment, friends, a normal life. My parents and friends would be targets, and, oh, it's just gotten so complicated!"

LOIS: (rubbing her temples) I understand, I guess. I still don't know why you didn't tell me sooner, It answers an awful lot of questions, opens up whole new doors…"

CLARK: "I'm sorry, Lois. And, truthfully, I was a little amused with your obsession of Superman in the beginning, but then it got to be pretty annoying. How you used to compare him to me, me being lacking, of course, when it was really me all along."

LOIS: "I wonder if I really did know all along, but never admitted it to myself. I mean, now that I think about it, I feel silly that I was so blind."

Clark smiles at her.

LOIS: "And now there is this engagement. God, this is really getting to be too much to think about in one night! Clark, what am I going to do with you?"

Lois gets up from couch and goes toward the door.

CLARK: "Lois? Where are you going?"

LOIS: "I need to think, Clark. Please, just let me go home by myself, okay? Don't you go out in the evening, fly around Metropolis and look for bad guys or something?"

CLARK: (grins) "Sure, something like that. Be careful, Lois."

Clark walks her to the door and kisses her goodnight.

CLARK: "Good night, Lois."

LOIS: (looks up at Clark and smiles) "Good night, Clark."

Clark can't help but follow Lois to make sure she was okay. She makes a short trip to the fudge castle where she buys a half gallon of double chocolate fudge ice cream to go. When she reaches her apartment she looks up to where he's hovering and waves with a smile. So much for being incognito! He laughs, and goes off on his rounds around the city.