By Jennifer L. Adkins" (

Summary: When a snitch informs the Planet he has the scoop on Superman's secret identity, Lois and Clark race to the meeting. Of course, it could be a trap …

I write stories in my head all day long, but I never manage to get anything on paper. Here goes nothing. Comments and suggestions welcomed.


"Lane! Kent! Get in here now!"

"We're coming, Chief," Clark said, closing the file that he had been reading. News had been so slow for the past few days that Mr. White had his best investigative team doing a story about the 25th anniversary of the opening of the oldest McDonald's in Metropolis.

"Kids, one of my sources has informed me that he can get proof of Superman's secret identity. This could be the story we've been waiting for!"


Lois could hardly contain herself on the way out of the building to the Jeep. As soon as his door closed, she turned to Clark and said, "Do you think this source really has proof?"

"I doubt it. Why would he want to talk to us if he really had proof? I see two possibilities: 1) He does know, but he needs proof, so he wants to trick me into revealing myself, or 2) He can "prove" someone else is Superman, and wants the best reporters in the city to cover the story so that he has some credibility. Either way, we have to see what he has."

"I should go alone, Clark. It may be a trap."

"If he does know, and it is a trap, I would end up caught anyway. You would be the perfect hostage. Apart from being the woman closest to me, you seem to be held hostage about three times a year. You're overdue."

*In more ways than one,* thought Lois.


Twenty minutes later, Lois' Jeep pulled up to the rear entrance of the deserted warehouse where the meeting was to take place. There were no other cars to be seen.

"I guess we're early," said Lois. "Will you please think about letting me go in alone? You know I worry. Who would I fight with if I lost you?"

"Ha, ha. Not a chance. Why don't we neck while we wait?"

"Clark, you are incorrigible. And unreasonable. And adorable. I should have had sense enough to put off our wedding for a couple of years, instead of giving in last year. Maybe then you would have grown up enough to realize that you may be mortal. I wouldn't have to worry somuch."

"Lois, you know I love you, but I can't ignore people in danger."

"All I'm asking is that you _try_ to be careful."

"I promise. We had better look this place over before Perry's snitch gets here. Unless …" Clark leaned over and kissed Lois, trying to reassure her.

After returning the kiss, Lois reluctantly broke away from Clark and opened her door. "Later, farmboy."

Neither noticed Clark's wallet fall onto the floor of the car.


"I don't see anything out of the ordinary," Clark said, pushing his glasses back into place. "However, some of these crates look new, and several contain lead-based materials."

Suddenly, a cargo net dropped onto Lois and Clark, and a sweet-smelling gas was released at the same time. When he tried to tear the net, the lead covering peeled off, and the kryptonite-imbedded ropes were revealed.


When Lois awoke, she saw a face that she hadn't seen in a very long time. "Fast Fingered Freddie?"

"Didn't think you'd ever see me again, did you? I'm glad to see that the woman who ruined my life remembers me, at least. I knew that the best way to lure you here was to mention Superman, and I thought you would bring your partner. I never thought that Superman might come undercover. Nice touch."

*The trap was never for Clark. Where is he? Wait … what did he say? He doesn't know!*

"Yes, my hu … partner thought that I would be safer with Superman."

"Wrong. You're buddy Superman is dying right behind you. Even if your partner shows up, it will be too late for both of you. This building is going to explode in twenty minutes. Use the time you have left to consider what a mess you made of my life."


"Clark? Wake up! Now!"

Conscience returned slowly. "Lois? Where are we?"

"The more important question is: When are we going to die? Unfortunately, the answer is: In about eighteen minutes. How are you?"

"Who tied us up? Did he … know?"

"No. He's an old enemy of mine. Answer the question."

"Not good. My strength is gone, and I'm in a lot of pain. How are you?"

"Tired. Scared. Pregnant."

"What?" Clark was so shocked, he broke the kryptonite ropes as he spun around to face Lois.

Seeing that Clark was free, Lois smiled. "Let's get out of here, go home and neck."