Scent of a Superman

By Lola McClellan (

Summary: Lois fine-tunes her nose for news and discovers something interesting about her partner.


Lois sat at her desk, staring into her computer monitor, lost in thought. "Darn it!", she said to no one in particular.

Clark glanced up from his papers and looked over at Lois. "What's wrong?" he asked.

Lois shook her head in frustration. "It's this special piece that Perry asked me for. I've been working on it for days and something just doesn't seem right."

"Let me take a look," Clark got up from his desk and walked over behind Lois. He leaned over her, focusing on the article she was writing. Suddenly, Lois was very conscious of his nearness as the side of her face pressed against his neck and shoulder. She smelled his cologne, the smell of it suited him perfectly. As he continued leaning over her, studying the words on the monitor, she began to notice a different scent. Something beyond his cologne. It was his scent, his personal scent, the scent each person has that is individually their own. The scent she smelled whenever she entered his apartment. The scent she smelled when she grabbed his coat for him as they rushed out the door, hot on the trail of a story.

"I think this is your problem, Lois" Clark pointed to some lines on the monitor.

"Huh? I ah…" Lois recovered. As she read the lines that Clark had pointed out, she nodded her head in agreement. "I think you're right, Clark. Thanks."

Suddenly, the voice of Perry White boomed across the newsroom. "Lois, Clark, one of my sources just called me with a hot tip. I want you two to go down to the new Metropolis Fitness Club. It looks like there might be some steroid use going on with the weight trainers. There's been a leak that they are selling them behind the scenes.

"We're on it, Chief. Clark, let's change and I'll meet you at the gym in one hour." Lois ordered.

"Right, Lois." Clark smiled. He was used to taking orders from Lois. He was even starting to enjoy it


When Lois pulled up to the gym, Clark was already waiting outside. Lois looked at him with surprise. He was wearing a red tank top and a pair of blue gym shorts. Lois knew that his shoulders felt hard whenever she had taken it upon herself to give him a friendly massage, but now she saw why. The lines of his muscles stood out. On his shoulders, on his arms, his thighs, his calves. Suddenly, Lois realized she was staring. She got out of her car and walked over to him. Lois made quite a picture herself, her tight bodysuit and spandex biker shorts showed every curve of her body. She saw the admiration in Clark's eyes as he glanced at her and she smiled, very pleased with herself.


After walking around, trying not to look suspicious, they slipped up the stairs to look around.

"There's the manager's office. Come on." Lois grabbed Clark's arm and pulled him along with her as they slipped into the office. Hurriedly, Clark and Lois began opening drawers and cabinets, looking for something that might be incriminating.

"I think I found something." Clark pulled some papers out of a file cabinet and showed them to Lois.

"Great! Let's get out of here."

Suddenly Clark heard footsteps in the hallway outside. "Someone's coming." Clark shoved the papers back in the cabinet. He glanced around and noticed a very small closet. "Quick, in here." He grabbed Lois and pulled her in, shutting the door behind them. The closet was tiny, barely big enough for two people. Lois was pressed tightly against Clark. As she faced him, the side of her face was resting against his neck. They heard someone enter the office and the sound of chairs scraping the floor as people sat down. They listened to their conversation, but it was mostly small talk. Clark and Lois waited in the darkness of the closet for the room to empty. As she waited, not being able to see, she was suddenly very aware of Clark. She was aware of Clark's scent, the same scent she had noticed earlier at the Planet. It seemed to fill the closet in a powerful way. She was aware of his scantily clad body, pressed up against her. Her body tingled everywhere his body touched hers. Her hands were pressed against his chest and she could feel his steady heartbeat, as well as the pounding of her own. The air seemed charged with the electricity between them.

"I wonder if Clark is feeling this," she thought. Suddenly, it didn't matter. Releasing her inhibitions, she nuzzled his neck and shoulder, savoring his scent. Her hands roamed his chest, exploring every crease and ripple. She slipped her arms behind his back, and encircled his shoulders with her hands. She felt Clark relax and suddenly respond as his lips searched for hers. She felt them brush her face as they found their mark and met with her own. As they kissed, she felt euphoric and desire swept over her. How long she had felt this way, she wasn't quite sure. After the kiss ended, they realized they were alone in the room. They stayed for a moment, and then Clark opened the door. As they stepped into the light, she could see the color in Clark's face and she felt the heat in her own. Not quite sure what to do next, Clark grabbed the papers from out of the file cabinet, took Lois by the hand, and they slipped out of the office and out of the gym.


It was a quiet car ride as Lois gave Clark a lift home. Her heart was still pounding at the remembrance of what had happened between them in the closet.

"Lois," Clark said quietly, "We need to talk."

" I know, Clark, but I need some time to think. I need time to settle something. Can we have breakfast tomorrow?"

"Sure," Clark said, concern in his face. I'll meet you at the French cafe tomorrow.


That evening, Lois stood by her window. "Superman," she said into the air, "Are you out there? I need to talk to you." After a moment, a blue and red figure appeared outside her window.

"Yes, Lois?" Superman crossed his arms as he floated outside her window. "Do you need something?"

"Would you please come in?"

As he gently landed in her room, Lois smiled at him. "I'm not really sure how to say this," she started.

"Sometimes it's best to just say what you're feeling,"

"All right, I will. Superman, I really appreciate all you've done for me, and I know I've thrown myself at you, but I want you to know I decided something tonight.

"What's that?"

"I'm in love with Clark."

Superman blinked in surprise and a smile slowly spread over his face. "Well Lois, if that's the way you feel, I'm very happy for you."

"Thanks for understanding me, Superman." Lois moved forward and embraced him in a hug of appreciation. As she held him with her eyes closed, she was suddenly aware of something. A scent, a scent she recognized as…

"Clark?" She looked up at him. Startled, He looked down at her. She started to say more, but he pressed his finger to her lips and smiled down at her, nodding his head in affirmation. Suddenly, he leaned his head down and kissed her with all the passion within him. Lost in the moment, Lois forgot her anger and surprise, and gave way to her feelings.

"I love you, too," Clark said. "Can we talk now?"

"You better believe we're going to talk now!