Mistaken Revelation

By Farah Chisham (sac998@nwu.edu)

Summary: Someone knows Clark's secret — but who?


"Good morning, Clark"

"Good morning, Mr. White. "

"Clark," Perry White began, "did you and Lois talk about the assignment on the new comet being discovered."

"No, sir. We're still playing phone tag with the astronomer from NASA. Lois was suppose to call this morning, but I haven't seen her. I supp…"

"I know you haven't seen her, because I have sent her to Houston to talk to Miss… What is her name, again?", Perry interrupted, scratching his head

"Miss Blance. Holly Blance," Clark Kent answered. "I didn't know Lois left…She never mentioned last …yesterday about a flight…"

"I know, she spoke to me early this morning and requested to be sent to Houston to clear up some quotes, but she should be back tomorrow. Said she would call later this afternoon."

"Why didn't she request me to go with her; we are partners, aren't we?" Clark asked, now also scratching his head.

"Well, Clark, she felt it would be better for her to go alone. She said something about both of them being women and that she didn't want to gang up on her. She said you would understand." Perry then looked at Clark and realized that there was something bothering him. "Come on, son. Let's go have a talk."

Clark began to follow him then thought about something Lois had said to him the evening before…


Lois was sitting with her legs crossed on Clark's sofa and the two of them were making sundaes.

"Oh, Clark," she began, "sometimes you take things just too seriously. You're so 'prim and proper' that you get upset over the simplest things. Take it easy."

Clark got up from the couch, "Lois, you don't understand. I have, well… responsibilities that would boggle you, and I will tell you sometime, but I just cannot. Not right now."

"Well, when you can finally tell me, then I'll listen. But for right now, we'd better give each other a little space. I'm sorry, Clark; I don't want to do this anymore than you, but I think that at this point in our relationship, we have to be open to one another."


"Then she picked up her things, called a cab, and left. Mr. White, I don't know what to do! I mean, I want to tell her so many things…about my ambitions, my dreams… There's just this one thing that I think she just won't understand. She knows I care about her and I know how she feels for me, but…I just don't know.. I want to do the right thing." Clark began staring at the floor, waiting for Perry to say something hopeful.

"Son, it sounds like you should let it all loose. You should tell her whatever it is that is bothering you. I hope you work things out. Well, I have got to run and check on a source. Why don't you take a mini-vacation," Perry said on his way out the door.

"Well, sir, I need to get some things done around here.."

"Nonsense. Take a couple of days off—and that's not a request."

After Perry left, Clark went out to his desk to clean up and discovered a note. It read:


Clark looked up and scanned the room with x-ray vision. He didn't see anything in particular. He looked one more time at the note, and tossed it in the garbage. Then he thought, I hope o one noticed that. I wonder if Lois…

Ring, ring..

Oh, the phone, Clark thought, then answered it. "Kent." It was Lois.

"Hello, Clark. It Perry anywhere around? I just tried calling his office and there was no answer."

"No, he left to check on a source. I'll tell him you called…how's Houston?"

"It's really humid, and this new story, well, it's turning out to be a bomb. Something to get NASA's attention. I'm coming back tonight, hopefully."

"Oh, no. I thought that would be a good story. Perry suggested I take some time off. I think I will…By the way, did you leave a note on my desk?"

"Yes, I did…I'm so sorry, Clark. I should have told you sooner," WHAT! How could she have found out?! What if she tells? What am I going to say to her?! "I didn't mean to leave you last night like I did, but I had to. I also couldn't leave without…well, the note speaks for itself.. Look, we'll talk about that later. Okay? I have to catch a plane in two hours. Bye, Clark."


Clark began to wonder. 'Did I do something stupid? And why did she just leave me a note. I'm so confused. What do I do now? Should I deny it? ' He then noticed he was pacing and talking to himself and realized that everyone was watching him.

He decided this was a good time to leave the Planet and get home. He walked out the door and headed home. When he got home, he didn't stop to check his answering machine. Without even realizing he was tired, he just laid down on his couch and slept.


"American Airlines flight 344, has just arrived in Metropolis, " Lois Lane heard the flight attendant say. She thought, 'I should go over to Clark's apartment and see how he is. He sounded a little down.'


Lois arrived at his apartment door and began knocking. She kept knocking. No answer. She then knocked louder.. It's 2:30am. Where is that boy scout? "Clark, are you in there? Clark, please, answer the door. It's Lois!" She pleaded.

She heard Clark say, "Just a second…," and heard him unlocking the door.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, rubbing his face and hair.

"I'm sorry, I just had to come over. I have food, " she said nodding at the grocery bag. "Can I come in?"

"Sure, sure…I'm sorry. I'm a little tired, " he said, holding the door open for her. "Let me take your coat."

Thank you. His place never looked messy and there were clothes everywhere, books thrown about. Like he was looking for something, or hiding something.

"What did you buy?" Clark asked looking in the bag.

"Just some cereal, fruit…help yourself. I got it for you. I'm so tired of you eating so poorly. You eat like an eight-year-old."

He grinned, "You've mentioned that before… Lois, about that note…"

"Yes, yes, I know. I'm so smart. At least I could have put it in a spot where no one else would have noticed it. I didn't want you to get embarrassed."

"No, I just didn't want anyone to find out."

"What… Someone would find out that I love you?"

"No, that I'm Superman.."


He just realized it when he said it. She didn't know. She didn't write the note. His face just dropped. He then looked up to see her face become almost like a menacing creature about to strike.

"You're who?? I don't believe you."

"What about the moonlight dance? Fly Me to the Moon?"

"Clark, you, you…why didn't you tell me sooner?!" She yelled.

'Uh-oh…here it comes' he thought, dreading the next moment. He looked up and saw what he didn't expect; she was crying.

"I feel, so, so, betrayed. Everyone I ever loved betrayed me and now you. I trusted you. Why didn't you tell me before? Why did you use my ignorance for your own self interest? Everything I told Superman, I didn't want you to find out. That… I love you but, I loved him, too. It took me so long to get over him—you."

"I'm so sorry, Lois. I didn't do it to be selfish. I couldn't tell you because I wanted to protect you… I knew if you knew that you would be in greater danger." He tried to get closer to her, but she pushed him away. "You love me?"

Lois began stuttering, "Yes, I did—I mean, I do…love you. But, now Cla.. Super… Super Clark? I don't even know what to call you!"

Clark smiled. "Lois, " he said taking her face in his hands, "Just call me Clark — that's who I am. Superman is the name you made for the disguise."

She looked up at him, wanting so much to scream at him and embrace him at the same time. What's wrong with me, she thought, he lied to me — I can't stay here. I have to get out of here. "I have to go, Clark, I don't know what to do. I have to go home. I'm sorry, I'll see you later." She proceeded to unlock the door and was struggling.

"Lois, please stay here. Let's talk, " Clark went over to the door and unlocked it for her.

"Not now, please, Clark. I'm very tired and I have to be a work tomorrow."

"Well, at least let me take you home. It's not safe at this time."

"I can walk, or I'll get a cab. I'll be fine."

"Okay, if you say so." She doesn't actually think that I'll just let her go by herself. I'll watch her get home — just in case.

"Don't you follow me either, Mr. Kent. I don't want you to patronize me. Promise me that you won't follow me."

She knows me too well. "All right, I promise. Please be careful."

With that, Lois began to walk down the hallway and then tripped and fell directly on her face. She got up, brushed herself off, then looked at the broken heel on her shoe. Clark, of course, was hiding his amusement and went over to help her back to his apartment. "Maybe you should take me home, " she finally said.

"Of course. Let me get my coat…or would you rather fly?"

Before Lois could answer, Clark had already 'changed his clothes' and had her in his arms. "I guess I don't have a choice," she replied, and suddenly, they were off. He took her first to London for a glance at the city, then to Germany to see Mad Ludwig's castle, and back to her apartment in no time at all.

"Thank you, very much, Clark. It was wonderful. I'll see you at work tomorrow, okay?"

"Lois, Perry asked me to take a couple of days off, so I probably won't see you until Monday."

"Come on, Clark…wait a minute. Did you say there was a note on your desk that mentioned that you were Superman? I didn't write that note. Someone else must have."

"I forgot about that. I guess I have a good reason to be at work tomorrow, " he beamed.

"I guess so.. I'll see you tomorrow, then." Clark turned away from her and she said, "Would you like a drink?"

"Lois, it's 4:30 am!"

"Well, since we've been up this long, we may as well stay up. Actually, I think A Chorus Line is on right now. I saw the previews for it last week. That's my favorite musical. I also have pancake mix, for breakfast."

"Sure, Lois. I'll stay. But can I change? I feel funny, and sometimes, this suit is really itchy, " Clark said, scratching his back.

"Of course. Do you have any clothes with you, I mean, you can borrow my sweats and a shirt."

"No, I can go home and grab something. I'll be right back."

"Okay, " said Lois. She began to walk into her bedroom to change out of her clothes when she heard him fly back in. "That was fast! What's up with the suitcase? You've already changed."

"I figured that if I was going to stay, I also needed some work clothes, and, well, personal items."

"Okay, boy scout, let me get the shower first, then I'll let you have it — the shower, I mean, " she smiled then headed off to her bedroom.

Clark sat on her sofa and Lois' cat wandered over to him and snuggled up in his lap. "Yes, I know she's tricky, Elroy. Tell me something I don't know." He grabbed the remote only to find the late, late, what-the-hell-are-you-doing-up show, then the news, but did come across A Chorus Line and put the remote down.

As he glanced over his shoulder to tell her he found her movie, he noticed she was changing in front of her door again. He couldn't keep looking at her and blushed, looking down. He smiled and thought, 'I hope she meant what she said. I hope she really cares about me.'

"Clark, " he heard her voice, "I'm finished. You can have a go now."

"Thanks. I found the movie."

"Great, " she said while walking out of her bedroom. Clark looked up at her. She was wearing a silk robe and a pajama outfit with little hearts on it.

"Nice outfit, " he mentioned while walking past her to the bedroom.

"The robe is lead-lined. It's very heavy, but worth it."

"Lois, I have never used my x-ray vision on you. I have never used it for anything like that… you should know that."

"I don't know anything any more, " she said while frowning and looking down.

"Lois, I … I'm sorry. I.. Let me take a shower. Just a second." She saw a blur and about 30 seconds later, he was back on the couch.

'I don't know when I'll get use to that,' She thought.

"How's the movie?" he asked.

"Well, it's still in a commercial break."

She's so beautiful. "Um, I brought back the food from my place," he said holding up some fresh fruit. "We can make strawberry pancakes if you want."

"I'm not very hungry, unless you are.."

"No, not really," he said, looking at her. "You know, Lois, I'm really sorry if I hurt you. I didn't mean to — like I said," he took her hand, "I am really in love with you."

Lois was wide eyed, "You, too. Well, I guess we're both stuck on each other. I don't even trust you anymore. I'm so confused!"

"I'm sorry, Lois, " he said, looking into her eyes, "I made a mistake. I'll try to make it up to you." Clark then turned off the television.

"Clark! Darnit! Why can't I ever stay mad at you?"

Clark tried not to smile, "Maybe because you really trust me."

Lois yawned. Clark continued, "I've wanted to be with you ever since the first time I saw you. It was my first day at the Planet…"

"And you were trying so hard to impress Perry, "she said, laying her head on Clark's shoulder.

"Yes, and you were so mad. Yet, I could tell you weren't mad at me. Perry said that you had worked by yourself for so long and he wanted me to learn the ropes."

"Mmmh, " she said sleepily, "And you kept picking on me…"

"It was so funny to see you get so red. I couldn't help it," Clark said, now getting sleepy himself. "This little vein pops out in you neck when you get angry and embarrassed. I thought you were beautiful then."

"You, did?" Lois asked quietly.

"I sure did. I still do. Lois, could you tell me something?"

"Hmmm ?" Lois began to nod off. Oh, well, Clark thought, I think she heard me. I need to get some sleep, too. He picked her up carefully so he wouldn't wake her and carried her into the next room. He placed her on the bed and covered her up. Then, he got up and headed for the door.

"Clark, " she asked in a whisper, "Where are you going? Come back, please?"

"Shhh. I'm still here. I'll stay in here if you want."

"Please, do so."

"Okay, I'm right here. Always or whenever you need me," he said lying down next to her, still wearing his shorts and T-shirt. She reached over and hugged him and he realized that he would stay right there beside her. "Goodnight, Lois." He couldn't sleep.


"Clark, Clark. Wake up. She said shaking him."

"What's wrong, Lois?? What time is it?" "It's time to get to work! Oh, my gosh. If we get in before the lunch break, we could tell Perry that we were working on a story. It's almost 12:15pm!"

"Don't worry. You take a shower, and I'll tell Perry that we're on our way in." Clark picked up the phone while Lois ran to take a shower.

"Hello?" It was Jimmy.

"Jimmy, hello, it's Clark.."

"Hey, CK, Is Miss Lane with you?"

"Uh, yes she is. Is Perry there?"

"Yeah, I see him coming in his office right now.. just a second"

He heard Jimmy tell him who it was and the two of them chuckled. "Hello, Clark. You two can have the day off. Don't worry about coming into work."

"Mr. White, you're not going to believe this, but we think somebody found out that Superman has a secret identity!"

"Oh, really, Clark?"

"Really! We're checking on leads now.. That's why we're late."


"We're having lunch now and we're going to talk to Bobby.."


"Yes, Mr. White?"

"Clark, did you find a note on your desk yesterday?"

"Yes, I did… Why do you ask?"

"I wrote it.."

"How did you …" Clark began to ask.

" Stay with Lois today, Clark. She probably needs you, now. I'll see you on Monday. Good-bye, Clark." Clark said, "Go- good bye, Mr. White."

He hung up the phone and saw Lois walked out of her bedroom.

"Lois, you're not going to believe this..!"