I Love This City!

By Michele Garnier (Bizarra@aol.com)

Summary: A reporter from the National Whisper gets an unusual Superman/Lois Lane scoop when she sees Lois standing on a street corner, dressed as if she has business standing on a street corner — and an angry Superman who looks like he has a problem with that.

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Talia Shropshire, the leading reporter for the National Whisper was walking home from work late one evening. As she passed the Luthor building she saw an unusual sight that made her stop and take out her notebook.

Lois Lane and Superman were arguing in front of the building. Lois was wearing, well, appropriate clothing if one were going to stand on a street corner. Superman didn't look too happy at this sight. Or was that a brief flash of desire in his eyes? Talia couldn't be sure.

What she was sure of was the fact that she had to get closer to hear what they were saying.

"You're following me!" Lois was yelling at Superman.

"Lois, I'm just making sure nothing happens to you. Trouble tends to follow you like a magnet." Superman argued right back.

"Do I look like I am in trouble? Go away! You're going to ruin my lead." Lois turned to start walking away from him.

Superman grabbed her arm and stopped her from leaving.

Talia leaned against the lamp post and smiled, "Trouble in paradise?" she said to them.

"Shut-up," Lois turned to Talia and said to her.

Superman rolled his eyes, picked Lois up and flew to the top of the building.

"Clark! Put me down, I am in the middle of a story!" Lois squirmed in his arms as he flew upward.

"Lois, that man tried …" Clark started to say as he landed on the building.

"To pick me up!" Lois said as she pushed out of his arms to continue the argument. "Clark, I love that you care enough to look out for my well being, but I don't need you to come swooping out of the sky every time I -might- be in trouble! You blew my cover and very possibly the story." Lois was pacing back and forth as she talked.

"Lois, honey, I was afraid he might hurt you."

Lois put her hands in front of her exasperatingly as she paced while arguing, "Clark, I was -fine-. I can take care of myself. I-do-not-need-yooooooo …" Not watching where she was pacing, Lois walked off the edge of the building.

Clark grinned, rolled his eyes, and dove off the building after her. He hovered next to her as she fell.

"Do you need me yet?" Clark teased as she panicked.

"Clark! This isn't funny!!" Lois screamed as the ground got closer.

"Tell me you need me." He grinned as her expression turned from fear to pure anger.

"Clark Kent, if I get out of this alive, I'm going to kill you!"

Clark whistled, pretended to check his watch as Lois, exasperated let out a bloodcurdling scream in his ear.

"I'm sorry, did you say something?" Clark said in a sing-song voice.

"IneedyouIneedyouIneedyou!" Lois finally gave in.

Clark left her side and landed on the ground. He caught Lois easily, and set her down. She jumped out of his arms, banging her fist against his chest.

"Don't you EVER do that to me again!" Lois yelled, her nerves beginning to settle down.

Clark grabbed Lois by the lapels of the short jacket she wore over the boustier and kissed her soundly on the lips. He then flew off leaving Lois shaking her fists angrily at the air.

She turned only to nearly walk into Talia, who had seen the entire scene take place.

"Sometimes," Lois said to Talia in an exasperated tone, "Sometimes I really hate that man."

"Lois, you're a lousy liar." Talia told her in an amused tone.

Lois harruphed loudly, and quickly walked to her jeep.

Talia continued her walk home and began laughing. She laughed until she had tears in her eyes.

Taking out her notebook she said, "God, I love this city!" and started writing.