LNC Poem

By Dominique Melaragni (dom-mel@bbcnc.org.uk)

Summary: A poem celebrating Lois & Clark's appeal to fans all over the world.


It's Saturday night at halfpast six
Ten million Brits tune in for their fix
Of Lois and Clark with its great mix
Of laughter, kisses and highflying tricks

In the US of A, it's a different scene
Sundays at 8's when they see Dean
But you can't accuse those folcs of being mean
'Cos they tell the rest of us what they've seen

Now Aussies and Kiwis, don't feel left out
I know Monday nights are the nights that you shout
That Lois and Clark are ready to rout
Everything else on the TV bar nowt!

Clark's always loved Lois, that's easy to see
But it's not as straightforward as it seems to be
Clark Kent's got a double identity
He's Superman too — Hee hee hee!

When he was in the suit then Lois was blind
to him as CK, which put him in a bind
and tho Superman, she danced with and dined
To Clark himself she remained resigned

In matters of love, Lois thought herself cursed
Of men she felt she attracted the worst
Males she'd decided never to trust
So why should she let Clark Kent be the first?

A shoulder to cry on, he'd always lend
The hole in her heart, he started to mend
When he died and there seemed to be an end
She realised he'd become more than a friend

Lois loves Superman with all her might
Tho now she thinks Clark could be Mr Right
Now she feels this, the future is bright
And for this result all the folcs will fight

Clark should tell her is the cry of some
Others think Lois galactically dumb
Although the truth might make Lois numb
The time for a revelation has come!

Clues she's been given and on comes a light!
This we suspect might lead to a fight
But at least she's been spared a major fright
When he takes off his specs on their wedding night