An Innocent Conversation


Summary: Lois and Clark's trip to the supply closet becomes something more as computer tech talk takes on new meaning.


Clark had felt something ignite inside him when Lois had relented and agreed to go out with him tonight. She had made him promise to not disappear, and asked if he'd be there at 7:00, and 7:01, 7:02…and with each time reference, she had snuggled him closer in her arms. She had no more been talking about time than Clark had been 'thinking' about time while she pressed her body ever closer. He could think of nothing else now, and glanced at her longingly from time to time. He shrugged, and exited his chair, and walked over to her desk.

He put his hand on the back of her chair, and then leaned forward looking at her monitor. Their bodies were close again, but this was no new position of proximity for them. Clark had often crouched over Lois to look at her screen, but this time he did so just to be near her. Lois turned her head, and their faces were mere inches apart. "Just catching up on my e-mail."

Clark smiled. "I'm afraid I'm not very net literate."

"There's nothing to it, Clark, it's easy. I could teach you."

"I'd like that, Lois." He winked at her. "Be gentle."

Lois swallowed. She felt a sudden surge of heat rise from her chest to her face. "Okay, but…I have to…get paper for the printer right now."

"I'll help you. They moved the paper to the top shelf, and the step stool has been missing since the Christmas party."

"Thanks," she said calmly, but felt anything 'but' calm emotionally. She knew her feelings were ridiculous. The conversation had been completely innocent. There was nothing less sensual than computer tech talk. She shrugged off the strange feeling, and entered the storeroom. Even though the light was on, the room remained rather dark due to the grey, overcast sky providing little illumination through the room's one window. She was suddenly aware of Clark next to her, reaching his arms over his head to grasp the paper on the top shelf. She lost herself for a moment looking at his chest, and catching a fleeting whiff of his freshly laundered shirt. She had not noticed how lost in thought she was until a loud clap of thunder made her reflexively throw her arms around him.

Clark left the paper on the shelf, and brought his arms down around her. "It's just thunder."

Lois put her hands on his chest to create some space between them. "I know. I'm really embarrassed. I was afraid of thunder as a little girl."

Clark moved his face closer to hers. "There is a lot of power in a thunder storm." He brushed her lips with his.

She smiled nervously. "Yes, there is. My modem clicks every time the lightning flashes."

"You should turn your computer off during electrical storms, Lois."

"I have a surge protector."

Clark slid his cheek down hers until his lips were next to her ear. "It's very wise to practice safe computing."

Lois swallowed hard. "Yes, I wouldn't want my computer to get into any trouble."

Clark pulled her soft, pink earlobe into his mouth, and released it slowly. "Very commendable, Lois."

Lois felt goose bumps trail down the left side of her body. "You'd probably like the Internet Relay Chat. You can chat about everything from the silly and inane, to the—"

"Deep and penetrating?"

"Well," Lois cleared her throat. "I was going to say…stimulating." Clark nuzzled her neck. Lois gasped. "Oh, God!"

"Something wrong, Lois?"

"No, I just, um, realized you probably don't have a place to sign on."

"I guess not. I suppose that makes me a…what do they call it? A cyber virgin?"

Lois wanted to laugh for some reason, but did not. "It's easy, Clark. I have a feeling you'll be a natural."

"Only with you teaching me the ins and outs."

"You can use my site to sign on, but it's very sensitive. If you don't get the password just right, you can't get in."

"I'll be thorough." He pulled her in closer. "Give me your password, Lois." This little fable was brought to you by