By Sandra Wampler (sandy@bigbin.biochem.uga.edu)

Summary: Lois and Clark have a romantic rendezvous in a cabin.

[This is just a simple little story that I hope encompasses the love of two of our favorite fictional characters. Written upon request of a number of people I dedicate it especially to Lina, Mark and Rhen (as a late birthday present), and thanks to Debbie K. for reading the rough drafts with too many typos It's the second fanfic piece I've written but the first posted. Feel free to let me know what you think but be gentle. I hope you all enjoy it. Standard disclaimers apply. Characters used without permission of creators.]


The breeze that night whispered across the enchanted nook like silk against soft flesh. The full luminescence of the moon cast a keen glow on the small dock that reached out toward the center of the pond. On the porch of a quaint cabin at the edge of the pond, a young woman looked out into the night sky. Her wistful expression melted into a comfortable relaxation as she stood and started walking down the path to the pond. Upon her approach, a magnificent black swan shattered the crystalline-like water and flew to the safety of nearby woods. The shimmering circles it had made looked so inviting.

Slipping off her shoes, she glanced once more toward the sky and then shed her silk kimono, letting it puddle to her feet. It still amazed her how calm and quiet it was here. The closest town was about 10 minutes away and the farmhouse far enough away from the cabin that she could relax, but near enough if she was needed. Taking a deep breath she worked her way down to the water, appearing to almost float. A sigh escaped from her lips as the enticing warmth enveloped her in its gentle grasp. Already she felt lighter and relaxed.

Once she had lowered herself all the way in, she walked a bit away from the dock and then leaned back-- completely submerging herself. She glided across the pond several times, cutting even strokes that left her feeling a bit tired yet very invigorated. As she was nearing the dock the final time, she felt a warm breeze caress her face. She looked up hopefully, but her face fell when she didn't see anything. So she floated back up to the dock and got out. Retrieving her robe she walked leisurely back to the cabin and through the open front door.

The orange glow coming from the fireplace cast dancing shadows on the walls of the main room. She had to stoke up the fire just a bit after she poured a cup of hot cocoa. Fluffing up one of the large over- stuffed pillows, she casually leaned back against it only slightly knowledgeable of the seductive picture she made. Her dark auburn hair fell in silken tendrils on the plush pillow. Firelight cast a healthy and seductive radiance on her damp skin. The kimono was only loosely wrapped around her firm curves. She stared into the fire for several minutes before she realized someone had been watching her, but when she turned her head to look all she saw was the figure retreating outside. Smiling to herself, she stood and glanced out the window to see him diving into the pond for his own quick swim. A very quick one at that. She chuckled softly and returned to make him a cup of cocoa.

She stood in the doorway with the cup and watched him. He had not bothered to take a robe down to the dock with him and she marveled at his very impressive and utterly masculine physique. She traced every inch of him with her gaze: The firm calves and thighs, the taunt and incredibly attractive rear, the sculptured hips that she, time and time again, loved to caress and that firm inviting chest . Oh now.. This is definitely worth waiting for. He blushed under her scrutiny and glided up to her. Standing in the doorway, he smiled down and retrieved the cup of cocoa, setting it down on the railing of the porch.

She smiled up at him and her knees went weak. That look he always gave her spoke so much. And she mirrored his love in her own eyes.

"Hello, Stranger..." She kissed him slowly, biting his lower lip first and teasing him just a bit before she pressed her entire body against him and devoured his mouth with her kiss.

He groaned inwardly and returned the passion ten-fold. "Hello yourself.."

Picking her up, he took her over in front of the fireplace and gently laid her down on the pillow. Parting her robe, he gazed at her in awe. Never, after all this time, had he yet gotten over his amazement with her. He kissed her again and lost himself in the passion that consumed them. Waves of heat cascaded over their intertwined bodies. The meaning behind becoming one with each other was defined with the passion and tenderness that their love created. Her soft flesh melted against him as they came together and exhausted their pent up desires. Hopes and dreams were realized.

Several hours later, he awakened with her in his arms. She was fast asleep and curled tightly against him. The fire had died down enough so as to only emit just the barest amount of light. He soon realized that they were suspended a few feet in the air and floated down to the floor again. She stirred awake as he adjusted himself a bit more comfortably and it was few seconds before he realized that she still rested about half a foot above him. The indication of this hit him.

She smiled slowly and sleepily down at him. "Happy birthday, my love."

He kissed her again as she floated back to him and snuggled down to sleep a few more hours before they had to return home.


The next morning they returned to the farmhouse. They took their time casually walking the two miles back-- . discussing the future and just enjoying each other's company before having to return to the real world again and the hectic schedule of being part of one of the most prominent newspapers in the country.

They were met at the farmhouse by an elderly couple sitting on the porch. A young child of about two years with dark wavy hair and a sunny smile darted down the steps and into his father's arms.

"Hey, slugger!"

Martha followed her grandson to the yard and gave Lois a quick hug.

"So dear, did you tell him?" she beamed, knowing the answer already.

Clark grinned at his mom and winked at Lois.

"Mom, let's just say she 'gave it away'"

"Oh honey!" Martha wrapped him and her grandchild in her arms and hugged them-- enjoying the knowledge that their little family was about to expand, and that her son finally had what he'd always dreamed of.

Clark surveyed his family and considered how very lucky he was: His father, with an arm around Lois, discussing a recent book that she had given him, his mom now playing with his son, and his wife gazing over his dad's head and telling him "I love you" in a way that only he could hear.

Yes, this is the best birthday a man could have.