By M2 (Michele Garnier & Michelle Puthoff, Bizarra@aol.com & Keina@aol.com)

Summary: A sizzling little story in which Lois dances around her apartment in her nightgown, then realizes she has an audience.

Here is a collaboration with myself and a friend of mine. I hope everyone enjoys it! (Let us know! :-)

Anyway…without further ado…Here is Dancing…:-)


Lois came into her apartment, threw her purse onto the floor next to the door, fed her fish, and sank into her favorite chair with a sigh. *God what a day.*

She mentally went over the few events of the day. Sitting in Perry's office this afternoon, talking about that stupid story she worked so hard on today, only to have it canceled two seconds before print.

And to top it all off, she knew she wouldn't see Clark tonight because he was just as exhausted as she was. If you could call three ribbon cutting ceremonies as Superman exhausting.

Lois sighed again loudly, kicked her shoes off and decided that tonight would be a good night to pamper herself. She remembered that gift that Lucy had sent her from Europe. An aromatic milk bath guaranteed to relieve stress. *Perfect.*

She stood up, made sure the door was locked and walked into the bathroom to fill the tub. She dribbled the milk bath into the slowly filling tub. *Mmmm, this is going to be great!*

Getting an idea, she walked into the kitchen and poured herself a generous glass of wine. She started to leave the kitchen, but had another thought. Turning, she grabbed the whole bottle of wine and then left the kitchen.

Returning to the bathroom, she set the wine aside. Lois removed her clothes and sank into the tub. She picked up the glass and settled in for a nice relaxing bath. She grabbed the romance novel that she had been reading, and started where she had left off.

She drank the wine, read, and relaxed. After drinking two glasses of wine, and starting to picture Clark in the love scenes of the book, she decided that it was time to get out of the bath. She got out, toweled off and threw on her grey silk gown.

Suddenly craving chocolate, Lois wandered toward the refrigerator. En route she stopped at her CD player thinking music would be good. She scanned the CDs with her finger, grabbing the one her finger randomly stopped on. Madonna's Greatest Hits. *Haven't heard this in ages.* She popped in the disc and hit the random play button.

"Material Girl" started and Lois danced her way into the kitchen. She opened the freezer and grabbed a tub of ice cream. It was a flavor Clark surprised her with the other day. Chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough. She grabbed a loose piece of it and put it into her mouth. *Mmmmmm, I knew there was a reason I loved that man.*

She sat, tapping her feet to the music, and lost herself in the ice cream. Thoughts of Clark began to swim in her conscience, and she sighed.

And You Can Dance
For Inspiration
Come On, Come On

With the start of "Into the Grove", Lois felt an undeniable urge to dance. As she grabbed the ice cream container and spoon, she danced her way into the living room. The music seemed to take over her body.

Get Into the Groove
Boy You've Got To Prove
Your Love to Me

Lois smiled at the those lyrics. Clark certainly *had* proved his love to her. First, by telling her his most important secret, that he was Superman. The second time had been when they made love.

Lois noticed that her hands were getting a little cold. Without missing a beat, she set the ice cream down on the coffee table and continued her dancing around the room. She swayed sensually to the back beat of the song.

Only When I'm Dancing
Can I Feel This Free
At Night I Lock The Doors
Where No One Can See
I'm Tired Of Dancing Here
All By Myself
Tonight I Want To Dance
With Someone Else

Lois sighed; she really wished Clark was here to dance with her. She remembered the other times he and she had danced together. The first time had been on the first day she met him. She had needed a date for Lex Luthor's Ball and well he was conveniently free. She had been furious with him for cutting in on her and Lex. She was just about to score the exclusive interview she had spent months working on. Now, all she could do was laugh at the look on Clark's face when she had screeched at him.

When I Get To Know You
In A Special Way
This Doesn't Happen To Me
Every Day
Don't Try To Hide It
Love Wears No Disguise
I See The Fire Burning
In Your Eyes

The second time they had danced was at the Church benefit, where Mayson Drake had cut in on them. She had been disappointed as she watched Clark and Mayson dancing and laughing together. Perry had saved her "I dip suddenly and I dip low." Lois giggled to herself. Later that night, Superman *Clark, only she hadn't known it at the time* had flown into her apartment. She was listening to "Fly Me To The Moon" and she had asked him to dance. He had shown her what dancing was really like. He lifted both of them off the ground, and even used his superbreath to close the window, to give them more privacy.

Live Out Your Fantasy
Here With Me
Just Let The Music
Set You Free
Touch My Body And
Move In Time
Now I Know You're Mine

Lois lifted her arms above her head and sensually ran her hand down her arm, swaying to the beat. Slowly her mind spun deeper into thoughts of Clark. As she swayed, the song changed to "Crazy For You".

Lois moved with the changing beat of the music. She hugged herself with her arms, the slow rhythm moving through her body.

Swaying On As The Music Starts
Strangers Making The Most Of The Dark
Two By Two Their Bodies Become One.
I See You Through The Smokey Air
Can't You Feel The Weight Of My Stare
You're So Close But Still A World Away
What I'm Dying To Say
Is That I'm Crazy For You

Suddenly, with her heart, Lois knew he was there. She turned slowly and he stood on the window ledge, his cape gently blowing in the night breeze. They stood watching each other, Lois still swaying to the music. She danced for him, her eyes never leaving his.

Clark watched Lois dance, desire flooding through him. They have been lovers for several weeks now, but he'd never seen this side of her. He wanted to touch her, but didn't want to break the spell, so he stayed on the window ledge watching.

Trying Hard To Control My Heart
I Walk Over To Where You Are
Lois reached her hand out to him, beckoning him to join her.
Eye To Eye
We Need No Words At All

Wordlessly, Clark moved into her arms and matched her rhythm naturally.

Slowly Now We Begin To Move
Every Breath I'm Deeper Into You
Soon We Two Are Standing Still In Time
If You Read My Mind
You'll See I'm Crazy For You

Lois moved her hand over his back, beneath his cape and lay her head on his shoulder as they swayed together with the song.

Clark nuzzled at her neck, inhaling the scent of her still damp hair. He closed his eyes, the power of the moment nearly overtaking him.

The song ended but neither noticed as they still swayed in the sudden silence. Lois lifted her head and looked at his eyes, she smiled and pulled him into a kiss. It started slowly, and deepened as the intoxicating sensuality of the moment overtook them.

Clark broke the kiss and brushed Lois's cheek with his fingers. Lois frowned as he broke out of her embrace until she saw what he was doing. He walked over and picked out a different CD. Lois walked up behind him and slid her arms around his waist as he cued up the song.

You Ask Me If There Will Come A Time
When I Will Grow Tired Of You
Never My love
Never My Love
You Wonder If This Heart Of Mine
Will Ever Lose It's Desire For You
Never My Love
Never My Love

Tears sprang to Lois's eyes as the lyrics of the song impressed themselves on her brain. Clark turned to her and gently brushed the tears away with a kiss. He moved the kiss down to her lips while they began to dance to the music again. This time, he levitated above the floor holding her tightly against him.

You Are So Beautiful
To Me
You Are So Beautiful
To Me
Can't You See
You Are Everything I Hoped For
You're Everything I Need
You Are So Beautiful
To Me

Clark explored Lois's face as the song played. Lois blushed at the intensity of his gaze. He rained gentle kisses over her face. As the song ended, he pulled Lois tightly into his arms, holding her as to imprint the sensation into his very soul.

As the next song started, Clark lowered them to the floor, swept Lois up and carried her to the bedroom.

I Want To Know What Love Is
I Want You To Show Me
I Want To Feel What Love Is
I Know You Can Show Me