Short Revelation

By Katie Green []

Summary: Truth in advertising … a very short, and funny, revelation piece.


Imagine for a moment that Lois and Clark are dating. But Lois doesn't knowcthat Clark is Superman yet. Lois falls asleep one evening at Clark'scapartment on the couch while they're watching movies. Clark, not wanting towake her, lets her spend the night there like in The Prankster. However, incthe middle of the night, Clark hears a noise. He wanders into the kitchen, the place where the noise came from, and finds Lois sitting at the kitchenctable.

CLARK: (a little surprised) Lois, what are you doing up?

LOIS: (accusingly) Did you think I wouldn't find out?

Clark's heart starts to beat overtime. Oh no, he thinks. Not now. Not when she's not ready to know.

CLARK: Is this about the fact that I'm Superman?

Lois takes an incredibly long pause.

LOIS: (confused) You ate the last of the Rocky Road.