And Baby makes…

By Debby Stark,

Summary: A short, WAFFy picnic scene with the family Kent.


Scene: Some wilderness area with spectacular views, obviously out in the middle of nowhere, probably in North America


Clark Kent - Dean Cain

Lois Lane Teri Hatcher

Baby Kent-Lane any sweet under 4 year old you've seen recently


Lois: [Carrying Baby in sling] This is the spot, this is where we came last time. It's just wonderful. I never thought I'd love the great outdoors but I love this spot…

Clark: [breathing deeply; he's carrying the picnic basket; he has also carried the two other people] Yes, this is a great place, though I think I like parts of Switzerland better…

Lois: Next time.

Clark: Umm, when we get your suit fixed up… [spreads out blanket] Okay. Give her to me.

Baby: [gurgles]

Lois: No way, I know exactly what you'll do.

Clark: No, I won't, I promise.

Baby: [gurgles]

Lois: Yeah, I bet… [but she hands the baby over anyhow because she needs both hands for other things]

Clark: Hi, doll… Daddy promised he wouldn't, but…

Baby: [gurgles]

Lois: Clark…

Clark: Just once. [Toss] Look at her go!

Baby: [gurgles] "Wheeeeeeeeeee!"

Lois: Clark, go get her, you know she's not good at landing yet.

Clark: She just needs practice and this is the perfect place for it.

Lois: Go get her. Now.

Clark: [pointing toward the horizon] Oh, look! She's making friends with an eagle! I never got to do that when I was little…

Lois: Your parents had no idea — and I can't see her! Clark, if you lose her again I *really* won't forgive you this time!

Clark: All right, all right [takes off]

Lois: [sighs] And they say fatherhood makes men mature…

Clark: [distantly] I heard that…

Lois: [addressing the air] Well, hear this, buddy: if she gets her clothes dirty or torn, *you're* fixing them — *and* you can explain it to your mother!


[Hmm, maybe I should have named this "Neverending Battle"…]