In His Arms

By Cuidadora <>

Rated: G

Submitted: February 2017

Summary: Lois and Clark reflect on what it feels like to have Lois in his arms. And in the process, they each think they’ve discovered the secret of Superman. A very short story without an A plot in two hundred words.

Story Size: 252 words (1Kb as text)

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From the first moment he gathered me in his arms, I felt safe and protected. I knew he’d never drop me, and he’d always try to save me—whether from villains or a broken heart.

Among his first words were: he was a friend, and he’d always be around. He explained much later just how close a friend he was and how often around. His love overwhelmed me when I realized he’d sacrifice himself in either guise to keep me safe.

In his arms I found unconditional love and discovered his secret: that without Clark Kent, there’d be no Superman.


From the first moment I gathered her in my arms, I knew she was different. Instead of seeing me as either an alien threat or a frightening monster, she saw a friend. She actually relaxed in my arms as we flew to the Planet!

While I love her fearlessness, it also scares me. Jumping in without checking the water level has been dangerous too often. Yet, that’s what she did when she loved me... first, as Superman, and later, as Clark.

In her arms I found unconditional love and discovered my secret: that without Lois Lane, there’d be no Superman.