When an Irresistible Force...

By Lynn S. M. [lois_and_clark_fan_at_verizon.net (Replace _at_with@)]

Rated G

Submitted March, 2010

Summary: The vampire Janette plans to dine on a certain Daily Planet reporter. A Lois and Clark/Forever Knight crossover.

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This story replaces the Forever Knight episode The Human Factor as an explanation for Janette’s disappearance from the show. Neither The Human Factor nor Last Knight ever happened. I think the story will prove intelligible even if you have never seen FK.

I do not own anything related to Forever Knight or Lois and Clark, except for the plotline of this story.

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Janette was wiping down the counter when he came in. He said he was in Toronto working on a story for the Daily Planet. She didn’t like reporters — they nosed around where they didn’t belong and then told the world about things they should never have discovered in the first place. Well, to be fair, to say that she didn’t like reporters was not entirely accurate; she did like them for dinner, especially ones who looked as delicious as he did. And since he was away from home, no one would trace his disappearance to her. Perfect! She would feast tonight.

She lured him into the back room with the ploy that she had valuable information for his article, but wished to discuss it with him in private. (Mortals could be so gullible!) Although she would have liked to have played with her food first, she knew that she didn’t have much time before she had to return to the main part of the bar. She therefore dispensed with the niceties. As soon as she closed the door, she let her teeth descend as she moved in for the kill. Faster than humanly possible, she sunk her teeth into his neck — or at least, that is what she had tried to do. What she hadn’t counted on, however, was that skin as hard as steel would stop her dental penetration in a most jarring manner. Before she could even come to terms with the novel experience of having a pair of nasty toothaches, her intended victim, also moving faster than humanly possible, had tied her into a chair using the cord from the telephone. (What manner of being was he?!?) He then left to find a police officer.

While he was gone, she was easily able to break the bonds, pack her possessions, and leave Toronto. A pity, really. She had rather liked Toronto.