A Revelation Poem

By smileyd <D_Smiley1@hotmail.com>

Rated: G

Submitted December 2007

Summary: A poem in which Clark has just saved the day again, but Lois has become suspicious of yet another disappearance and flimsy excuse. Set in Season 1 or 2.


Blaring, Squealing, Siren near, Superman will soon appear. Clark he knows he must escape, Give an excuse, don the cape. Helping, Saving, that's his way, He will stop the crook today. Stand before him, cross his arms, It's the same at all alarms. Crooks they think they'll get away, That their crime is too blase. But for this crime, they will pay, There is no chance of gunplay. Superman, the Man of Steel, Bullets bounce off, it's unreal. Lois appears from somewhere, Takes some notes of this affair. Waits to see how it will end, Knowing her quotes will commend, Everything that could be helped, Before the crook swore and yelped. Superman he saved the day, Then the cops came straightaway. Took the heroes' statement down, Promised they would soon crackdown, On the spree of crime downtown, Could he help with that takedown? Superman promised he would, Doing everything he could. Just before he could take off, He heard Lois fake a cough. Smiled before he turned around, Allowed reporters to surround. Gave them all a great statement, "Crime would not pay on this front. He would watch and stop it all, Crooks would be caught by nightfall. Every time they try to rob, Superman would turn the knob, Of the door behind their backs, Police will tell them to relax, They are behind bars by then, Time to call the bailsman." Lois she wrote all this down, Ready to bring back midtown. Perry waited for her quotes, This would not be a footnote. On the front will be its place, With a picture of the chase. Lois returned to her desk, (Noted her plant looked grotesque). Looked across for her farmboy, Saw him return full of joy. "Why weren't you downtown just now?" "I had to buy my dad a plow." Somehow this did not sound right, Now, she had to start a fight, Get him to tell her the truth, Later she would play the sleuth. Kent was full of mystery, Stories he tells seem wonky. But for now she has to work, Clark could make her go berserk. When she started back to type, He knew she would again gripe. He had to keep her thoughts free, Of things he did when he must flee. Tomorrow was another day, Time to decide to convey, How he felt for her right now, Keep from raising her eyebrow, At the lame excuse he gave, When he had to save the day. Things like that come everyday, So he must make it ok. Tell her all ASAP, That he wasn't so earthly. "Lois...."