The Letter

By smileyd <>


Submitted March 2008

Summary: A vignette in which Clark shares a very special letter.


He folded the letter carefully and slid it back into the yellowing envelope which had been its home now for thirty years. It wasn't necessary to read the pages, not any longer. Its words were committed to memory. If he held the folded sheets to his nose, would her fresh scent still be there? Inhaling the air surrounding the precious packet, he confirmed that, yes, the scent of cucumbers still clung there. Closing his eyes, he remembered.

They had spent many happy years together. As a team, they had won many awards. As a couple, they had been so much in love. People who looked at them together knew without a shadow of a doubt that Clark Kent loved Lois Lane, and Lois Lane loved Clark Kent.

When they learned that they were finally expecting, they were overjoyed. Their joy, however, was overshadowed by the knowledge that, no matter how much they loved each other and their growing family, they would be parted.

With each passing year, Lois aged gracefully, but she still aged. Clark did not. The day would come when Clark would look on the face of a grandchild -- without Lois. Wanting each generation of their family to feel their timeless love, Lois sat down and wrote the letter. Within its pages, she told of the love she felt for her husband, and how together they learned to allow their love to grow stronger with each passing year.

Today, the last grandchild that Lois had witnessed the birth of was to be married. As agreed, Clark visited the bride to share the letter. As on each previous occasion, reading the letter was accompanied by tears. Seeing her Grandfather's tears, she could feel the continuing love. To thank him for sharing this knowledge, she gave his cheek a kiss.


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