Sleep Talking

By JenD <>

Rated: G

Submitted: December 2006

Summary: Even the subconscious can prick through a warped future.


Lois rolled over sleepily and snuggled into her husband's arms. The sunlight shone brightly through the windows, and reluctantly she realized she wasn't going to fall back into blissful sleep anytime soon. As it was, the alarm clock was about to go off anyway, so Lois lay in bed enjoying the feel of her head on the pillows and the piles of covers on top of her, not to mention the warmth of the body next to her.

Beep! Beep! The alarm clock started blaring, and her husband groggily reached over to hit the snooze button. He wasn't ready to get up yet, but Lois knew they had a big day ahead of them. She rubbed his back softly. "Come on, sweetie, you've got to wake up. The big FDA meeting is today."

Clark groaned into the pillows and then rolled over so he could face his wife. "Just a few more minutes," he mumbled holding her closer. She gently caressed his face and kissed him softly. His grogginess started to lift, and Clark cupped Lois' face for another kiss. He couldn't get enough of her no matter what hour of the day it was.

"I guess we have a few minutes … " Lois giggled and pulled the covers over them.


In reality, Clark was having fits in his dreams. Everything was all wrong. "What … no … it's not … " He mumbled through his dreams. Thrashing around, he finally settled down, but the sleep talking continued.

His wife lay in bed next to him staring up at the ceiling; she was exhausted and bored. It was the third night in a row Clark had started talking in his sleep. He should have at least spit out something interesting by now if he was going to keep her up this way. Reluctantly, she poked and rolled him over, hoping he would shut up and stay asleep. But there was no such luck. Clark opened his eyes, confused, still half-asleep and mumbled something unintelligible. He couldn't even remember why he was so upset. Something about an FDA meeting? He didn't even know anyone in the FDA.

"Whazzit?" Clark jumbled with his eyes closed.

"Go back to sleep, you were just dreaming." He heard a mumble accompanied by a yawn. Clark curled back up and rolled over.

"'Night, Mayson."