Reality Check

By ML Thompson <>

Rated: G

Submitted: October 2007

Summary: As Lois prepares for her second wedding to Clark, she gets a little reality check.

This is a fanfic based on the television show, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. No copyright infringement is intended. I'm borrowing these characters for a little fun and not for any profit. For complete disclaimer, go to: .


Lois looked around her apartment one last time. The New Kryptonians were gone. She and Clark were getting married — finally!

All of her things were packed, ready to move into Clark's apartment the moment the 'I dos' were over. It was really going to happen. After all this time, after all these false starts… This time was the real thing. No one and nothing was going to stop them from getting married or her name wasn't Lois Lane!

No, this time, no New Kryptonians or old boyfriends or clones or anything else were going to keep her from marrying Clark. This time, she was determined, when all was said and done she would be married. After all, she had no intention of ever buying another wedding dress.

She heard a knock at the door and turned from her inspection of the room to look through the peephole. Finally! Just this one last detail and she'd be ready to go.

She turned the doorknob, admitting her guest.

"Mr. Tracewski, I'm glad you're here. As you can see…" she said, gesturing at her belongings, "…I'm all packed. So…" She picked up an item lying on the top of one of the boxes and handed it to Mr. Tracewski.

He glanced down at the key in silence for a long minute. "So I assume the deal is the same as the last time?" he asked after a moment.

Anger instantly rose in Lois' chest. This was not like the last time! Or, rather, the last two times! This time was the real thing! This time she really was getting married! And he could just take that key and stick it where… She sighed. "Yeah. Could you hold on to it for me, just in case…?"

"Don't worry. I haven't even bothered to place the ad yet. I'll wait until we find out if this marriage really takes," he said in a reasonable tone of voice — almost as if all of his tenants regularly told him they were getting married and moving out, even went so far as packing all their possessions, only to change their minds at the last minute.

Still, one really had to be realistic in this type of situation. After all, she had been all packed up, ready to move twice before only to find herself begging for her apartment back. And who knew? Maybe the Wedding Destroyer would break out of the asylum or something. At least if things fell apart this time, she wouldn't have to reimburse Mr. Tracewski for the cost of advertising the apartment.