I've Got a Question — A 2006 Fundraiser Story

By Saskia <saskiakooistra333@hotmail.com>

Rated: PG

Submitted: April 2007

Summary: Ever wondered what could have happened if Lois had asked Clark to come over at the end of the episode "Honeymoon in Metropolis"? Well, here's my take on it. A 2006 Fundraiser story.

When I first heard about the ideas for this fundraiser, I immediately wanted to participate. All those hours of pleasure I get from all the sites involved and it's mostly for free. This is my chance to do something back. To help keep the fandom alive.

Originally, I wanted to write a long story, one that's been in my head for a long time. But my muse wasn't so co-operative, nor was the time. So instead, I wrote a short story. It got slightly longer as the deadline approached, and I only finished it in the nick of time, but it's done. And I hope you'll enjoy it. :)

I want to thank Sara, Sorcha and David for brainstorming, beta reading, encouraging, laughing and whining with me. Without them, this wouldn't be finished now. Also, a huge thank you to my GE, your help was invaluable. And of course to all the folcs out there for keeping the fandom alive (and reading this babble <g>). And finally, one big round of applause for the generous people who set up the fundraiser and everyone who participated in it.

Here's to many more years of enjoyment!

I do not own the characters, I've merely borrowed them for some fun. Just as I borrowed from the episode Honeymoon in Metropolis, but now with my preferred ending. :)


Bath. Hot water. Soap. Towel. Robe.

She was sure she had everything she needed to take a nice, long, refreshing and hot bath. Even the phone was within her reach — one did never know when one was in need of a phone and she didn't want to get out of the bath just for that.

So if she was ready, then why did she feel something was missing?

For about the fourth time, she checked everything again. The result was still the same. Whatever she was forgetting, it probably wasn't that important.

Quickly, she undressed and dove into the hot water. Slowly, she felt her muscles start to relax and she laid her head back and closed her eyes. It was a wonderful treat after the last few days.

Not only had she been working for the last few days, she'd been put under a lot of stress and her life had been in mortal danger. But she wasn't here to think about that.

No, Lois Lane was having the night off. She'd earned it. And who would pass on the possibility to spend the evening in the honeymoon suite of the Lexor? She certainly wasn't!

But what could she do all alone in such a big room? Besides having a bath and a good night's sleep, that was.

Memories of the last few nights, when she wasn't alone, crossed her mind.

Clark and her brushing their teeth in the same bathroom.

Clark standing in front of the window.

Clark and her sharing dinner.

Clark kissing her on the bed in the other room.

Just Clark.

What was her partner doing in her mind? She shook her head a few times and the bubbles flew through the bathroom.

Clark was just her partner. Nobody special.

It must be because she'd just spent nearly three days with him. And two nights. They'd been in the suite together. The same suite she was in now. That was it. Nothing more. It wasn't like she really cared about Clark. As long as he was healthy enough to do his work, that was all she cared about. She had to admit he was pretty good at his job. Far better than she'd put him down for when they had first met. He could actually keep up with her *and* he'd proven to be a challenge for her at times.

There was also his talent for writing touchy-feely stories. She had no idea how he did it, but when he wrote something — just anything — he made the story come *alive*. For the first time in her life, Lois felt jealous of another reporter. He could easily become her equal in time. With some proper training, which, of course, she would give.

But enough about Clark. Hadn't she just said she wasn't here to think about him? Right. So with all her might she banned him from her thoughts and furiously tried to think of something else to occupy her mind.


Now that was a subject she could never get enough of.

She was in love with the superhero. He was so strong, so heroic, so gorgeous, so gentle… the way he saved someone. How he talked to people. How he treated people's lives… how generous he was! And how often he had saved her. Miraculously, he always knew just when she was in danger, when she needed saving. And since he'd first shown up, he'd never let her down. He was always there when she needed him. Even to talk…

"Oh, Superman…" Lois let out a heavy sigh.

She let her mind wander back to the last few encounters they'd had. The last one being just the other day, when he'd rescued her from a tidal wave. It had seemed like a piece of a cake for him, as if he hadn't done anything different since he was born. She quickly forgot about that thought as his kiss came to mind. Last week — or had it been two weeks already — when he'd saved Metropolis from the love potion, he'd kissed her. Madly. Passionately. Wildly. Enthusiastically.

And Lois had kissed him back.

It had been wonderful. No, better yet. Magical! It was the best kiss she'd ever had. In her mind, she relived the kiss again. She could almost feel his hand in her hair, the other one against her back, pushing her against him… as if they had a will of their own, her arms moved upward like they were circling around Superman's waist…

… only to come down with a big splash.

Superman wasn't the only one who could kiss like that. Who could make her feel alive, burning inside.

Darn that conscience of hers!

She had to admit, though, Clark *was* an excellent kisser. He'd proved it on a few occasions already, each contact lasting longer. The last time, only mere days ago… A shudder worked its way down her spine. On the very same bed where Clark had kissed her, she would be sleeping tonight.


All of a sudden, Lois realised what it was she was missing.


Her partner at work. Her friend. And maybe more…

More? What did she mean by more? She wasn't interested in him that way; she was in love with Superman!

That tiny voice in the back of her head started to object again.

Okay, so maybe, very maybe, could she be feeling more for Clark Kent, hick from Nowheresville. But what about Superman, then?

Superman was a hero. Her hero. If she really thought about it, there wasn't much chance of a relationship. He'd always be flying off if someone needed his help. And what kind of life would she have with him? In the spotlight, a celebrity because of his status. That would be really bad for her career. How was she supposed to be an investigative reporter if she'd be recognised wherever she went?

No, realistically, Superman was out of bounds. But a girl could dream! And she surely did.

So if she had a crush on Superman and knew it wouldn't lead to anything, where did that put Clark?

Lois laid down in the bath again and let her entire body disappear into the warm water and bubbles. Slowly, she closed her eyes and pulled up a mental image of Clark. Tall, handsome, muscular. Nice body. Deep voice. Beautiful smile. Gorgeous dark brown eyes — they actually reminded her of chocolate; so she could easily drown in them. He even had dark brown hair — okay, so some would say it appeared to be more black — with locks long enough to thread her fingers through.

She let a happy sigh escape her lips. Clark really wasn't so bad after all. She considered him easy on the eyes anyhow, and she couldn't deny there was a certain attraction between them. But aside from his physical appearance, he was a pretty decent guy as well. Always polite, ready to help whomever needed a quick hand, a smile for everyone. On the other hand, he was tough when he needed to be. Also, she loved his sense of humour; he was intelligent and quick with replies. *And* he was a bad liar. He was the only one able to work with her, to withstand her moods and to provide her with a challenge.

Clark Kent wasn't so bad after all. Lois smiled to herself. Maybe she should get to know him a bit better, learn about his past and his ideas for the future… who knew what could happen? At the best, he could become a potential boyfriend. At the worst, it would just strengthen their friendship.

With her mind made up, she reached for the phone and put it in a safe place where it wouldn't fall into the water. Quickly, she dialed his number and waited until he'd answer.

The phone rang. Once…


Three times…

Four times… "Come on, Clark, where are you? Just answer the phone!" Lois muttered to herself.

Just as the phone started its ringing for a fifth time, a male voice said, "Hello?"

"Hey, Clark!"

"Lois, hi. I thought you were having the night off in the Lexor?"

"I was. I mean, I am!" She hurriedly corrected herself.

"Are you all right, Lois?"

"Sure, why wouldn't I be?"

"Well, we're not working, there's no ongoing story… you don't usually call me otherwise."

She frowned. He made it sound like she didn't care about him beyond their partnership. Well, she'd just have to make sure he got the message. But how did she handle that without being too obvious? She didn't do subtlety very well.

"I just thought I'd call a friend and have a nice chat. The place just reminds me of you and…"

She never got a chance to finish that sentence. Clark cut her off.

"I didn't mean that you couldn't call me, Lois. I was just surprised. And of course we can talk. Are you enjoying your stay?"

"Yeah, it's really great here, Clark. The food is nice, they even deliver it to the room! And the bathroom is amazing! I'm relaxing in the bath now, and it feels wonderful."

She heard Clark laugh at the other side of the line.

"What are you laughing at?" she asked with a fake tone of hurt in her voice.

"You, Lois," he managed to say after a few moments. "You seem to forget that we spent a few nights together in that room."

A small blush crept up on her cheeks, and Lois shifted the phone to her other ear. "Oh, right." She paused to think about how to approach the subject without making him suspicious. "But about that, Clark…"


"Well, I just… I was thinking." She hesitated a moment before continuing. "You know how you have a lot of time to consider things when you are alone. Well, I was just doing that in bath here… I realised that…"

"You realised what, Lois?" His gentle voice probed.

"We eh… sort of agreed to take turns on the bed."

An awkward silence followed and she desperately tried to think of what to say next. How to explain her intentions. Which was pretty difficult since even she wasn't too sure about what she was trying to say.

Clark was the first to break the silence. "What are you trying to say?"

He sounded confused. Maybe as confused as she felt.

"I'm not so sure, actually."

"Lois?" His reply was instant. Short. To the point. He was confused, worried and uncertain. All because of her.

All of a sudden, she had an idea that would buy her a little time and help her get her act together in front of him. "Why don't you come over and we'll talk about it?"

Her suggestion was followed by another silence before Clark replied. "Lois, what's going on? Are you sure you're all right?" He actually sounded really worried.

Did he have reason to be worried? Her suggestion wasn't that weird, was it? They spent a lot of time together… heck, they even came to each other's places to discuss work. Or even just after work. Casually. And as she'd said earlier, they had spent some nights together here. So surely Clark wouldn't mind coming to see her here?

Or did he… God, he didn't, did he?

She knew he was attracted to her, maybe even fancied her. He was a man, after all, so why wouldn't he be thinking along those lines? All men thought about sex. All the time, right? Why would Clark be any different?

'Because he was a boy-scout,' a little voice in her head said.

She had to admit that was right. Clark had had a few opportunities to take advantage of her, and so far he hadn't. He was always polite and did the right thing.

But would he think that was what she was after? It could sound like it if you just heard the words. But it was the last thing on her mind! She wasn't ready. It didn't feel appropriate. She just wanted to *talk!*

Suddenly, she remembered Clark was still on the other end. What was it he'd asked again? Oh right…

"I'm fine, Clark. Really." She tried to make it sound like she actually meant it, but her voice was unsteady. She took a deep breath and tried to keep her voice under control. "I was just thinking and wanted to see what you thought about it, but it's easier to explain when I can actually see you, so can you please come over?"

Lois scolded at herself. That didn't sound much better.

His reply came quickly, although the tone of his voice sounded like he was frowning at her. "Of course I'll come over if you want me to. Do you want me to come over right now?"

"Give me half an hour, please."

"Sure, okay, see you then."

"Yeah, see you then…" her voice trailed off and she quickly hung up.

Half an hour to get dressed and think of how to explain her new found feelings… Lois was suddenly sure this was not a good idea after all!


As Clark put the phone back in its cradle, he wondered what Lois wanted to talk about that was so urgent. It was her night off. She was supposed to be relaxing. Something she really needed.

It wasn't work related, that much he knew. She'd sounded too worried, even a bit stressed. And she hadn't once hinted at work, so he could safely rule that one out with his workaholic partner. He was actually still surprised she'd gone back to the hotel for her own benefit. For as long as he'd known her, she hadn't spent time on herself, let herself unwind. Everything was about work, getting the next story, the next scoop and winning that Kerth or even Pulitzer.

So if it wasn't work, then what? What could she want to discuss with Clark Kent, work partner and friend. He regarded her as far more than that. He thought they were best friends. But with Lois, you couldn't really tell what she felt. He didn't even know much about her family or other friends… if she had any.

Maybe something had happened to her parents or Lucy…

For some reason, he couldn't quite finish the puzzle. She hadn't sounded desperate, on the verge of crying. That high pitch of panic simply hadn't been there.

He wracked his brain, but no matter how hard he tried, he just didn't know what the problem could be. All he could do to find out was to go see her.

Clark looked down to see what he was wearing. Black shirt and some boxers. He'd done his ironing earlier and had worn something simple. He had to get changed and then make his way over. Luckily, Superman Express would only take a minute.

What was he supposed to wear? His work trousers were probably a bit too official. Jeans could work, or would that be too casual? After all, he did want to make a good impression on her. One that said, 'look, I'm here for you whatever it is you need.'

He pulled out a pair of brown slacks and searched through his wardrobe for a matching shirt. Quickly, he zipped into it and observed his image in the mirror. Not really the style he was going for. Next, he tried on a pair of khakis with a t-shirt. Still not what he was looking for. For the next five minutes, Clark sped into various outfits, trying to find the right clothes.

In the end, he got the jeans out and tried them on. With his head tilted to the side, he stared at the mirror. That would do. It was casual and looked good on him. Didn't look like he put an effort into it.

As Clark turned around to grab one of the shirts now lying scattered around his bedroom, he noticed just how tight fitting the dark denim trousers actually were. A look at the clock told him he was running out of time now. The jeans were staying on. He grabbed the first shirt he came across and pulled it over his head while looking for his shoes. His hands served as a comb as he put his hair in shape. One final look in the mirror told him he looked good enough.

Wouldn't this actually give the wrong message? He wasn't into fashion and meanings that much, but he was fairly sure that tight clothes meant you wanted to show off your body. And that could lead to all kinds of insinuations.

Clark blushed. There was a big bed in the honeymoon suite. Lois had hinted at it.

No. No way. Not Lois.

No, she probably just had some hair-brained scheme or… something. He wasn't sure what. But whatever it was, it wasn't *that*.

How many times had she told him by now not to fall for him? That she didn't have time for such silly things. That she wasn't attracted to him. That one was obvious to about *everyone.*

Lois Lane had a crush on Superman.

Not Clark Kent.

Not him. Not the *real* him.

He shook his head to get rid of the image. Those were just dreams. He and Lois, together. Fantasies. Not reality. He couldn't afford the false hopes. The hurt that would surely follow afterwards would be too much. He needed Lois in his life. In any way he could have her. If she were just a friend, fine, he'd deal with that.

There would always be that silent hope that one day…

But for now, having her as a friend was good enough. She'd even called him to talk.

The talk!

He'd been standing there, in front of the mirror, thinking. The half hour had nearly passed, and by now he was very curious to know just what Lois had in mind.

A burst of speed and some display of his flying abilities later, Clark was airborne on his way to the Lexor.


Lois heard three sharp and rapid knocks.

Someone was at the door. Who could it…


Had the half hour passed? She hadn't even noticed it was that late already. And she wasn't even ready!

She still wasn't sure what to tell him. She just hoped the right words would come when she needed them. After all, she was a reporter. A pretty darn good one. So she had a way with words. Surely that would be useful in the upcoming conversation.

More importantly, though, was the fact that she hadn't finished getting dressed in that half an hour. She hadn't had much choice on what to wear. All of her clothes were at home, just where they belonged, apart from a pair of jeans and two tops. One was a sloppy one she just loved and which was nice to pull on after getting up. The other one was far nicer, though maybe a bit on the formal side. For Clark, she'd rather wear something different, but she had no choice right now… So jeans and a tight black v-neck shirt would just have to do.

She was applying a thin layer of make-up, and was just working on her hair when she heard the knocks. With the brush in her hand, she made her way over the door all the while trying to pull on her shoes as well.

Lois didn't look where she was going and nearly tripped over the carpet. She barely managed to hold herself standing but the shoes and the brush hit the floor with a thud. She cursed under her breath.

"Lois?" Clark's voice called from the other side of the door.

"Just a second, Clark, I'm coming!"

Stepping inside her shoes, she bent down to tie the laces and grab the brush. She threw it back in the bedroom and pulled her hands through her still damp hair.

It had to do.

It just had to.

It was just… Clark.

That's right, she told herself. Just plain old Clark. Her partner. Her friend. Clark Kent.


He knocked. Three times. Fast.

He couldn't believe he was actually nervous!

Having no idea what was going on, why she wanted to see him, was making him somewhat insecure. He didn't know what to expect. And to make matters worse, he kept seeing that bed in front of his eyes. With Lois on top. In a pose that…


Clark wasn't going to think about that anymore. He was here now and he needed to focus. The door could open any moment now and he was afraid he couldn't control himself if he kept thinking about his daydream.

He wondered what was taking her so long to open the door.

Right then, he heard some noises. As if things were falling. And was that Lois cursing?

Gently, he called out her name. Her reaction came pretty quick. She spoke fast and sounded a bit annoyed.

Was she maybe not ready yet? Should he tell her to take her time? He'd wait and fret? He could just pace up and down the hall until she was ready…

He nearly missed the moment she opened the door and smiled at him. "Hey."

"Hey, yourself."

"Come on in." She stepped aside to let him in.

Inside the room they'd spent several nights together in.

No! Clark forced himself not to think about that. Instead, he focused on Lois.

She looked gorgeous, even in the simple clothes she wore. Jeans that fit her just right and nicely showed her bottom. A shirt that accented her breasts and that added colour to her face.

"Clark?" Her questioning voice cut through his thoughts. He tilted his head so he could look her in the eye. She looked puzzled.

"Yes, Lois?"

"Is something wrong? Is there a stain on my shirt or something?"

"What?" What was she talking about?

And then it hit him.

He'd been staring at her. At her body. Her fantastic body, nonetheless.

"No, everything's just fine," he hurried to assure her. And just to change the subject, he asked, "What did you want to talk about?"

Immediately, a look of panic came into her eyes. She blinked, and it was gone. "How about we get something to drink first, Clark?"

Drinks? At this hour? He was really getting worried now. If she couldn't tell him on the phone, and was now delaying the conversation for just a drink… But to reassure her and give her time, he just went along.

"Sure, I'll have a look in the minibar."

"Thanks, Clark."

He strolled over and studied the contents of the small fridge. Hardly any soda, some liquor and beer and a bottle of white wine. Wine it was then.

"There's a bottle of 1992 Kendall Jackson Reisling," he told her.

"That's fine." She'd moved to stand beside him. "I'll just grab the glasses…"

"Sure." He tried to ease her a bit with one of his smiles. She seemed as tense as he felt.

As she walked past him with the glasses, their arms touched briefly. Startled, Lois stared at her arm, before she hurried toward the couch.

What was going on? Last time he'd seen her, there were no problems. No arguments, no unresolved issues, no bickering and not even teasing. Well, not much teasing anyway. They'd been fine, or at least, he'd thought so. Right now, the atmosphere was really tense and no matter how he tried, he couldn't explain it.

Okay, so he did know what all this was about. Lois wanted to see him. Talk to him. What about, he didn't know, but that was the main reason he was here.

Quickly, he opened the bottle. He looked up again to see Lois sitting on settee, with her back to him. She'd pulled her legs up to her chest, had her arms around her legs and her head rested on top of her knees.

She looked… alone. Worried. Sad, actually.

Something had to be seriously wrong!

Was she ill? Were her parents hurt? Was someone trying to kill her again?

Too many reasons, all too painful to ponder.

There was only one way to find out what was wrong. Taking the bottle with him, he strode over to Lois. He poured some wine in the glasses and then turned to the lonely bundle on the couch.

She didn't even look at him.

Gently, he put an arm around her shoulders while kneeling beside her. Still no reaction from her.

"Lois?" he asked worriedly.

That seemed to do the trick. She started to relax in his arms and return his hug. After a while, Clark carefully pulled back a bit. "What's wrong, Lois?"


He was asking what was wrong.

Well, what wasn't wrong?

Everything seemed to slip out of her control! Especially herself.

Just look at her. A quivering wreck. She'd been so nervous, that she didn't know how to act around him. Instead, she sought relief in Clark's welcoming arms.

Which was weird.

Clark was the reason she was upset.

Yet he could console her?

At the same time?

Just a few minutes ago, she'd been standing next to him, scared that when their skins briefly touched it got really hot. It had felt alive. And now that she was thinking about him as maybe more than a friend, she felt awkward around him. Embarrassed.

What would he think?

How would he react?

She'd never have thought it, but fierce, stubborn big-mouthed Lois Lane was somewhat shy and lost for words.

It was obvious to her now that her feelings for Clark really ran a lot deeper than she'd been telling herself. And now that she'd admitted to it, her body was acting upon it.

Her heart had skipped a beat when she'd opened the door for him and had seen him standing there, handsomely clad in jeans and a shirt — simple, but oh so attractive. It had taken her a lot of strength to let him in instead of simply continuing to stare at his lovely body.

And, now, she felt safe, cherished in his arms. As if she belonged there.

But knowing so and telling him were two entirely different things.

How could she tell him? That was what scared her the most.

It could all go very well. She'd tell him she loved him and he'd say the same thing…

Wait a minute? Did she just say she *loved* him?

What… she… She knew she had feelings for Clark… and that she could quite possibly fall for him, but to be in love…

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Lois?" Clark again. This time more worried and louder.

She had to start speaking soon. Tell him why she'd invited him over. What was on her mind.

But what if things went all wrong? What if he didn't return the feelings? If that were the case, wouldn't it be far better if she said nothing at all? No hurt feelings, no guilt, and above all, a still solid friendship.

Coward, she scolded at herself. She'd asked him here; she'd dared to go as far as this. She was *Lois Lane.*

She just had to deal with the consequences somehow.

"I'm all right, Clark," she finally managed to squeeze out. Patting at the empty spot next to her, she told him to sit down next to her.

He did as asked, but all the while he kept giving her glances. He really cared about her. As she should have known…

But she wasn't ready yet… the words didn't come…

Delay. She just had to buy a little more time. But how?

Her eye fell on the glasses of wine and she reached over for hers. Carefully, she took a sip. "Hmm, not a bad one at all."


Okay, he didn't buy her delaying tactics. She should have known. And he was quite right. She'd stalled long enough and had made him worry too much. Time for the truth.

She put her glass down again and looked at him.

"Guess I should tell you," she said with a small voice.

"It's okay, Lois. You know you can tell me anything."

He was right. He'd never betrayed her before. She took a deep breath…

"I was just thinking about the time we spent here. About how unfair it was I let you sleep on the couch instead of taking my turn," she started. This was it. Now or never. "And then it occurred to me that you *did* use the bed… while trying to fool the maid."

She glanced at him from under her lashes, trying to see his reaction, but he was silent and kept his expression guarded.

"That kiss. It was really nice. The feeling you created inside me. Clark, I think I feel more for you than friendship." She blurted out the last few words and stared at her suddenly clasped hands. "And I was hoping maybe you'd feel the same…"

Now it was his turn. She had to wait for his reaction. She really hoped she hadn't made a fool of herself.


Clark stared at her incredibly. He wasn't sure he'd heard her right.

He had to be dreaming. Delirious.

How else could he explain what his ears were trying to tell him. There simply was no way Lois felt more for him then friendship. Yet, that was clearly what she'd just stated.

He should be happy. Thrilled. Exhilarated.

It was his wildest dreams come true. Yet his brains refused to believe her words. Her whole story didn't make much sense. She was jumping about, clearly babbling. Usually, she got like that when she was either nervous or excited. Her entire behaviour since she'd opened the door for him indicated she was probably nervous.

Could it be real?

Did she really mean it?

"I… eh… you…" he stuttered. With some more confidence, he tried again, "Do you really mean that?" A note of excitement shone through in his voice.

Lois just nodded and shifted her eyes from her folded hands to his face.

"You're really sure?" he asked again?

"Yes." Her reply came out as a whisper.

Clark was over the moon. He realised he hadn't actually given her a reply. She probably hadn't a clue how he felt about her. The entire newsroom knew, his parents knew, but Lois… no, she hadn't the faintest idea. And now she was waiting for his answer.

Talking was so overrated these days, so he cupped her face between his hands and lowered his lips to hers. Her breathing became more shallow, but she didn't push him away. The remaining distance till their lips actually touched seemed to last forever. It took a moment, but he then felt Lois respond. He deepened the kiss and totally lost himself in her. In the emotions. He was caressing her face. Her hair. Tasting her. Her fingers wound themselves in his hair and she shifted so that her body pressed against his. She let out a soft moan and he answered by kissing her even more fiercely.

After what seemed like hours, but were probably only minutes, they broke apart, breathing heavily.

When they both had caught their breath again, Clark smiled at her. "Guess you know my answer."

"Guess so," she smiled back at him.

They sat together in silence for a while, enjoying their wine and each other's company.

Clark was the first to break the silence. "So tell me, now, what made you realise?"

"I'm not sure exactly, but suddenly I just knew."

"Oh," was all he could say.

"I just hadn't a clue how to tell you. Or how you'd react."

"You had to have known, Lois," he whispered.

"Know what? she asked, puzzled.

"How I feel about you. Have felt since the moment we first met."

Now it was her turn to be shocked.

"I guess I knew… I just never acknowledged it."

"I'm in love with you, Lois Lane."

She smiled at him again before replying. "And I with you, Clark Kent."

He pulled her close to him and bent down to kiss her again.

He was in heaven.