Bugs and Bunny

By coolgirl <coolgirllooc@cooltoad.com>

Rated: PG

Submitted: November, 2007

Summary: Nothing to do with the WB's Looney Tunes!! Just our favorite couple on a camping trip. Can Lois endure spending the night in the wilderness without a bed? Vignette set in Season 4.


"Claaaark!" Lois wailed.

"Yes, honey?" he asked.

"Just because you have a super-skin which is impervious to mosquitoes and what-are-these-bugs-called, doesn't mean that everybody is."

"I know, honey. Just wait a moment. Let me fix this tent up."

"I knew this was a bad idea!" she ranted. "I knew it! 'Come on, Lois! Let's go camping! Bond with nature!'" she mimicked.

"Loissss…why don't you help me by unrolling that mattress? Please?"

"No way, buddy. You either fly me back home right now or kill all these bugs off with your little vision buzz-buzz."

"Why don't you just swat 'em? It would be easier, not to mention, we did agree to be normal, remember?"

"Clark, the last time you wanted to act normal on a camping holiday, we were caught by a crook, remember?" she asked, reminding him of Spencer's Island.

"Okay, what do you want me to do?" he asked, defeated.

"Fly me home, big boy?" she asked, sweetening her tone, buttering him up.

"Uh uh… no way!" he replied, smiling just as sweetly.

"Pleeeease, Claaaark! You know how much I want to be in our bed right now?" she purred, letting him feel her hands sliding down his bare chest.

"Nope!" he said and then gasped as she slid her index finger into his navel. "What are you doing?" he growled.

"Nothing. Just checking how far my finger goes inside." She wiggled her finger, eliciting a louder gasp from him. Then suddenly she kissed him and squeezed the breath out of him.

"Take me home, lover-boy. You wont regret it, I promise." she purred as she licked the outer shell of his ear.

"Aaaah" he groaned. She caught his earlobe with her teeth and nipped at them. His knees buckled, and he sank to the hard ground, taking her with him, cushioning her with his body. She lay draped on top of him.

Lois continued to stroke his chest, gentling her movements until she stopped and placed a kiss on his mouth.

Being with him like this, giving him the greatest pleasure without being hindered by her own pleasure, brought an immense satisfaction to her. He always gave to her, never expecting anything in return. She had wanted to see him uninhibited. She had to agree that there was something primal in the surroundings that made the act even more intimate.

Gently kissing his chest and loving him, she thought that she would give anything in the world for this. She moved upwards to kiss his jaw and then to his mouth when something ran swiftly across their tent to a nearby bush. She sat up, peering at it, when suddenly something soft and furry jumped onto her lap and bounded towards the same bush.

"Clark! There are rabbits around. And they are jumping all over me! You can't expect me to spend the night here — in this wilderness."

"Lois, this is not wilderness. We are just a mile away from Metropolis."

"Is that so? OK then, you can stay here by yourself. I am walking back home to *my* bed. If you do come home, then be sure to make yourself comfortable on the sofa," she said pointedly as she tried to get off him.

Pulling her back down on him, he said, "Truce, Lois! Okay?"

"Okay. What have you got in your mind?" she asked suspiciously.

"Surprise!" Clark closed her eyes with her own hands and said, "No cheating!"

He suddenly spun into his suit and flew back and forth to their brownstone a couple of times.

"Now it's my turn," he whispered into her ear, his husky voice sending a delicious shiver through her body.

When Lois opened her eyes, she was lying on her soft bed with Clark spooned behind her and the satin covers draped over them.

She looked around. They were in their bedroom. But, but… something seemed wrong.

She opened her eyes wider. Their bedroom décor had completely changed. Creepers and vines hung from their window and bushes covered the places where their furniture had been.

At her confused look, Clark said, "You wanted to be in our bedroom. I wanted to be surrounded by nature. This way we both get what we want."

Lois stared at Clark, horrified. Then another cute little bunny peeped out of a bush.

"Eeeeeeeek!" she screamed, as Clark grinned at her.