By Mary Potts aka Queen of the Capes <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: January 2007

Summary: It's the ultimate betrayal — but Superman would never have expected it to come from this source!

This fic is dedicated to Wendy Richards and Julie Stars, whose work can be found on the archive.


Clark stared at the dark-haired woman before him in shock and disbelief. His mouth hung open, but he wasn't even aware of that.

She squirmed under his gaze, and nervously reached her arm up to scratch her neck. "I'm…sorry," was all she managed to say. "I…I know it must hurt, finding out this way…"

Tears filled his eyes. Hurt? That word didn't even begin to scratch the surface of what he was feeling. "How could you?" he spat out, his voice tainted with venom. "After all that—I thought that—I thought we had something special!"

She looked away at that, not meeting his eyes. "Clark," she said at last, "you know how it is… People…people just move on."

He snorted in disgust. "So, I was just another 'notch' for you; is that it?"

She winced and opened her mouth to speak, but he cut her off with a wave of his hand.

"Never mind. Just answer me this: Is he better than me?"

Her furious blush and the way she turned from him gave him all the answer he needed.

Clark groaned in despair.

"Clark…" she said hesitantly. "It's…he's different, actually. He's English. And he's done so many amazing things…"

He held up a hand, unable to bear it anymore. "Please…no more. Just…no more. I can't take it. Go and…" He couldn't even say the word. "Go…do it…for him…if that's what you want." He turned and muttered under his breath, thinking she couldn't hear, but he was wrong.

"It isn't just me," Wendy said indignantly. "Julie's writing Dr. Who fanfic, too."

That final blow was just too much for Clark. He flew away without a word, going straight home to his wife. No matter what happened, at least he knew *Lois* would never betray him.