By LaraMoon <>

Rated: PG13

Submitted: July 2006

Summary: Just when he had his back turned, she'd managed to throw herself right in the middle of trouble. This time would be the last. [WARNING: death fic]

This story is a first for me in several ways:

- It's the very first fanfic I've ever managed to finish, I started it when I found myself stuck on another one (which would qualify as my first one ever). A couple lines that I wanted to include in that one wouldn't fit, but they fit here real nice. :)

- It's also the very first story I've written entirely in English from start to end.

- It's pretty much one of my first 'grown-up' stories, too… I usually write fairy tales. ;)

I hope you like what you read. :) Do let me know if you have, it just may encourage me to finish that "other one". :)

WARNING: This is a death fic…


{*Dead calm — Raining all over me

Too late — Sense of mortality

Dark skies — Threaten to swallow me*}

— "A Crack In The Ice" by Arena (from the album The Visitor)


"Noooooo!" he shouted, helplessly. This couldn't be happening. <Please… No!> It just couldn't!

She had been with him just a second ago. Safe. With him. Just a second ago! It felt like an eternity now…

They'd been arguing over whether or not it was safe to go inside the building. How else would they catch these creeps if they didn't go in? Of course they'd go inside… just as soon as he thought it was safe.

But she didn't want to listen to him. She never did! She was as impulsive and impatient as she was beautiful and she was, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman he'd ever set eyes upon.

"We have to go in! Catch them in the act!" she'd said.

"Yes. But I don't think it's *safe* to enter through there," he'd replied, pointing a finger at the nearest entrance.

"Oh, for crying out loud! What's the worst that could happen?" she'd snapped back, giving him that determined look which he knew meant that the last thing she needed was his protection.

He had tried to convince her that the worst mistake she could ever make was to underestimate these guys. That's how she always managed to get herself in trouble, he knew. He also knew if he'd said that out loud, she might have tried to wring his neck…

"Stay here, just a minute," he'd told her. "Let me check out the back of the building real quick. Then we can decide where to go in from. Ok?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," she had replied, obviously frustrated.

But she hadn't listened and she hadn't stayed put.

He had gotten up and walked towards the other side of the building. That's when she'd gotten up herself and gone to the entrance they'd been arguing over.

The second she had stepped into the warehouse, there had been an explosion.

He turned to run towards the explosion. He tried to get to her; he did everything he possibly could. But time had somehow slowed down and him with it. He saw everything happen in some sick sort of slow motion before he could do anything.

Her body had been thrown about ten feet away from the building. She had hit a pile of wooden crates before landing on the concrete ground.

The scene he arrived at was horrible. His heart almost stopped cold. She was lying there like a rag doll, her limbs twisted into positions that clearly indicated severe injuries.

He dropped to his knees and carefully brought a hand to her face. She was alive, he realized, but just barely.

She looked up at him, her bottom lip quivering. "I… m… sor… ry," she struggled to tell him.

"Shhh," he whispered softly. "Let me get you to a doctor, ok?" He was desperately trying to sound reassuring.

"Is… too… la… te," she replied.

"Don't you die on me," he pleaded, his eyes filling up with tears. "I… need you. I can't make it without you."

"No… cry… fo… me… hav'… be… str…ong," she said, her own eyes threatening to overflow. With her last breath she told him she was sorry.

He looked up above towards the sky in desperation. "Noooooooo!" he screamed again with all his might, tears running from his eyes.

She was gone.

He felt as though his heart was being ripped right out of his chest. His partner, his best friend, had been cruelly taken from him in just one blinding instant. Jena was *dead*. Dan Scardino would never be the same again.


…Gotcha! <evil grin>

You didn't really think that was Lois I was killing off, did you? I couldn't *possibly* do that to Clark!