In the Dark

By Cherry <>

Rated G

Submitted February 2006

Summary: Lois works out Clark's big secret.

Authors Note: This is just a silly little vignette I wrote after LabRat and I had a small conversation about…well, something along these lines of what I've written. And yes, it's based on something that happened to me. ;) Anyway, I just want to say thank-you to LabRat, for so lovingly beta-ing this, and pointing out the small, ah, holes in this little piece. And of course, thank you to all of you who reviewed over at the boards. It means a lot to me. :)

Disclaimer: "Lois & Clark" its characters and concepts belongs to DC Comics and Warner Bros; no infringement of copyright is intended by their use in this work of fiction.


Lois stifled a yawn as she crawled into bed. She'd probably never admit it, but this was possibly her favorite time of the day. The time when she could simply climb into bed, relax and let her mind wander.

She smiled, burying her head deeper into her pillow.

Oh, that Kerth dinner had been something. She'd have to live on carrots for the next year to lose all those extra calories…but it had definitely been worth it. That dessert could have used a bit more chocolate, though.

She'd have to give work a bit more effort next year, though. She couldn't let Clark win those Kerths two years in a row! His ego would inflate to the size of a small state if he did…that man was just so competitive!

She yawned openly, not bothering to stifle it this time. She really should have gone to bed earlier… "Mmm… I wonder what award-winning stories I'll write tomorrow," she mumbled with a giggle. Her brief dance with Superman had left her feeling both giddy and happy.

How wonderful it had been, being held by Superman as they danced. His eyes glowing with that light she both knew and loved…those muscles of his rippling under his suit, how amazing it felt when he tightened his hold on her, if only for a brief second…

She had floated on air — both figuratively and literally — the whole way through their dance.

A Kerth-dinner and a dance with Superman…this really was a night to remember. Although, the thought about eating carrots the rest of the year was a bit depressing.

But that dance with Superman…oh, that did more than make up for it. That really had made her day…for the next couple of weeks.

And those Kerth awards really weren't that small! Clark really must have some kind of squint. All of her awards were large enough to take up half of her bookcase!

Superman had seen her awards. He'd seemed impressed. He'd even commented on her lighting. A soft giggle escaped her lips once again.

<I like the lighting; makes them look…bigger.>

Lois frowned. Even through her sleep bewildered mind, something didn't add up. Something about what Superman had said…

<I like the lighting; makes them look…bigger.> The line repeated itself in her head, over and over again until the words almost didn't make sense to her.

Then it hit her. <I like the lighting; makes them look…bigger.> — Bigger than *what*? He didn't have anything to compare to…

<It's smaller than I thought.> Clark. He had commented about the size. Had he told Superman?

<It's smaller than I thought.>

<I like the lighting; makes them look…bigger.>

Lois gasped as her mind suddenly drew the connection. All those silly excuses, the silly comments…it suddenly all made sense. How blind was she? Her best friend, mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent was Superman.

*Clark is Superman!*

If she hadn't been so tired, she would have bolted out of bed, stomped over to Clark's place and demanded that he explain everything to her.

She yawned widely. She would have to talk this through with Clark tomorrow…but first she needed to make sure that she didn't forget all about this in the morning.

Normally, she would have trusted her memory to remember. After all, she wasn't senile. But the last couple of days had been stressful. Early mornings and late nights, the rush to manage better than Clark and those glasses of wine she had with dinner… Combined with the state of her mind right now…well, it didn't add up to anything she'd trust.

She lifted her head from the pillow with a groan, groping clumsily after the notebook she'd left on her bedside table earlier. She fumbled with the pencil, not bothering with turning on the lights; it wouldn't help her anyway.

She stifled another yawn. She was definitely too tired to write the whole story down…she needed a good keyword. Something obvious and easy to understand.

She ransacked her mind, searching for the perfect keyword. Then it suddenly dawned on her. She scribbled it down with a smile. Boy, wasn't Clark in for a big surprise…!


Lois smiled as she woke up the following morning. She had no idea why she was in such a good mood, but she had a feeling it had something to do with whatever her mind had managed to come up with before she'd fallen asleep the night before…

If only she could remember *what* on earth her mind had conjured up.

She tossed around and glanced at her bedside table. With some luck, she would have written down whatever had occurred to her yesterday.

She gripped the small notebook with a grin and flipped it open, her eyes scanning through the pages until she came to a small note she was certain hadn't been there before.

Her smile faltered.

What. On. Earth?

She stared in confusion at the one single word she'd written.