From the Desk of Mayson Drake

By Richard Frantz Jr. <>

Rated: G

Submitted: October 2006

Summary: This vignette is an alternative take on how Mayson Drake felt about Clark/Superman.


This document was found on Mayson Drake's portable computer following her death. Since it is marked confidential it likely involves a case she was working on, but it is also marked "private" so there is question on whether it should be given to the replacing attorney.

From the Desk of Mayson Drake



List of (possible) witnesses:


Lois Lane

Upside: Has information, seeks information.

Downside: REPORTER. (Pretty much enough said there!) Also, she isn't above bending or even breaking the law. Something of a glory hunter who wants the publicity that comes from the big story. Comes off as abrasive, egotistical, intolerant. Probably limit time on witness stand. Also, irritable, sarcastic, overbearing… just say ETC!

Conclusion: Don't call her if possible. Depose her. Putting her on the stand would be bad. (And I think she'd scare the jury!)


Clark Kent

Upside: Honest. (So honest he'll automatically give away exculpatory evidence.) Once the jury gets to hear him they'll automatically believe him. He's got that open face that shows he's just an ordinary guy who doing his best to answer the questions. That midwest accent makes him seem clean, clear and honest. And…he's handsome; every woman on the jury (and the way things are going these days, probably some of the men) will be drooling over him, and they are going to be hanging on every word.

Downside: He's a reporter…but actually I kind of like him (never thought I'd say that about a reporter). And Darn it! I never date people involved in cases so he's off limits (at least until the case is settled, in what? A couple of years? sigh.)

Conclusion: Call him to the stand even if don't need him! Just calling him will improve the chances of winning the case.

This guy is going to win me the case of the decade and make my career for me! Spend the time to make sure he's really well prepped for court! (note: do lunch; I'm tired of dealing with crooks.)



To heck with upside/downside: Keep him away from the case like the plague!

Unless, I want to spend the rest of my career, and probably my retirement, in appellate court!

(Don't even let him be involved outside court if at all possible!)


1) Can an alien life form be sworn in? [No case law. I checked]

2) He's an illegal alien (illegal and very alien). Maybe a refugee but he still didn't go through immigration.

3) He doesn't believe in following customs laws since he doesn't stop at airports when he goes to other countries.

4) He's a vigilante. He has no police authority, Officer of the Court or even a PI license. (If I thought the other problems weren't too complicated I'd suggest the latter to him, but it'd never fly).

What can I put down for #5? How about: suspected of breaking the laws of physics (thank goodness that's outside my jurisdiction).

Conclusion: Build a Chinese wall. Build more than one. Don't even return his calls. Do not let him be involved in this case or the defense will have an automatic reason for appeal.

Do not involve in this case! (And since he's not involved, even shred all documents that deal exclusively with him).

(Personal note: darn, he's almost as cute as Kent. And he isn't involved in this case… Now keep it that way!)