By Mary Potts <QueenoftheCapes@gmail.com>

Rated PG

Submitted Oct 2006

Summary: Lois says goodbye. A death fic.

Disclaimer: I do not own Lois and Clark. DC Comics owns Superman, and Time-Warner owns the show. I think. Do not sue me, because I'm only writing fanfic for free.


Yes, That's right, Miss Ha-Ha Comedienne wrote a death-fic. Actually, it's a piece I started long ago, but only just now got around to finishing. I also finished another old fic tonight. Maybe now that these two are off my conscience, I can go back to writing new stuff.


Lois solemnly approached the grave and laid the flowers at the base of the tombstone. She ran her fingers over the letters engraved in the cold stone and let out a sob. Even after all this time, the pain hadn't eased any. If anything, it had gotten worse.

"It wasn't supposed to be this way," she whispered. "You weren't suppose to die first! I guess—I guess I just took it for granted that you'd outlive me."

She brushed a tear away. "I can still remember the first time I looked into your eyes, all those years ago. They were so beautiful and brown, just like chocolate. You always looked so sweet and innocent!" Lois choked. He *was* so innocent. Nothing he'd ever seen or witnessed as Superman could dampen his optimism, or his absolute faith in the goodness of humanity. Even at the end—sorrow raked through Lois as she recalled his pale skin, illuminated by that sickly green glow.

Unable to contain herself anymore, Lois began to sob uncontrollably. "Why?" she demanded. "Why did it happen? Why? Why?!"

Lost in tears, she didn't even notice the footsteps behind her. Strong arms enfolded her, and she looked up into her husband's grief-stricken face. "Why?" she asked him. "Why is my son dead?"