Double Fudge Miracle

By Nicole Sullivan <>

Rated: G

Submitted: February, 2006

Summary: It's Chocolate versus Rocky Road. Clark's holding his breath… and forgetting one little fact about the woman he loves.


Clark sighed and looked down. He just stood there—stood still—feeling his heart silently beginning to break.

Sarah had finally run out of steam and Lois just stared at her, eyes squinted. He knew that look. The wheels in her mind were spinning. She was taking it all in.

And so was he.

He knew Lois Lane. She loved excitement. She loved unpredictability and danger. Dangerous men. Rocky road. Speed boats… Capsizing was all right so long as the ride had been exciting. And she was brave and independent. She could survive anything. She could survive capsizing. She'd survived it already a million times over in her life. Danger. She loved danger. She loved excitement. She loved…

But *he* loved her.

All he ever wanted was for her to love him back. Even just half as much.

"Lois? Earth to Lois? Did you hear me?" Sarah said.

Clark looked back up at the scene a little ways away. He should stop listening. It was wrong. An invasion of privacy.

And it could very nearly break him. Completely.

He should stop.

"Yeah, I heard you," Lois said.

Something in his chest ached. So much. Was someone choking him? He felt…

Lois smiled.

Oh god.

"I was just thinking… you haven't been around very long, have you?"

"Not really," Sarah said. "Why?"

Lois opened her top desk drawer. Sarah looked at her, confused.

He was confused.


"You obviously don't know how much I love chocolate. Always have."

She looked at him. Her eyes just somehow found him. She looked surprised to see him standing over where he was standing. But she smiled. She looked back at Sarah.

"Always will."