Remembering the Fallen

By John Hughes <>

Rated: G

Submitted: May 2005

Summary: Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

The characters of Lois, Clark and Superman are not mine nor do I claim rights to them. Each individual license holder for the characters has claim to his or her own copyright. This story is by a fan for fans without profit or reward.

Since this is my first fanfic of any kind, feedback is welcome.


Superman stood before the polished monument. Reaching out, he touched the engraved names and allowed his fingertips to float over the black marble.

A figure in a military dress uniform approached and regarded the hero with solemn curiosity. Standing side by side, neither one spoke, but words at a time like this were not needed and would in fact diminish the moment. After a few quiet seconds, they both turned to regard one another.

With a crisp salute, the soldier paid tribute to a hero who had saved so many lives on a daily basis. Holding out his hand, Superman grasped the soldier's hand in a firm and slow handshake. Gratitude expressed by both.

Heroes come in all forms. From the policemen, firemen and soldiers that save lives and fight for freedom, to the willing ear on the other end of the crisis center telephone line. Remember those that give their all or who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and way of life.