Milk, Toast and Honey

By Cherry <>

Rated: G

Submitted: May 2005

Summary: Ever had one of those days? Don't you wish you had someone like Clark to offer some TLC when you do?

Authors Note:

I really shouldn't listen to music. Especially not while I'm reading L&C fics ­those two together just gets my muse all worked up. I got this idea after hearing "Milk, Toast and Honey" by Roxette on the radio. My poor, poor muse. This fic is set the day after "House of Luthor"

Many thanks to those who reviewed this on the boards <>. If I could, I'd give you a beagle each. And, even more thank yous to LabRat who took the time to do the editing thing. She'd get two beagles. But, I'd take them back if she trys to force the poor dogs in a toaster. ;)

Well, enjoy!

Disclaimer: "Lois & Clark" its characters and concepts belong to DC Comics and Warner Bros; no infringement of copyright is intended by their use in this work of fiction.


The weather was horrible. Grey clouds loomed over the city and the rain was pouring down from the sky like there was no end to it.

Lois sighed as she lay in her bed, carefully peering out from under her blanket, and watched the grey world outside. The world she felt like never returning to. She was safe here, in her bed. Her cocoon. Her bed was warm and comforting, while the world was cold and unforgiving. No, it wasn't something she wanted to return to. Not for a while, anyway.

Instead, she continued to watch the world from her safe cocoon. She looked around her room, desperately trying to ignore the wedding dress she knew would be on the floor. In exactly the same place as she had left it yesterday.

She didn't even want to think of it, how close she really had come to marrying a villain, a murderer. No, a monster. That was what Lex was to her now: the monster of her nightmares. A nightmare which probably would plague her for a very long time. A nightmare which had almost come true.

Lois covered herself with the blanket once again, ignoring the fact that her stomach was rumbling. She simply refused to return from her cocoon.

She let out a slow breath as she tried to relax, but she was both too worked up and hungry to do so; still, she refused to get up.

Suddenly, her doorbell rang. The sharp noise cut through the silence like a knife. Then, there was silence again.

Lois grumbled and buried herself even deeper into her bed. "G'way!" she muttered.

The doorbell rang again. And again. And then it stopped, but the silence didn't last for long. Instead, knockings took its place.

"Lois?" A distant voice called for her. "Lois?"

Clark? Lois head quickly shot up from under her blanket. "Clark?"

A short pause. "Lois? Are you in there?"

She paused for a second. It still was still very tempting to stay in her own safe little world. To pretend to be asleep or not at home… But Clark…

Lois rose, quickly untangling herself from her blanket. "I'm coming," she whispered, even though she knew Clark wouldn't be able to hear her. She quickly grabbed her robe, pulling it on as she went for the door.

She pulled her door open, smiling tiredly at her waiting partner. "Hi, Clark."

He flashed her a quick smile. "Hi, Lois. You look tired."

"Funny, I feel tired."

Clark grinned as he lifted his small plastic bag, slightly. "I brought some breakfast. May I come in?"

Lois moved aside, letting him inside before closing the door after him. "I hope it's those good bagels you usually buy."

"Actually-" He shot her an apologetic smile. "-they were closed today. It's just normal bagels, actually. But I bought some nice jam to go with them. And I got some plain white bread and honey…" He placed the plastic bag on her table. "Coffee with lo-fat milk and artificial sugar." He handed her the mug.

"Thanks, Clark." She sipped her coffee cautiously, warming her cold hands on the warm mug.

"Here," he said, handing her a bagel. "Do you have a toaster lying around somewhere in the kitchen?"

Lois frowned. "Mmm… Yes, I think I do."

"Great. Just wait here a moment, I'll be right back." He collected the white bread and the honey and quickly marched into the kitchen.

Minutes later, he re-entered with a glass of milk and a small plate with warm toast covered with sweet honey. He smiled. "Here. Try some of this. There's nothing better than toast with honey and milk when you've had a bad day. Trust me."

Suddenly, her cocoon burst. "A bad day? More like a monstrous week." She sobbed. "I almost married him, Clark. I almost did. I really thought I had him figured out… I really thought he was a decent man, like Superman. Or even you, Clark." She paused as she sobbed harder. "And then it turns out that he's the worst man I've ever known."

Clark placed the plate and the milk on the table in front of her, before turning to comfort her. "Oh, Lois…" He sighed, hugging her closely. "But you didn't marry him. Even if Perry and Henderson hadn't been there, you had already stopped the wedding. You said so yourself." He smiled weakly. "Hey, don't you want to taste these? I made them especially for you."

Lois smiled sadly. "Oh, Clark. You're just too much, do you know that?" She nibbled on one of the small pieces of toast. It was perhaps a bit too sweet for her taste, but it made her feel better, just like Clark had said.

He flashed her a quick smile. "Milk, toast and honey. The best medicine in the world."

Lois smiled, suddenly realizing that Clark was actually wrong for once. Milk, toast and honey weren't the best medicine in the world for her.

Clark was.