A Matter of Perceptions — A very short Tank evil vignette

By Tank Wilson <tankw1@aol.com>

Rated: G

Submitted: January 2005

Summary: Wells is taken by an unexpected fit of honesty in this "Evil Vignette."


H.G. Wells pulled tight the last knot on the ropes he'd used to tie Tempus tightly to the passenger seat of his time machine.

"There you go, " said Wells as he gave Tempus a firm slap on the head.

Chuckling, Wells turned his attention toward Lois Lane, who was sitting morosely, chin in hand, at the front of the machine. He approached the melancholy miss.

"Hello, hello," Wells said, a friendly chuckle in his voice as he sat in front of the silent reporter. "What's the matter, my dear?"

Lois sighed and threw a quick glance over her shoulder at the bound madman, Tempus. She turned back to Wells. "Ahh, you've been to the future, Mr. Wells, is it true — what Tempus said about me?"

A big smile spread across the face of the little man. "Oh yes! You're as highly revered as any woman in history." A chuckle escaped from his lips.

A sad smile crossed Lois face as she tried to express what she was really thinking. "Oh… no, I — I meant about… being — galactically stupid."

The smile left Well's face, to be replaced by one of fatherly concern. "Oh, that… I'm afraid that is true, Miss Lane. I mean, after all, a pair of glasses and some hair gel?"