The FoLCs Must Be Crazy

By Sara Kraft <>

Rated: G

Submitted July 2005

Summary: The eighth in the series of Crazy FoLC Journal Entries that begins with "Loising a Grip on Reality." Karaoke and Dean? Not a productive combination.

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This is number 8 of 8

Yes, even journal entries should be edited, so thanks to Labrat for GEing this in record time!


Just a short update this time.

So, when I'm not at work or school or online, I'm at the bar with my friends, and singing karaoke. I keep myself amused by singing only songs that remind me of Lois and Clark. <g> It shouldn't, but it amuses me more that this slips under the radar of all my friends.

Well, last night was different. Being a typical bar, the place I frequent has several televisions on in the background. They are usually tuned into ESPN, but sometimes they'll have on some random talk show. Last night, Jimmy Kimmel Live was on, and who was the featured guest?

Dean Cain.

Needless to say, I was a bit distracted. I was thankful it wasn't my turn in the singing rotation, because… well… I would have completely forgotten the words. Yeah, the words are up on the screen, but… there were a few other screens I was concerned with at that moment.

I thought I was in the clear when a new guest came on and it was my turn to sing, but it just so happens that Jimmy Kimmel is one of those hosts who keeps all his guests on until the show's end. So, I was a *bit* distracted while I was singing because they kept showing *his* face.