Weird Life

By Saskia <>

Rated: PG-13

Submitted: September 2004

Summary: What if Lois and Clark suddenly find themselves faced with Lois's double?

This story was written as a response to the 30-minute challenge: bin/boards/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=3;t=000273. The idea was born just before I fell asleep, and written down the next morning, so it's not one of the sanest stories. ;) Before reading, do know there's a happy end. My thanks go to Jose, who encouraged me to both post and send it to the archive.


Life was absolutely weird, of that much Clark was sure. If he just took a look at his own life, he could draw quite a picture to underline that statement.

It had all started the day his real parents had sent him away to Earth so he could survive. He was very grateful for that. But then his powers had started to develop. He was a freak, an alien. Yet no one knew or realized that. If he had anything to do with it, no one would ever come to that conclusion as well. Okay, so the Kents knew. And maybe one day, he would tell Lois.

The other thing that made Clark think life was weird were the recent developments in his life.

A few months ago, he'd declared Lois his love, only to see her run for other men. She'd tried Superman first, but he had refused her then in his bitter feelings and he couldn't start a relationship with anyone at all in his superhero guise. So Lois had turned to Luthor. She'd even come close to marrying him. But she hadn't. She had said no at the altar. She hadn't told him that yet, so he wasn't supposed to know, but Perry had slipped up to him. Besides, Luthor was dead now, although his corpse was missing. In the time span of a year, he had met the woman of his dreams, lost her, got her back and now they were rebuilding their friendship.

Yeah, life was weird, but you wouldn't hear him complain about it.

He had the best job he could think of, got to work with the best woman and life was smiling at him.

Right now, Lois and he were on their way to an interview for their possible next scoop, front page story and Kerth-worthy investigation.

She walked right beside him, telling him all about the interview, what she wanted to know, what she was suspicious of and how he should let her take the lead. Didn't she always have the lead? He didn't mind, not today.

Today, he simply enjoyed the beauty of life.

The beauty of a woman walking beside him.

She was everything he had ever wished for and more. Sure, she had her faults as well, but no one was perfect. That would make life only boring. No, their lives were quite fascinating and he didn't want to change one bit about it. Except maybe to get married, but that was out of the question for now. She didn't love him — he was sure of that ?not in the way he wanted her to, anyway. Maybe one day she would come to see of him as a love interest, but not now. Not after everything that had recently happened recently.

Clark had been so occupied by his thoughts that he hadn't noticed where they were going or what was going on around him. He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw the disaster happening before him.


Lois stood there, inthe middle of the street. At least, that seemed to be his partner with the long dark hair, business suit, high-heeled shoes and the exact same leather shoulder bag standing there.

On a busy street. With traffic. Lots of traffic. And an upcoming truck.

The truck was headed at her!

He just stood there. Watching the tragedy unfold.

The brakes of the truck shrieked as they were hit with full power. But it was too late. The speed too high and the distance too short.

With a loud thud she was hit and went flying through the air to land not far from where Clark was standing. The truck came to stop a second later, so the impact couldn't have been that hard or caused too much damage.

"Lois?" Clark asked incredulous, not believing his own eyes or his own weakness at not rescuing her. What had he done? A feeling of devastation started to rise from the bottom of his stomach.

"Yes?" a voice to his right said.

It sounded like Lois. But how? He saw her lying there!

With a quick snap, he turned his head and his eyes confirmed what his ears had just heard. Lois still stood beside him! She was still there! She was still alive!

Clark didn't think and gave her a hug, right in front of all the people that had gathered at the side of the accident.

Lois briefly returned his hug.

Senses kicked back in, and they both stared at the woman who had been hit by the truck.



"What the…"

"Who is she?" Lois finally managed to say.

"I don't know, but she looks an awful lot like you."

"I'll say!" Lois exclaimed. "But how is that possible? I don't have a twin!"

"Lucy?" Clark offered.

"She's in LA."

"Then who…"

"I don't know, Clark. Maybe a double?"

"Could be, but that still doesn't explain the how."

"True. This sounds like a job for Lane and Kent."

"I agree."

As they both moved closer to get a better look and maybe talk to the woman — she was still alive and just somewhat injured, but nothing life threatening — Clark marvelled at the feelings that had passed through him. Shock at seeing the scene. He hadn't even been able to move and rescue the woman… whoever she might be. It had happened just too fast. Grief and despair at realizing he had lost Lois. Hope at the sound of her voice. And then complete relief and ecstasy at seeing her.

Whatever was going on, Clark had one conclusion.

Life had a lot to offer, but above all, it was weird!


(c) Saskia, August 2004