Firing Squad

By Annette Ciotola <>

Rated: G

Submitted: November, 2004 (Written September, 2004)

Summary: Lois goes to the boardroom!

Thanks to Peanut and W for the title and the quick read … not that they needed much time. <G>


Lois looked from Perry to Jimmy, who sat on his left, to Clark, who sat on Perry's right.

"I'm sorry, Perry, what?"

"I said," he started in that southern drawl of his. "Why should you stay here at the Planet? What is it that you bring to our organization?"

"Perry!! I can't believe you would …"

"Just answer the question, Lois," Clark said. "Think of this as another interview. Why should you be my partner?"

Lois couldn't believe her ears. Was this really happening?

"You know damn well why. I'm the best reporter in this city! All those Kerths …"

Again she was interrupted, this time by Jimmy. "We all know you're only as good as your next story."

Perry stood up. "Look, Lois, if you can't answer the questions, well uh, I'm sorry but I have to say You're Fi …"


"What!?" Lois jerked awake.

"Nothing, honey, just calm down. You were dreaming and from the looks of it, it was a nightmare." Clark started to gently rub her back. "Want to talk about it?"

"No, Clark, that's all right. I'm fine. Just remind me to never watch The Apprentice anymore."

With that, they both settled to get some more sleep.