What Child Is This?

By Emily M. Hanson

Rated G

Submitted: December, 2003

Summary: A response to the Christmas Filk Challenge on the Fanfic Messageboards.

Disclaimers: I don't own any of the characters from Lois & Clark. DC Comics owns the copyright to Superman, as far as I know. Also, I did not write the lyrics to the Christmas carol, "What Child is This." That credit goes to William Chatterton Dix.


What child is this who comes to us
through twilight skies and falling stars?
Whose spaceship shines 'neath bright starlight,
having traveled from afar?

This, this is the child Kal-El,
who escaped death thanks to Jor-El.
His fate is to guard our Earth,
not the Krypton of his birth.

His spaceship lies in a Kansas field
where soon the Kents will find him,
and they will raise him as their son —
thus Clark Kent's tale begins.

Though villains will do their best to win,
Superman won't fail.
The Man of Steel will save the day,
and evil doers will quail.