A Surprise for Lois

By Anna Botsakou <in_love_with_some_1@yahoo.gr>

Rated: PG

Submitted: May 2003

Summary: Clark and the rest of the Daily Planet are organizing a surprise for Lois. There's a special reason why they're doing it…A translation of the story "Una sorpresa para Lois."

Translation from the Spanish language by: Anna Botsakou (me) BR by: Anni the Diva (to whom I owe a big THANK YOU). Another big "thank you" goes to my GE, Paul-Gabriel Wiener, for his endless patience.

This story takes place after the end of the show. Lois and Clark are married, but don't have children. I hope you like it.


Clark woke up very early, at 6 o'clock; one hour earlier than usual. He considered it to be a good sign that the night had passed peacefully, and that he could wake up as early as he wanted to.

Before Lois heard that he was awake, he had to call a few friends. So, he decided not to call from the bedroom's telephone, but from the one in the living room. He went down the stairs, approached the phone, picked up the receiver and pressed a few buttons.

"Good morning, Perry, how are you? … Me too. … Yeah," he said, looking towards the bedroom, "she's still sleeping. … No, no, I'm calling from the living room. … No, you 're the first one I called. … Yes, of course. I'm going to call Jimmy now. … Will everything be ready? … …No, I don't think so. … Well. … Yeah. … Yeah, yeah. … See you later, Chief."

He replaced the receiver and quickly whispered Jimmy's number to himself. Then, he dialed Jimmy's apartment. "Good morning, Jimmy. … Jimmy, have you forgotten that today is…? … Well, it's already ten after six," he said, looking at his watch, "and we have to have everything prepared before eight. … No, don't say that… I have work to do, too." He grinned, turning his head back towards the bedroom. "… Yes, that's what he said. … Alright. … See you later."

After he hung up, he walked for a while through the living room and then he sat on the sofa, thinking. It wasn't such a special surprise, the one they were preparing. It was only a little something, like the ones they organized on television shows for a main character's birthday. But the reason why they were organizing it… yes, it was something special, something that was worth much more.

Too bad that they hadn't had any better ideas…

«Well, let's see what we're going to do,» he thought.

Everything seemed to be going well, for the moment. After all, the plan was simple, very simple. The only thing that could ruin it would be if Lois suspected something, or if he was unable to guide her. However, those possibilities were… impossible. Maybe Lois knew exactly how to control him, but he knew how to control her, as well. In addition, he knew how to act so that she wouldn't suspect anything.

Then, a thought struck him: «My God, the alarm clock!» He flew quickly and quietly to the bedroom and turned off the red alarm clock, which was on Lois's night stand.

He sighed in relief, but the phone rang.

Clark waved in despair, and, in the blink of an eye, he flew to the living room telephone.

"Hello? … Perry, it's you! Lois is sleeping! … Ah… eh…" He sounded nervous. "Yes, I've told him, but… I'm not sure if he'll be able to come. … Oh, yes, of course … OK, I have to go now and check up on Lois… Well, see you later."

He flew to the bedroom and saw Lois, half asleep, half awake. He bent over her.

"Who was it?" she asked him.

"No one, honey, go back to sleep."

"It's not necessary, I'm not that sleepy anymore," she said teasingly, her eyes still half shut.

"Sleep, honey, we have plenty of time."

"What time is it?"

"Ehm…" He chose not to risk it. "It's five."

"Oh, well…" she said.

After a few moments, she was back to her dreams.

Clark breathed deeply, hoping that she wouldn't wake up again. He went to the bathroom and began to get ready.


At half past seven, he hurried Lois, as if he was worried.

"Lois, honey, wake up. It's already seven thirty."

"What?" she asked, still a bit sleepy.

"It's seven thirty."

"Seven thirty?" She picked up the alarm clock. "Didn't this ring?"

"It rang, but you didn't hear it. Get up and get dressed, honey. You have to hurry, or we won't be there in time."

"OK, OK." She got up, opened a drawer and pulled out a bright pink blouse and a gray skirt and suit jacket. She would put them on, but…

"What are these?" Clark asked.

She stared at him, surprised. "What do they look like? A suit and a blouse," she told him, showing him the clothes.

"Gray?" He tried his best to keep her busy, so that she wouldn't have time for breakfast. Besides, she should put on something more festive.

"Gray, why not?" Luckily for Clark, Lois couldn't understand what he was thinking.

"Didn't you wear a gray blouse with gray pants yesterday?"


"And you're going to wear gray again?"

She looked at him again, astonished. "Clark, what's going on with you? What's wrong with the gray suit?"

"It's just that gray's so… sad. Wear something more colourful."

"Clark, you're also wearing a gray suit!"

"I'm a man, Lois. You put on something different."

"Well," she said, a bit annoyed, "you choose whatever you like."

He searched through her clothes and finally picked out a blue suit and a sky blue blouse.

"It's much more beautiful," he said, "and it suits you better."

"As you like it, mister," she told him ironically.

By the time she got dressed and fixed her hair perfectly, (as Clark commanded her to do) it was already five to eight.

"Look at the time! We can't have breakfast!"

"It doesn't matter, honey, we'll have a cup of coffee at the office. Come on, let's go."

"Are you in a hurry?" She looked at him, with a strange smile. Clark had managed to make her suspect that something was going on.

«It doesn't matter,» he thought, «in less than ten minutes we'll be at the office.»

"It's not that I'm in a hurry," he said immediately, "but we're already going to be late."

"Then let's go."


The couple arrived at Daily Planet a few minutes later. During the drive, Clark tried to hide his nervousness, but couldn't keep himself from glancing at the clock many times. Lois looked at him suspiciously many times, wondering silently what the heck was going on.

Finally, they entered the office.

Lois opened her eyes in surprise, while Clark smiled happily.

The office was full of colorful balloons, ribbons and other decorations, and a table was full of various candies, but the most obvious thing was a huge banner:


All the people were staring at the couple with happy smiles on their faces, identical to Clark's.

"Congratulations?" Lois finally managed to ask. "Why?"

"Lois, honey, I think that you have to see something," Clark told her. He went to his desk, while the crowd was congratulating Lois.

"Congratulations, Lois!"

"Our best wishes!"

"You and Clark are very lucky."

"But… why?" she was still wondering.

Clark put his arm around Lois's back, embracing her tenderly. He kissed her and gave her an envelope.

"Congratulations, Mrs. Kent."

Lois opened the envelope and began reading the letter in a low voice.

"Dear Mrs. and Mr. Kent, we would like to inform you that we have the results of Mrs. Kent's test, which is… positive?! Mrs. Kent is pregnant, congratulations?!" she screamed. "Clark!!"

"Yes?" he grinned, holding her more tightly.

"This is wonderful!" She gave him the envelope and the letter, and began dancing, jumping and hugging everyone in the office, saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"…