Superman's Ex-girlfriend

By Mary T. <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: January 2003

Summary: It's a regular day in the life of Lois and Clark Kent…until they find something surprising at work.

This is just a silly story that I wrote while I was working on another story.

As always, I want to thank Saskia, my beta-reader, and my GE for their dedicated work.

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On a sunny summer morning, Lois and Clark Kent walked together towards the Daily Planet building. They were tipsy; once they entered the building they got in the elevator and went up to the newsroom. They got out of the elevator and were already on their way to their respective desks when they when they heard Jimmy calling them.

"Lois, Clark, you have to see this!" he said, excited.

The couple turned around to see the young photographer heading towards them, carrying an edition of the Metropolis Star in his right hand.

"See the entertainment section, here." He gave Lois the newspaper.

Lois calmly opened the newspaper and looked for the section that Jimmy had mentioned. In it was a big article with two photos in the center, one of Superman on his first appearance, carrying her in his arms, and another photo of her with Clark. The headline said:


Superman-Lois Lane-Clark Kent-What a triangle!

By Catherine Grant

"Cat?" she said, angry. "I knew it!"

Clark was intrigued and they read the article instantly.

"The recent speculation on whether Superman was having an affair with the wife of Clark Kent, has led me to investigate his relationship with Lois Lane before her marriage to Clark Kent. Of course we all know that the news turned out to be false because the photo was faked, besides, I always thought that Lois would never cheat on her husband like that. I know because I worked with her at the Daily Planet about three years ago.

"The fact is, I knew Superman when he made his first appearance; he came flying by the window of the newsroom, carrying Lois in his arms. I remember that Lois couldn't stop drooling over him. Lois couldn't stop drooling over him. She could barely speak and who could blame her? I mean, an alien saves you from the claws of certain death and flies away without telling that he is beautiful. That day he looked so noble, so good… and extremely sexy.

"After a few months, when we all were accustomed to Superman's presence in the skies of Metropolis, oh, by the way, did I mention to you, my beloved readers, that it was Lois who gave him his name? I have nothing against that, in fact it's a name that suits him very well. But I have always thought that the small details always count.

"Back to the story; it was Lois who first interviewed him. She always had exclusives on him, and I have information from several witnesses who say that he visited her once in a while, at night, landing on the balcony of her apartment. The visits were short, never lasted more than one hour, I hasten to add for the nasty-minded among you.

"And where does all this take us? Is it that perhaps Superman and Lois Lane were more than just good friends? I would say yes, so here is my theory.

"Everybody knows that Superman is not just any type of person; he has firm moral values, so I do not rule out the possibility that he is old-fashioned. And Lois? Well, too much work and too little personality for my taste. They really had to be a great couple together, but I'm not yet proficient to determine what happened between them that made Lois become Mrs. Kent, and there is the other element of this equation; Clark Kent, her partner."

"When I knew him, he seemed to me to be a shy, smart, sensitive, and terribly attractive man. He grew up in the small town of Smallville, Kansas. There are some people who say that he is Superman's best friend, and he's the one who contacts him in emergencies. Although they have never been seen together, my sources have said that he also visited Clark's apartment.

"If we compare Clark and Superman, you must realize that they have something in common: moral values. One has grown up in a town far away from the great city, and the other one is a superhero. But there is a detail that seems interesting to me, if I were Lois and had to choose, on the one hand I have the Greek ideal of beauty, the perfect one, the unattainable one, although a person who has to save the world most of the time.

"And on the other hand, we have a normal guy, more realistic. So I would say that Lois saw that Superman was impossible, and that he belonged to the world, whereas in Clark she found the person whom she could share everything with. Where does this leaves Superman then? He had to realize that too, although he couldn't leave Lois interposed in his friendship with Clark; thus he had to finish with her for her own good, facilitating things.

"Lois and Clark got married, Superman rejected his own feelings for Lois and thus he and she stayed as good friends, because it was not really a matter of life or death.

"And that way, everything is fine in the world.

"See you next edition!"

Both reporters looked at each other, overwhelmed.

"What do you think?" Jimmy said. It seems very logical to me; the Chief told me that he thinks it's true,"

Lois didn't know what to say, because Cat's reasoning had impressed her.

"Yes, well, we'd better get to work," Clark said, astonished.


That same night, the couple of newlyweds discussed what had happened in the morning.

"You have to visit the Children's Hospital on Wednesday, and there is no doubt that the press will ask you about Cat's article. What are you going to tell them?" Lois said.

"I'm going to tell them that it's true," Clark responded.

"What?!" she exclaimed, distressed.

"I think that it's a good explanation. That way nobody will ever say that Superman is fooling around with women, or there will never be another woman saying that she has his son, much less that he's having an affair with a certain married woman. Because, I have to tell you, although everybody knows that the photos are faked, there are still very skeptical people around."

"Good, then Cat did a favor when she wrote all that," she said.

"Exactly," Clark said, smiling, and he bent his head to hers and kissed her sweetly.


Author's note; the photo where Superman carries Lois in his arms is from the Pilot episode, and the other photo is from the fourth season.