Superman -vs- the VCR

By Emily Matscherz <>

Rated: G

Submitted: January 2002

Summary: A story of how even Superman can't handle everything.

I know that every person has watched the blinking clock and always wondered how to fix it. I know I have, so here is the story I came up with. Short and sweet. All characters a (c) WB stuff…enjoy.


Clark Kent sat in his bachelor pad watching the Metropolis Tigers on his TV. Of course, they were winning. Just then, he heard a voice.

"Superman! Help!"

Knowing what to do, Clark jumped up and spun into Superman.

He flew off to aid the cry for help. He saw the man atop an electrical pole not far from his home. The man had been working on the power lines.

Superman went over and got the man off. He put him on the ground and there was a power line down. Superman picked the power line up, repaired it, and put it back in place.

The man from the pole yelled, "Thanks, Superman!"

Superman went back to his apartment and spun right back into Clark Kent. He sat down to see that his TV had gone off. But the one light in the apartment was on. He looked at his VCR and saw that the clock was blinking twelve. He sighed and went over to fix the time. He pressed the power button to turn it on and then tried making it work. He started pressing buttons but couldn't figure out how to get it to the time mode. He sighed and said, "I wear watches." He then went back to doing his daily routine.

A few weeks later, Lois was over at his apartment, working on a story.

She said, "Clark, has your clock been blinking since the power went out a few weeks ago?"

Clark said, "Yes, I can't." Lois went over and played with the buttons for a few seconds and Clark continued, "…figure out how to work it."

Lois stepped back and said, "Didn't you ask Superman how to do it?"

He said, "I found out that is one of the few things Superman can't do."