Something Unexpected

By Anna Botsakou <>

Rated: G

Submitted: December 2003

Summary: After being sick for three days, Lois receives something beautiful.

Thanks to Anni the Diva and Carol Malo for their help with the vocabulary and grammar, and to Missy for her test-reading.

I hope you all enjoy.



"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Lois, coughing, tried to leave her bed and answer the ringing doorbell. She grabbed a clean napkin from the nightstand, put on her slippers and slowly headed to the door.

"I'm coming!" she repeated. "I'm…" She coughed again, and nearly choked. Finally, she reached the door, unlocked it and opened it.

"Mrs. Lane?" a big basket of flowers asked. Actually, that should be the person holding it - although he was invisible behind it.

"Yes, that's me." She coughed again.

"This is for you."

Lois sneezed. "Excuse me," she said and blew her nose. "Could you leave that over there, please?" She pointed to the coffee table.

Strangely enough, the man saw where she was pointing. He left the basket there, then handed her the clipboard he was holding under his chin for her to sign.

She signed, then remembered the tip. Blowing her nose again, she said, "Wait a minute, I'll be right back."

The man noticed her red eyes and her tired expression. "No, thanks," he said. "Have a nice day." He smiled and left, closing the door behind him.

Lois yawned and stared at the basket. It was very tasteful. Simple, yet casually elegant. Many beautiful flowers - violet, yellow and green colors dominated.

She suddenly felt extremely better. Someone had remembered her? She had been sick for three days and she had only received one phone call from Perry, and that asking her when she'd be back to work.

Maybe that was because she kept insisting that she was fine and she didn't need anything. But, well, they could still ask.

She approached the basket, carefully picked up the small white envelope, took the card from inside it and read it silently.

'Lois, I hope you get well soon. Your friend, Clark.'

She smiled. Of course. Only Clark would do something so sweet.

She yawned again. It was only 10 a.m., but she could use a bit of sleep. So, she would go back to her bed, and maybe she'd dream of. Clark.

She blinked. Clark?

Yes. Clark. Why not.

Yawning once again, she lazily headed to her bed.


—Dedicated to Laura U. for her birthday, December 2003—