The Scrabble Game

By Anna Botsakou <>

Rated: G

Submitted: June 2003

Summary: Lois, Clark and Jimmy are playing Scrabble. Is Clark going to win once again? A fic for the Cameo Challenge.

This story was written in response to the Cameo Challenge over on the Lois and Clark Fanfic Message Boards ( in which the author had to include the nicks or names of FoLCs within the story.

The FoLC nicks I included within the story are: Saskia (plus the name and some features from the Lois and Clark Message Boards <g>)


"And, with this word, I'm the winner!" Clark exclaimed, putting six letters on the Scrabble board.

"Oh, not again." Jimmy grumbled.

"Yes, we're out of letters again, and Clark is the winner again, as usual." Lois murmured, taking a look at the board. "Wait!" she exclaimed, hope shining in her eyes. "What's a *saskia*? There's no such word!"

"Of course there is!" Clark protested. "It's a name."

"In which language?"

"In Dutch."

"And how do we know that?" Jimmy asked passionately. The prospect of beating Clark at Scrabble was awfully tempting. He and Lois had organized a front against him, in a way. And, for the first time in the four months that they had been meeting at Lois's place for pizza or Chinese takeout and Scrabble, Clark seemed about to lose. If he couldn't make a word now, it was Lois's turn and she only needed three points to beat him. And he'd be happy — really happy — if Lois beat Clark.

"I found her posting on an Internet site. Do you want me to find her now?"

"Absolutely!" Lois and Jimmy said at the same time.

Lois stood up and brought her laptop. "I'll do it," she announced, leaving it on the table and not letting Clark even touch it. She opened it, and got connected, while Jimmy and Clark sat behind her, waiting nervously. "So, what do I search for?"

"It's , then "Fanfic Related", then "Excuses for not writing", 5th post."

Lois silently found the site and reached the page Clark told her. When she saw the name, she stared at it, her eyes sparkling in anger. "You shouldn't have suggested that we were allowed to write names!" she scolded Jimmy.

Jimmy's face became sad. He had hoped that this proposal would be a help for him and Lois. "Maybe it's a nickname!" he then said, wishing he was right.

"Yes." Lois turned to Clark raising her eyebrows, full of hope.

"It's not…" Clark murmured, knowing that he had no way of convincing them.

"Lois, what do you think?" Jimmy asked her, and she turned to him. "Maybe we could *let* him win this time," he said, wryly.

"Ok, let's accept his word," she said, and, in a now-I-am-talking-and-you-are-going-to-obey-me tone, she talked to Clark. "You are victorious this time, but from now on, no Dutch, Swedish or Norwegian names are allowed."

"Finnish?" Clark teased his fellows.

"No!" they both said, furiously.

"Ok." he just said, feeling wronged.

Lois and Jimmy, instead, had huge grins on their faces.

"Another round?" Clark proposed.

"Sure!" both Jimmy and Lois replied.

Lois put her laptop on the couch and they all sat around the Scrabble board.