The Scrabble Game II: Lois's Revenge

By Anna Botsakou <>

Rated: G

Submitted: November 2003

Summary: Cheating is not the way to win a Scrabble game, but what about evading the rules? Another game of Scrabble between Lois, Clark and Jimmy and another Cameo fic…

Cameo Challenge is a challenge [from the LNC Fanfic Messageboards] in which we were asked to write stories that included names or nicks of L&C fans. The names used in this fic are Kaethel and Saskia (mention related with the first story).

This story is a sequel to my other story, 'The Scrabble Game'. Reading that first would make much more sense.

Thanks to LabRat for Beta-Reading it.

I hope you all like it. Anna.


Lois stared at the Scrabble board in front of her. It was her turn now, and the outcome of the game would be decided on what she'd do now. Jimmy, whose turn was after hers, had no letters anymore, so the game would stop with her. And she only needed two points to beat Clark — at last. Even the last round hadn't been successful for her, although she had been very close to victory.

Unfortunately, she only had two K's, an A, an E, two L's and an I, and almost no space on the board to write anything.

She looked around the board again, and her eyes suddenly sparkled. She put three letters before and one after the 'the' Jimmy had placed a few rounds ago.

"Kaethel…" Jimmy read, a little puzzled.

"Oh, no," Clark grumbled, making Lois smile evilly.

"What's a kaethel?" Jimmy sheepishly asked.

"It's a name…" Clark murmured.

Jimmy stared at Lois for a moment, then his jaw dropped open. "Hey!" he then yelled, his finger pointing accusingly at her.

"What?" Lois asked, raising her eyebrows. "Nobody said anything about French names!"

Jimmy gave another amazed look at Lois, while Clark had turned around, sighing. That Superman fan club, or whatever it was, surely had a lot of fans around the world. And it should have occurred to him that, even in the little amount of time Lois had spent in it searching for Saskia, she would have managed to keep in her mind one or two names in case of emergency.

He turned back to her, troubled.

"So?" she asked, watching the two men staring at her.

No answer.

"You know, I'm sick of Scrabble," she finally said. "How about some Monopoly instead?"

"Yes," Jimmy accepted the proposal. Clark only nodded.

"All right, then." Lois rose and went to the bedroom to bring the Monopoly.