The Final Answer

By Saskia <>

Rated: G

Submitted: March 2003

Summary: What if Lois put more thought in her answer in the episode "And the Answer Is"? Find out here…

In the middle of a very busy RL, I came up with this. It's short and sweet and it helped me get on track for other stories. I hope you have as much fun reading this, as I had writing it. Comments are appreciated.

Many thanks to my BR's Laswa and Cyad, for helping me out on a very short notice. And thanks to the readers on the MB's and on IRC. And of course a big thank you for my GE, Julie. You're encouragement is very helpful.

All usual disclaimers apply here. This is just meant for fun.


"Lois, will you marry me?"

Lois sat at the brim of the fountain. She was surrounded with water. The rain had completely surprised Clark and her, and she was soaked now. But it didn't matter; she only had eyes for the man in front of her.

A man, her man. Clark. He sat in front of her, on his knees, a ring in his hand. His eyes were directed at her. The insecurity, hope and love shown through them.

He expected an answer from her. But Lois wasn't sure what to say. She liked him a lot and he was — is — her best friend. The best she'd ever had. And he really meant the world to her, there wasn't a thing she wouldn't do for him. She'd proven that today. Lois couldn't stand to see Clark getting hurt.

Her choice had been easy. Superman had frozen her to save Clark's parents. Of course she'd been scared, but it was the only — and right — thing to do.

All of a sudden her words came back to her. < Tell Clark, that I love him. > And she realized she loved him indeed, without a doubt.

But there was something else nagging at her. Staring back into Clark's eyes, she didn't just see Clark, there was also Superman.

Just before Superman had frozen her that afternoon, he had touched her face. In the exact same way Clark had done a few hours earlier.

With all the emotions that ran through her, her brains had still been active and had made the connection. Clark Kent is Superman. Superman is Clark Kent.

So far, she had no idea what this new piece of information meant. Sure, Clark had lied to her from the moment they'd met. But there was nothing she could do about that. The thing that troubled her right now was if she could live with that.

Clark's voice cut through her thought process.

"Lois, are you alright? Maybe it's better if we go back…"

In one moment, Lois made up her mind.

"No, Clark. I owe you an answer."

She gathered all her courage and took a deep breath before continuing.

"There are lots of things we need to discuss. You have been lying to me from the moment we met."


"No, Clark, let me finish. I might change my mind again if you interrupt now. As I said, you've never really told me everything there is to know about you. But there's one thing I'm very positive about. And that thing makes me believe we can survive anything."

She needed a moment before she was able to say the last few words, the scariest ones. While locking eyes with Clark, she grabbed his free hand.

"Clark, I love you. And yes, I'll marry you."

The look in his eyes changed to relief and a big smile lighted up his face. It was all Lois needed to be sure of her sudden decision.

Clark stood up and pulled her up with him. Gently, he put the beautiful shining ring on her finger.

"I love you too, Lois."

Lois started to get a bit impatient now, it was time to do something more concrete to celebrate the fact they were engaged.

So she put her arms around his neck and pulled him towards her. Just before their lips met for a sweet kiss, Lois murmured:

"And I love you, Superman."