And Now It's Our Turn!

By Bob Clark <>

Rated: G

Submitted: February 2003

Summary: It's almost time for Lois and Clark's twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and a family get together is called for to discuss plans and problems in this Next Gen story.

Disclaimers: Most of the characters in this story belong to 'D C Comics'. I only borrowed them to write this story, as I only wrote it for fun.

Author's Notes:

L & C Story Background:

During plans for Lois and Clark's twenty-fifth anniversary, there is some controversy and problems that the Kent family will deal with. Firstly, Lois and Clark have three children. One is a twenty-four-year-old boy, the second is a twenty-two-year-old boy and, lastly, there is a nineteen- year-old girl.

The twenty-four-year-old works in Los Angeles, California, as a reporter for the LA Times. The second son just finished college and is looking for work on the East Coast as a Wall Street geek. The girl has just finished her first year of college and is starting her second year, not sure what she wants to be yet.

Lois and Clark moved to Smallville some ten years ago, after Jonathan died, so that Martha didn't have to be alone in her home town. Lois became editor of the Smallville Post, after working there for only a couple of years.

While Clark ran the farm his dad left him, Lois and Clark built a home at the other end of the property, so as to give Mother Kent privacy. Yet they are near if she needs anything.

The story's about: No. 1 son has a girlfriend he wants to ask to marry him. But how to tell her of the powers the Kents have? After thinking about this problem, Lois suggests holding a family meeting to inform them all about how to handle this small problem they'll encounter at some time.

Past episodes of Lois and Clark will be used as examples. They did some silly stuff some twenty-six years ago, but cute stuff.

The childrens' names are:

#1 (CJ) Clark Jerome Kent Jr.

#2 James (Jimmy) Perry Kent

Their daughter is Laura Elaine Kent.


Saturday, September 4th (Labor Day weekend) 2021 8:30 am

While Clark was out doing the morning farm chores and Lois at work, the three Kent children decided to discuss the upcoming twenty-fifth anniversary. With three very different ideas on what to arrange, it all had to be debated.

CJ just wanted to give them money, to do as they wanted. Jim wanted to pay for a week long 'getaway', so that mom and dad could just get away and relax. Laura, on the other hand, wanted to throw them the biggest party Smallville had ever seen. So, before dad came in on them, they decided to meet at 'Maisies Cafe' around noon.

Clark walked into the kitchen and spotted his children at the table eating breakfast. "Good morning, you sleepy heads! Is everything ok? You all look like you've seen a ghost."

"Everything's fine, Dad. We were just talking about when we were all young and you caught CJ in the barn with Cindy Bains."

Of course it would be Laura to be the first one to speak- up.

"Yeah, that was kind of embarrassing for all three of us," Clark said, as he walked towards the coffee pot for a cup of coffee.

"Yeah, but not as embarrassing as the time I walked in on you and Mom one day, when you thought we were in school. Remember? I had the flu and came home early." CJ just had to chime in with this information.

After they all had a chuckle on that and after turning red, Clark did remember the kids didn't have one hundred per cent Kryptonian blood, so it was easier for them to get sick in their earlier years.

"Yeah, well… Your mom had to go into work for a few hours this morning to tie up some loose ends at the paper. She wants to be home around noon to spend the rest of the weekend with you kids," Clark said with a huge smile.

"But, Dad! We all had plans, to meet our friends in town, to visit, and do whatever," Laura said, knowing Dad couldn't resist her charm. Of course, Laura looked more like her dad than her mom, but she still had her mom's skill of wrapping him around her finger.

"Of course, honey, but she's been looking forward to all of us being together this weekend," Clark stated with a frown.

The boys spoke up in unison. "We'll be home early this afternoon, and then we can all do what Mom wants."

Clark said, "No — no, you guys do have lives of your own. Your mother will just have to wait till you get home to visit with you."

As Jimmy took his dirty dishes over to the sink, he couldn't keep it a secret any longer, and said, "Dad, you know CJ has a girlfriend he's keeping a secret from us?"

"Jimmy!! She's not my 'girlfriend'. I just took her out for dinner a couple of times," CJ shot back at Jimmy with a killing look. Laura just had to ask, "Well, CJ? If she's no secret, why haven't we heard of her yet?"

"Dad…Tell these two 'Monsters' of yours to leave me alone!" CJ said with a huge smile on his face.

"Well, CJ, they do have a point," Clark said as he finished his coffee and headed for the living room.

CJ followed Clark into the living room and sat in the big chair across from him. "Dad, I wanted to ask you something…It does pertain to Toni; she's the woman I've been getting interested in."

Clark could answer only one way. "CJ, your mom and I have told you kids all your lives, you can talk to us about *anything*… Although if this is serious, I'd like your mother to be here too."

"Well, it could be, Dad. I think I'm falling in love with her," CJ said with the look of someone who's just lost their best friend.

"Well that's great! Who is she and where does she work? If she works?" Clark hadn't had this large a grin on his face, since Lois had said 'yes' to his proposal.

"Well, Dad, her name is Toni Stevens. She is a TV weatherperson at the largest station in LA," CJ said with a frown.

"Just what seems to be the problem, son?" After a short pause Clark continued. "Does she even know you're alive?"

CJ stated, "I want her to love me too. But the Kent secret may drive her away. She's not as infatuated with 'Superman' as the rest of the women in California are."

"Oh boy! Son, I got in terrible trouble by not telling your mom right away about myself… I really think we should wait for her before we discuss this subject any more," Clark said as he walked over to the chair CJ was sitting in.



12:35 pm

"Hey, I'm home!" Lois shouted as she entered the kitchen from outside. No one answered her, so she went into the living room, only to find it empty also.

About that time, Clark walked in behind her. "Hi honey." When he saw the sad look on Lois' face he continued, "The kids all went into town to do things with their friends."

"But I thought we all were going to spend this weekend together as a family again," Lois stated with a very sad look on her face.

"Well, we are honey. It just has to wait a little longer. They said they'd be home early this afternoon. And CJ has some great news for you."

"What did he do now?" Lois said with a smile. "He *is* a lot like me, always getting into trouble…ha-ha."

"Well, he does have your knack for that too." Clark continued on, "He does have a very good point to discuss with us though."

"And, pray tell, what is it? Clark, you know I don't like surprises!" Lois snapped at him.

"Well it has to do with a young woman… [there are only three periods in an ellipsis] And I'm not saying another word until he's here to tell you himself."

"Clark Kent! You are a coward! who'd ever think Superman would turn to jelly? Now just tell me or you will regret it later on tonight."

"And this is the reason 'Superman' is jelly. He just can't say NO to his beautiful wife," Clark said, with such love in his eyes that even Lois had to melt a little. "And I love you more each day. You've given me *EVERYTHING* I've ever dreamed about. A lovely home, a great wife and, last of all, three of the best children a parent could ask for."

With that comment, Lois had no choice but to lay a huge kiss on the man *she* loved. "Hey, I love you too."

While in this embrace they didn't hear Laura come in.

"Excuse me! You guys have been married almost twenty-five years, and I still catch you doing this," Laura said shaking her head. "Mom? Will I ever find a man to love me as much as Dad loves you?"

"I'm sure you will, if you look at him quicker than I did your father. I almost missed him because I was too busy running my life."

"You mean you almost overlooked Dad? How could you? He's a 'fox', according to my friends. They always tell me how lucky I am for having you two as parents. But I remind them you two can be awfully strict at times."

"Well, honey, We are only looking out for you guys. And trying to make you good adults anyone would be proud to know," Clark said, beaming with joy.

"Mom, you said quicker than you *did*. What's that mean? Didn't Dad make you lovesick right away?"

"No, honey, he was a 'hick from nowheresville'… So I thought. He did get under my skin at first. I thought he was the same as all the other men in my life," Lois said with love in her eyes and a huge smile. "Just after what he could get from me, with no regard for my feelings."

Clark just had to chime in on that statement. "Laura, your mother didn't trust any man at that time. It took me a *long* while to get her to notice me." Clark had to walk over to Lois and put his arm around her for the next bit of information. "And I'm here to tell you it was worth the wait!"

"Laura, I was the lucky one. He never gave up on me, and when I did realize how much your father meant to me…Well, I couldn't keep my hands off him," Lois said with a chuckle.

"Did you know about Dad's super powers than? Or was it after you guys were married?" Laura thought she'd get some information the boys didn't have.

"Wow!! That's a real sore subject for me. Your father waited till I found out myself. He claimed he was going to tell me, but got interrupted just as he was about to spill the goods." Lois shrugged her shoulders. "Do I believe him? You bet! He has never lied to me since. We never keep *anything* from one another anymore."

About that time the boys came in and hollered in unison, "Hi, mom!!"

CJ said, "We were in town, hanging with our old friends that are left. Not many are here anymore. They all moved away to do bigger things than 'Smallville' can offer."

Jimmy asked, "Hey!! What's for lunch? I'm starved!"

"Your father said you guys were in town for lunch," Lois said, knowing the two boys could eat at any time or all the time.

"NO, we just meant we were going to be in town about that time. Not to eat," CJ said, rubbing his tummy.

"Well, there's some leftover roast in the refrigerator, you can make some sandwiches out of that. And also some chips in the pantry too," Lois said as she headed for the kitchen.

Both boys followed close behind Lois. Jimmy asked, "What were you guys and Laura talking about when we got here?"

"Oh, nothing, son, just some of the silly things your father and I did while we were dating," Lois said while opening the refrigerator.

"And that would be what, Mom?" CJ questioned her, really wanting to know if it had to do with Dad's super powers.

"Why all the concern about your father and me all of a sudden?" Lois was getting nervous now.

"Well, CJ has a small problem, Mom. He's fallen for a girl and is worried about our 'super powers' getting in the way," Jimmy said with a huge smile on his face.

"Thanks, Jimmy, I would have gotten to that later," CJ stated with a frown.

"Oh!! That's what your father was getting at. So…just what do you need to know CJ? I'm an expert on super powers, as far as your father is concerned," Lois continued. "You boys know your father and I would do anything to help you out."

"Mom, her name is Toni Stevens. She's a weatherperson at KLBD in LA. I *think* I'm in love with her. But, she doesn't know I go around saving people all the time." With a heavy heart, CJ unloaded this information.

"Well, CJ, your Dad kept me in the dark for almost two years… And, boy was I ever mad! But I loved him, so I got over it. Sooner than he did. Because I turned down his first marriage proposal, he thought I didn't love him. If she loves you she'll forgive you." Lois had a thought. "Hey! We need to have one of our family meetings, like we used to have. And I'll let all of you know how to handle this problem, so your father and I won't have to go over this subject every year."

About that time, Clark and Laura walked into the kitchen to join the rest of the family. "Hey! What's going on in here? It looks like a morgue in here. CJ, you and Jimmy need to relax more. Like Laura and me," Clark said as he entered the room.

"Mom thinks we need to hold a family meeting to discuss our super powers, and how to explain them to a possible mate," Jimmy stated with a smile.

"Great! When is this huge meeting to take place? Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Lucy will be here in the morning. Not to mention your cousins, Samantha and Jack," Clark said with a questioning look on his face.

That's when Lois spoke up. "We can have one right after dinner tonight. Besides, it shouldn't take too long to go over what our children need to know, honey." With that they all sat down at the kitchen table to eat lunch.


Saturday evening

7:45 pm

After the dirty dishes were put in the dishwasher and the left over B-Q ribs and corn was put away, Lois spoke up. "Well…do you want to hold our meeting in here or the living room?"

They almost all spoke in unison, "In here's ok!!"

Clark started. "Before we get started on what you kids want to discuss, I'd like to make a comment to the boys." As he continued Laura looked surprised, Dad never started family meetings. "First, I'd like to thank you boys for taking over most of the Superman duties so I can spend my time with your Mom and Grandma."

"Hey, Dad, you deserve the break! Plus you took care of the world while we were growing up," CJ stated with his chest sticking out.

Chiming in was Jimmy. "Dad, we only did what you'd have done in our place." With a huge smile he stated, "Mom also deserves to have time with you too. She's the *best*!!"

Lois interrupted this little ego-trip. "Ok, now the niceties are done, we do have a small problem to take care of."

"Mom! I wouldn't call it a 'problem'. Just something we should know how to handle," CJ suggested.

"Well, whatever you want to call it, your father and I can try to explain how to handle this thing," Lois said, shaking her head.

"CJ, you start off by telling your brother and sister what you want to know," Clark stated with a determined look on his face.

"Well, Jimmy, Laura, I asked Dad how I can tell Toni about my 'super powers'…" After a brief time CJ started, "Toni Stevens is a woman I've been dating for a short time, and I'd like to know when and how to tell her about me. Us."

"Now, that's out, let's go to the experiences of your father and me, just to let you know how *not* to handle this." With her determined look Lois continued, "Well, kids…Try to be sure that the person you're about to tell, *loves* you. At least, that they're trustworthy enough that they wouldn't spill our secret to the world.

"Your father held back telling me until I found out on my own! I was so angry at him I could have screamed bloody murder! But, when I finally figured out why he didn't tell me…well, I would have done it the same way," Lois continued.

"Yeah, but you would have told me sooner than I did you. The reason I didn't tell you sooner was mainly because I was afraid of losing you…for lying to you for so long. I knew how you felt about liars…even though this is the only thing I ever lied to you about," Clark said with a sad look on his face.

"Don't look so sad, honey…I did forgive you, a few days after I found out…after talking to Grandma Kent," Lois stated to her *very* interested children.

"Well, CJ, Jimmy and Laura… Try to understand, that not telling everyone you know about our 'super powers' is only being careful and protective of the rest of the family," Clark said with pride in his eyes.

Lois chimed in with, "Yes, but all of you must know, you shouldn't keep this secret from a possible mate. She, or he, will need to know this information to make a very important choice of loving you… And if that person can't love you for what you are, they might not be worthy of your love."

CJ had to ask, "Well…when do you decide to tell this person?"

"When *you* feel they are to be trusted. If you think with your head and your heart, you shouldn't go too wrong," Lois answered.

"Mom, tell us about how you and Dad came to fall in love. I've heard it a couple times, but it brings joy to my heart and warmth to my soul…plus a few laughs in there too," Laura asked. "Plus, it might give us some more information on how to handle our problem."

Lois thought for a short moment than continued, "Let's see, your father had the lamest excuses for leaving me. Right in the middle of a conversation or a thought. Like the time your father was being chased by a reporter. Diana Stride. We were playing chess when he had to leave to return a video tape. Really it was to make a rescue. Right in the middle of me telling him we should just go ahead and date…

"Or, the time your father was pursued by an assistant DA. Mayson Drake. We had a huge fight over that one. In fact, Perry pulled me into his office to talk to me about it. I didn't even realize I was 'in love' with him at that time. But, I just couldn't explain why I was jealous over her. Your father was my *best friend* and I just couldn't see the writing on the wall. He got to me in the smallest ways, I never saw it coming. I fell for your Dad so gradually by the time I realized it, I just couldn't picture life without him."

"Wait a minute!" Clark interrupted. "I didn't know that! Neither Perry or you never told me about that conversation."

"Perry and I never told you everything we'd discuss in his office," Lois said with a gleam in her eyes. "Besides, if you were in the office you could have listened in with your super hearing."

"I only did that once, and you caught me. About the time of that weekend getaway he wanted us to go on."

"Dad! Uncle Perry wanted you two to spend a weekend together, before you were even engaged? I thought he was this straight-laced older man!" Laura said with a surprised look on her face.

"He knew we were meant for each other, way before I did. Your father and I were kind of fighting at that time, over him *not* telling me about his powers. Of course I couldn't tell Perry why we were at each other's throats," Lois answered Laura.

"Did the getaway work?" asked CJ.

"Of course it did, honey. I loved your father. I was just angry at him. In case you haven't noticed, I get upset with him and he just lays back and lets me vent my anger." Lois had to continue, "I love him sooo much, I can't stay angry with him for a very long time. In fact I think the longest I ever was mad at your father was when CJ was sick, as a baby, and he took off to save a jet liner from crashing. After a couple of days, I realized that he saved a couple of hundred people. I'm really proud of the things he, now you, can do. The US and the world are safer places to live now because of all of you."

"So, you see! It's not a good idea to keep a loved one in the dark too long about our powers. Just remember, your family has a lot to lose if the wrong person finds out," Clark said while putting his arm around Lois' shoulder.

Turning to give Clark a kiss from the heart, Lois had one last thing to say. "If you find the right person to marry…it'll last a lifetime. And by all means include that person in your entire life. That means telling them about yourself as soon as you feel comfortable about them knowing our family secret."

"Well, now that that's done," Lois said, looking at all three of their children. "Your father and I have some news for you. Next month is our twenty-fifth anniversary and we are going to renew our vows. We'd love to have all of you here for that. So, what date is ok with all of you? One where everybody can attend?"

Almost falling out of her chair getting up, Laura said, "Mom!! You can't do that to us!!"

"What are you talking about, honey?" Clark said with a look of surprise.

"Well, we might as well tell you now," Jimmy said with a huge smile on his face. "We were planning on a surprise for you two! We haven't worked out all the details yet, but we're working on it."

"We had NO idea you three even knew it was coming. We haven't even talked about our anniversary in years to you guys," Clark said with a look of joy.

"Dad, we know how *romantic* you get towards Mom this time of year…NOT that you're not the rest of the year, But you get more so now." Laura observed, than went on, "Mom, was Dad always the romantic he is now? I've only noticed since I was about seven or eight…before that he was *MY* knight in shining armor.."

"Honey, he tried all that junk on me at first. But, I was too wrapped up in work to even care. Boy! When I did start to notice him, I was flabbergasted at how much he knew about me. I love *him* and everything he has done for me since."

"Well, sweetheart, you make it easy for me to shower you with things, since you're the mother of our great kids. I was incomplete before you. Thank you!" Clark said, while reaching down to kiss Lois on her cheek lightly.

"Enough of this subject…how about, when are we going to meet this Toni?" Lois spoke to CJ with a smile.

"Well, I was going to bring her to your anniversary party. If that's all right? I trust my brother and sister would be on their best behavior? And that's another thing we have to speak about. Let us take care of throwing you a party," CJ said looking at his siblings.

"Ok, Mom, Dad, we went into town to discuss your upcoming twenty-fifth. We don't have all the plans in place just yet, But we're working on it," Laura spoke before either brother could object.

"Laura's right, Mom, Dad, we were in town but got nothing settled as of yet. Let us have a couple of days before you take over from us?" Jimmy asked with a gleam in his eye and a smile on his face.

CJ chimed in with a deal his mom couldn't resist. "Mom, give us thirty-six hours from now to get something in the works. After breakfast, Monday morning, if we don't have a plan, you can tell us what to do for your anniversary and we'll gladly do it."

"You kids don't have to do anything for us. We'd love to just have you around for our celebration. Your mother has been my pillar of strength for all these years. I just want *her* to be happy," Clark said with a gleam in his eyes.

"Ok, 9 am, Monday, your father takes over the twenty-fifth celebration. I think it's getting late and you father and I need our rest. Goodnight, you three," Lois said as she pulled Clark up by the hand to take him to bed.

"Goodnight, Mom and Dad," all three said in unison.


As Lois was putting on her nightgown, she smiled and said to Clark, "Wow! we have some really wonderful kids, don't we? Before you answer that question, hear me out. They really remembered our anniversary. I would have bet money they'd have forgotten it by now."

While lying in bed watching Lois getting ready for bed, his answer to her was, "I think it's because they take after you, honey. You always were a stickler for details. Plus you remember all dates, important or not. Especially the dates I messed up. It only seems fair. They have *my * powers and they have your suave intelligence."

With that, Lois climbed into bed next to her husband and laid a huge wet kiss on him. Then, after a couple minutes, she had to tell him one more time. "Clark, I could *never* love anyone as much as *I have* and do you. Goodnight."

"Night, Lois. You are my soul-mate, plus I couldn't love anyone else as much as I do you, either."