Secrets, Lies and Revelations

By Jose Antonio Chamorro <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: December 2001

Summary: Lois accidentally warps to the future in a Tempus' attack. There, she will meet some interesting people.

I'm back. This is my second story. The characters are more or less the same as in my previous story. Some are older, some are younger. But there's no intention of matching timeline. I've always thought that the globe is underused. In my opinion, it's more than a navigation computer or a really enhanced photo album (This idea will come in another story).

There's no A-plot. I use Tempus for… You'll see when you read the story ;). This time I wrote the story directly in English, so the Spanish version doesn't exist.

Feedback appreciated!

All copyright disclaimers apply.


It was night in Metropolis. Lois had come back from her job. It had been a few months since her failed wedding to Lex. As he liked to say, the third wealthiest man in the world. She had begun to forget Lex until his ex-wife appeared last week.

Ariana Carlin. She had tried to kill Lois and Superman. Arianna blamed Lois and Superman for Lex's death. Lois decided to get rid of these thoughts. She knew she had to forget.

And there was Clark. Her best friend. The engagement with Lex had put their friendship in danger. They had to start again.

Lois was about to change her clothes when she heard somebody calling at the door. She wondered who it would be. She opened the door, asking, "Who's there?"

She didn't see anybody, but suddenly a hand grabbed her mouth. The man pushed her into her apartment as he closed the door. The man was tall, with a beard. He had something in his eyes that frightened her.

"Well, Ms. Lane, I think today I'll have my revenge," the man said.

"Who are you?" Lois asked.

"You can call me Tempus," the man answered. Lois observed the man. In his hand he carried a strange device.

"What's that?" Lois inquired. There was no time for Tempus to answer. Clark had come, and he broke the door to come into the apartment.

Lois felt astonished. <How had he broken the door? >.

"Ah, Mr. Kent. I think you would like to join my party," Tempus joked.

"Let her go," Clark ordered.

"In my opinion, she'll come with me," Tempus replied. At the same time, he was programming the device. The time window opened.

Tempus pushed Lois through the time window and she disappeared. Clark then grabbed Tempus. The time device fell on the floor and the window closed. Clark used his superspeed to tie Tempus up. A new figure stood in front of the door.

"Where is she, Mr. Kent?" the man asked.

"I don't know. She went into the blue light and disappeared," Clark answered.

"We've got a problem," the man, concerned, added.


Lois didn't know where she was. She was in a city. Was it Metropolis? She remembered Clark breaking into her apartment. And then she was here. She stood in an alley. A dark alley. She had spent plenty of time on this kind of street. But now she was really frightened. She felt somebody's presence. Lois realized she wasn't alone in the alley. Terrified, she shouted the only thing she was able. "Help,Superman!"

Out of the blue, she noticed she was flying. "You called, Madam?" Superman said.

"Superman. Thank, God," Lois replied.

"What were you doing in that alley?" Superman asked.

"I don't know. Would you mind carrying me home?" Lois told him.

"Of course not," Superman added.

Lois noticed that Superman wasn't flying to her apartment. "Where are we going?" Lois inquired.

"Home," Superman answered.

They were approaching a residential area. It didn't seem old at night. Superman came down in the garden of one of the houses. Lois thought, <Does Superman live in this house? >. They landed in the garden. Trees surrounded it. Nobody could have seen them landing. Lois slid down from Superman's embrace and she went towards the garden door, with Superman following her. She opened the door and she felt the kitchen light in her eyes. It was a kitchen, a big kitchen indeed. Suddenly, Lois saw that there was somebody in the kitchen. It was a girl. She looked pretty young.

Lois calculated she would be no more than eighteen years old. She was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Her hair was black and she had it cut over the shoulders. Her glasses reminded Lois of somebody, but she couldn't think who it was.

The girl told them, "Oh, you've arrived." After she said this, her look changed as though she had heard something.

"I must leave you," Lois heard behind her, and when she turned back Superman had gone away.

Lois came into the kitchen. The day was getting really weird. The girl looked over her glasses. Lois observed her looking at the door, which probably connected the kitchen with the rest of the house. Lois thought <What's she looking at? I can't see any spot on the door>.

At the same time she said, "I'll make the dinner. It'll be ready after you change your clothes into something more comfortable." As soon as the dark-haired girl finished the sentence, she started moving pretty fast around the kitchen. Lois realized the girl was making the dinner at superspeed!

She barely could see her moving in the kitchen. It was better to keep out of her way. It only took about three minutes before the dinner was ready.

"Okay it's ready," the girl said. Lois was astonished. She couldn't believe what she had seen. Lois came out from her dream when the girl told her, "What are you doing there still? And why are you looking at me as if you had seen a ghost?" Then she heard something and said, "Dad's back."

Lois heard the voices from the room next to the kitchen. She recognized them as kids' voices. A new figure came into the kitchen. Lois saw a man. He was wearing a suit and glasses. "Hi, Dad," the girl said. Lois reacted and made out who he was.

"Clark!" Lois said, running towards him and giving him a hug. Clark was surprised.

Lois felt his hand on her shoulder. It was a strange feeling. She examined his hands and saw the ring. "Clark, you're married!"

"Yes, Lois," Clark answered.

"Wait a minute! She called you Dad," Lois told Clark.

The girl added, "Of course. Why not?"

"But… but before she made the dinner running like Superman," Lois replied, babbling.

"Lois, what do you mean?" Clark asked.

"Oh. I know. Clark, your wife has lied to you. She's not your daughter. She's Superman's daughter. Your wife had an affair with him," Lois exclaimed.

"Honey, what's up?" Clark said, trying to calm Lois.

"She is pretty odd today," the girl said as she got near to Lois. "She looks younger."

Clark observed the woman and asked, "Who are you?"

Lois didn't expect the question. She made up her mind and answered, "I'm Lois Lane. I was born in Metropolis. I'm a reporter. I work for The Daily Planet. You're my partner. Lane & Kent." Lois was about to cry. "Our last story was the problem with Arianna Carlin."

"Wait! Lois, today is…" Clark started the sentence, allowing Lois to answer.

"…September 22nd, 1994."

"Wow! That was twenty-one years ago!" the girl exclaimed.

"What? I was at home. That wicked man attacked me. And the last thing I remember is Clark breaking into my apartment," Lois explained.

Clark stared at her and said calmly, "Somehow, you've traveled in time."

"I think she's taking this very well. At least she isn't yelling at you," the girl said.

"Wait. You don't know her," Clark replied.

"Well, the time travel would explain why you look older, why you're married and why you've got a teen daughter," Lois said and added, "but the time travel doesn't make clear why you're standing there so calmly, when I've just told you that your wife had an affair with Superman and your daughter is faster than a speeding bullet."

"Ah! That reminds me of something. Laura, how many times have I told you that it's better if you don't use your powers when the kids are near?" Clark asked the girl, waiting for an explanation.

"They were watching T.V. And I was listening to them," Laura explained.

"You know!" Lois, amazed, exclaimed.

"Of course, I know. Why wouldn't I?" Clark replied.

"And you don't mind?" Lois inquired.

"Lois, what do you know about Occam's razor?" Laura asked.

"More or less it says that if you have two explanations for an event the simplest one is the correct one," Lois explained to the girl and then stared at her. She stood in front of Clark. Suddenly, she realized "Oh! You're…"

"Yes, Lois," Clark, said, waiting for the end of the sentence.

"You and he are the same person," Lois finished. She couldn't believe he had lied to her. "Those excuses that made no sense," Lois mumbled.

"She doesn't look quite angry," Laura commented.

"Not yet," Clark added.

Lois was thinking of all the things that she had been through since Clark started to work at the Planet. She remembered one especially. "Why didn't you save him?" Lois asked.

"Who?" Laura didn't know whom Lois was talking about. But Clark remembered quite well. It was the only time he couldn't help somebody.

"Luthor and I had a duel on the wedding day. He trapped me in a cage. A cage made of kryptonite bars. I got away, but it was very difficult. When Luthor jumped I tried to start flying but I couldn't. I had spent too much time exposed to the kryptonite." Clark explained.

Lois was speechless. Laura was solemn. Clark hadn't told her that story.

Laura changed her look and said, "Mom has come. Dad, tell her to come in. This is gonna be fun."

Clark poked his head into the other room while Lois wondered who it would be. A woman came in. She was as tall as she was. She had dark, short hair. At first she couldn't see her face.

At the same time she turned to Lois, Laura said, "Ms. Lois Lane, I'd like to introduce Ms. Lois Kent, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Planet."

Lois stood in front of her future version, stunned.

"I will marry you, Clark? But that day after the wedding you told me that you didn't love me," Lois commented.

"That was a white lie," Clark made clear.

The future Lois was as astonished as the younger one. "What's up? Have you asked Mr. Wells to replace me with a younger Lois?" the old Lois commented.

"No, Honey, I think it's an accident. Earlier she was shouting for help. I thought she was you. Actually I didn't notice until she was amazed at how your daughter sometimes makes the dinner," Clark replied.



In the living room…

"CJ, do you think that something serious is happening in the kitchen?" Sally asked curiously.

"Why?" CJ answered.

"Well, when your father arrived, he went into the kitchen pretty fast. And he called your mother as soon as she came in," Sally explained.

"I don't know. Maybe Laura has done something Dad didn't like. She probably made a mess in the kitchen. Or maybe it's something to do with work. They don't like to talk about work with us near. You know, all that bad stuff that reporters find out," Liz explained.

"Oh. It's late. I have to go home," Sally, added, as she looked at her watch.

"I'll go with you," CJ said, as all three of them stood up and walked towards the door. CJ and Sally went out. Liz closed the door and turned back. <Let's see what's up in the kitchen>.

She walked from the front door towards the kitchen door. But she stumbled over the carpet and fell on the crystal table, breaking it. There was a knife on the table. She was lying on the broken glass. And the knife was below her too. <Why don't I feel any pain? > She saw her family coming out of the kitchen.


In the kitchen…

They heard the noise. They were all able to hear it. Something made of glass had broken. Suddenly the old Lois realized. "The table!"

They went to the door and before going into the living room Clark told the young Lois, "Wait here." It wasn't as easy to stop Lois Lane so she peeked from the door to see what was happening in the room.

Lois, Clark and Laura came into the room and saw Liz lying on broken glass. "Liz, Honey, are you ok?" a concerned Lois asked.

"Yes, Mom. I'm okay." She looked angry. "I fell on a knife and plenty of broken glass and I don't have any cuts. My skin is perfect. But my clothes; look! That only means one thing. My skin is impenetrable. And I only know one person who has impenetrable skin. Superman. Mom, you told us you had a crush on him before falling in love with Dad. But I think you have lied to Laura and me. And you have betrayed Dad. You had an affair with Superman after getting married and you had his child. I can't believe it," Liz yelled.

"Dad, this is twice that somebody said that your wife had fun with Superman," Laura joked.

"Yeah. Laura, what do you think she can do?" Clark asked.

"I don't know. Let's try," Laura replied. "Liz, take your glasses off and look at the wall. Concentrate and think you can see through it," Laura ordered her sister.

"What!" Liz replied.

"Do it," Clark said.

The blonde girl began to look at the wall and concentrated. Suddenly she could see in a flash that there was something behind the wall. "Hey, there's a secret compartment," Liz, surprised, said. She went towards the wall and looked for the switch that could open the compartment. She found it and she pushed it. The wall slid. Liz saw five Superman suits and another object. It was a globe. "Krypton," she said firmly. The young Lois had came into the room and was watching how Liz discovered the secret.

"Hold it," Laura told her sister. Liz obeyed and when she held the globe the connection started.


A man appeared. It was Superman. But he wasn't wearing his suit. He was wearing a dark suit with the S on it. He began to speak. "Hello. My name is Kal-El. My real name. The one that my parents Jor-El and Lara gave me when I was born in Krypton. This message means that you've found some of your powers. Yes, you're my daughter. But you have always seen me as Clark Kent." The man started to spin at superspeed and Clark Kent appeared.

Another figure came into view. It was her mother. She spoke: "Your father and I decided not to tell you anything until you had powers. There was the possibility that you wouldn't develop powers, but we would tell you when you were old enough. The secret is a big responsibility. There are people who hate Superman and if they find out the family will be in danger. We'll help you to control and enhance your powers. And now, learn! This is history."

Suddenly Lois & Clark disappeared and Liz began to watch different parts of Clark's life. The destruction of Krypton appeared; the day Jonathan and Martha Kent found the spaceship. His first powers. When Clark became Superman. Lois and Clark first kiss. The day Lois found out. Their wedding day. The children's births.

Lois and Clark were there again. Clark said, "This is your heritage. Your Kryptonian heritage. Your Kryptonian name is Zara. The Superman S on the suit is part of that heritage too. The El shield. The globe will teach you more things about you. Until next time."


Liz returned to the real view. She was in the living room. She left the globe where it had been before and closed the compartment. "Wow!" she said. She looked at her family but she saw something strange. "The globe has secondary effects. I'm seeing two moms!" an amazed Liz said.

Realizing that the young Lois had come into the room Clark told her, "What did I tell you?"

"Clark, you know. I like to know everything," Lois replied. They all laughed.

"How will she get back to her time?" Laura asked his father.

"Probably Tempus was involved. Mr. Wells has to be near," Clark answered. From the garden they heard a noise. Somebody was coming into the house. A figure entered by the kitchen door.

Lois said, "Clark!" They hugged.

"I thought I had lost you," Clark explained. His happiness didn't allow him to see the people that were next to them. "Excuse me, but I was looking for her. I didn't ask…" he didn't finish the sentence. It was himself. And Lois. Only older.

"Lois, I think it's time go home," old Clark said.

"Yes, I suppose so. But I have discovered interesting things about you, Clark," Lois answered, looking to her partner. Clark looked at her suspiciously. "I know," Lois added. "I'm going to have plenty of questions for you when we return home. And I'll expect answers."

"I'm afraid that won't be possible, Ms. Lane," a new voice said.

"Mr. Wells," the old Lois said.

"Why?" Lois questioned.

"Because the timeline will be modified, and that won't be possible," Mr. Wells explained.

"Oh. What a pity. But there is one thing I'd like to do before we return home," Lois said.

"What?" Mr. Wells, curious, asked.

"This," Lois answered. She hugged Clark and she gave him a huge kiss on the lips.

Clark was astonished. They started levitating. And the others opened their mouths, surprised. "Wow!" Clark said. "That was… impressive!"


Mr. Wells and the young Lois and Clark sat on the time machine as Lois Said, "Thank you for helping me." A glow surrounded the vehicle and they disappeared.

"Actually, I have a question for you, Mom, and maybe Laura wants to ask the same thing too," Liz said.

"Yes, Liz," Lois answered.

"Why didn't you fall in love with him the first time you saw him?" The blonde girl inquired. All four laughed.

"What's the joke? Have I missed something important?" CJ asked, coming out of the kitchen.

"Nothing important, Son. Let's have dinner," Clark said calmly.


Metropolis September 23rd, 1994

Daily Planet newsroom

"Hi, Lois," Clark said.

"Hi, Clark," Lois answered.

"You look tired. How did you sleep?" Clark asked.

"Not so good. I had a weird dream," Lois explained.

"A nightmare?" Clark inquired.

"No. But it was strange," Lois stared at him. "I'd bet you were in it but I don't remember." She looked quietly at her partner. "No, you weren't."



Future Metropolis.

Laura and Liz sat on the roof, near Laura's room window. It had been ages since they talked alone. "I missed this. I'd forgotten how much I liked it," Laura said.

"Your knowledge of the secret separated us," Liz added.

"Now you know, we can share everything again," Laura commented.

"Of course. Can you fly?" Liz asked.

"Yeah. Quick flight?" Laura offered.

"No problem," Liz replied.

While as they began to fly Lois and Clark saw them. "Are you going to say something to Laura about that?" Lois inquired.

"No. They need it," Clark finished.