LCWS: A Relapse

By Sara Kraft <>

Rated: G

Submitted: March 2002

Summary: A short tale about a FOLC's battle with LCWS and how life is making her slip through a man named Dean.


So here I am on the 'outside'. As most of you know, I've been out for a while. I still haven't caught up on all this fanfic that I've missed. I'm hardly sleeping. My sister thinks I'm reading the internet version of 'War and Peace'. So in between reading and a limited amount of sleep, I find time to work. But before I tell you about my new job, let me tell you about a temp job I had preceding this one.

It was data entry, not too exciting, but on my second day, I was milling about outside before my shift when this red Mustang pulled into the parking lot. There was a Superman shield on the front license plate. Well, this guy that got out of the car could have played Clark Kent on Smallville. He was a bit scrawny, but he had the looks, right down to the glasses. I tried to keep myself from commenting because I'd rather not have anyone overhear. I just know the state is keeping tabs on me, making sure I don't 'relapse.' The fates weren't with me. This guy is showing up for the same job, this I can handle. What I can't is his name. Dean. I raised an eyebrow and asked his last name, just for fun. I had to ask twice. Quain. Dean Quain, who obviously likes Superman and looks the part, albeit a much younger part. Now I know what you FoLCs are thinking. "She made this up. This is just to keep us entertained." But I'm dead serious.

This development sets the pace for the rest of this work assignment. To explain what I do, I pick out names, places and companies from documents and log them into a database. Now, with Dean Quain sitting next to me as a constant Superman reminder, every time I see certain names or words, I smile. Sometimes a little giggle slips out. I know you have an inkling, but let me give you a list:

Lois Clark Jerome Martha Jonathan Lane Stern Klein metropolis Jimmy Jeep Cherokee DEA Intergang

Okay, that last one was just to see if you were still paying attention. These words kept popping out at me like the documents were some really bad, disjointed fanfics. I was starting to think maybe these state guys had a right to keep tabs on me. I mean, it's not only this thing with work. I get the chills every time I drive past this billboard advertising the new Spanish soap opera "El Clon." I can't help but wonder if it's about Clois, even though I know it's not. There also seems to be a lot of visitors here from Kansas with all those license plates I've been seeing. And, yes, I do look to see if Jonathan or Martha are driving. Not to mention, I've always had an eye for silver Jeep Cherokees. Maybe I really am sick. Oh well, I still have more fanfic to read.