By J.L.T <>

Rated: PG

Submitted: January 2002

Summary: Clark, frustrated by Lois seeing Dan Scardino, decides to move to New York. What does it take to rebuild their relationship?


Gone With The Wind

The offices at the Daily Planet were buzzing as usual as Clark stepped out of the elevator doors. He scanned the newsroom for Lois but she was nowhere to be seen. He picked up a cup of coffee and made his way to his desk, noticing Jimmy hovering around like a lost puppy.

"Morning Jimmy, you're looking suspect."

"Hi CK, have you seen Lois?"

"Nope, she's probably on some wild goose chase. Either that or she could be with Inspector Gadget."

"Oh right, well let me know if you see her."

"Can I help?" asked Clark

"Nah, it can wait."

The past month had been hell for Clark. His relationship with Lois had gone rapidly down hill since Dan Scardino had shown up on the scene. She had shut him out at every turn with one-syllable answers to his questions and avoiding him where possible. Clark had made the tough decision that he would leave Metropolis and start a new life in New York. It wasn't what he wanted, to leave all his friends and Lois. But not even Superman could shake off her continual, frozen stares and long silences. At least away from her he could get himself together again. Clark was in a deep trance when Lois finally sat down at her desk.

Perry saw the atmosphere between the two partners as he parted the office blind with his two fingers.

He turned to Jimmy sighing, "well son, there ain't no 'Love Me Tender' going on out there. I'm really worried about those two kids, I just wish there was something I could do."

Jimmy walked over and peeked through the blinds. " Do you think she is in love with that DEA Agent guy Chief?"

"Argh. Jimmy if she is then I'm Elvis. Sure, I guess she likes him but you've seen the chemistry between Lois and Clark."

"Yeah, it sure is good to watch," Jimmy laughed.

"Oh! Look he's walking over to her desk, watch for fireworks!"

Clark stood on the other side of Lois's desk. She looked left, right, down, then at him.

"Yes," she said sharply.

"Morning to you too, Lois."

"I'm busy Kent. What is it?"

'Why did she do this to him every morning? Lois Lane could be so stubborn', he thought.

"Nothing, I can see I'm just wasting my time with you."

Lois watched Clark walk into Perry's office and close the door.

"Perry, this is for you." Clark handed him a sealed envelope marked 'Private & Confidential'.

The Chief slowly looked up at Clark. "I hope this isn't what I think it is son."

"Sorry Chief, I really have tried putting it off but it's no use."

Perry banged his fists on the table. "Is there anything I can say to make you stay?"

Clark looked out the window at Lois and turned back to Perry. "You've seen us, she hates me and I can't bear it. We used to be so good together, then that Dan showed up and turned her against me."

"Clark, you can't blame it entirely on Dan. I know there is something much greater than that keeping you two apart, causing her to throw herself into the arms of another man."

Clark began to feel uncomfortable. He wasn't sure what Perry was getting at. "I don't understand, Chief."

"I think you do Clark, tell her about your alter ego. Clark, what harm can it do now?"

Clark couldn't believe what he was hearing. Perry knew that he was Superman!

"Come on Clark! I've known for a long time now. You don't become editor of a newspaper without being clever and seeing through people. You get every single Superman story down to the finest detail, not to mention the lame glasses. Lois is blinded by love; she only sees what she wants to see. Now, are you gonna tell her?"

"What's wrong with my glasses?"

Perry laughed. "Go on. go and talk to her, she may surprise you."

"I think I'll be one who will be springing the surprise, Chief!"

Clark reluctantly went back over to Lois. "Lois can we talk?"

"Why? So you can run off in mid sentence, thanks, but no thanks. I've got work to do."

"Come on Lois just ten minutes of your time, please?"

She looked up at him, put her hands on the desk pushing her chair from beneath her, then stood up straight and looked directly into his deep brown eyes.

"I won't let you hurt me Clark. I've given you plenty of chances to talk and you've blown every single one. Now, like I said I have work to do."

The feeling of anger raged through Clark's body like a tidal wave. "Fine, if that's the way you feel, have it your way! I don't need you Lois Lane as a partner, friend or lover. I've had it with you. In fact I don't know what I ever saw in you. I've been patient, kind and caring towards you and I don't deserve any of this!"

"What do you want me to do, Clark?"

"Frankly Lois, I don't give a damn."

The whole newsroom had stopped. You could sense the tension between them and almost hear their hearts beating with the emotions that had taken over their bodies. Clark started to put his belongings into a box. He slammed everything from his desk into the box, one by one. Concerned, Perry rushed over to Clark to calm him down.

"What in the Sam Hill is going on here?" Perry shouted. Then he saw him clearing his desk. "Now don't do anything rash son."

"No offence Chief, but I don't want to be a moment longer in this place. The further away from Lois the better off I'll be." Clark shot Lois a hard stare.

"Now, you don't mean that Clark, you'll sort something out." Clark turned around to face Perry clutching at his box with his smashed belongings inside. "I tried and look where it got me." With that he stormed up the steps toward the elevator. Then he was gone.

Lois had to pick her jaw up off the floor. She had never seen Clark so incensed before, she didn't even know he had it in him. She felt sick with what he had said about her, but in a weird kind of way it had turned her on.

"Lois honey, are you ok?"

"A little shocked but I'll be alright, thanks Perry. I'll give him a few minutes and go after him."

Clark stood outside the Daily Planet, composing himself after turning on Lois. It was so completely out of character for him. He had really surprised himself. The hurt and pain that had been building up inside of him had finally risen to the surface and he certainly didn't feel any better for it. He decided to put Lois Lane out of his mind for good! And then maybe, he could get on with his life.

Lois Lane looked at the calendar on her desk. It was January 4th. It had been nine months, three hours, four minutes and twenty seconds since Clark Kent had walked out of her life for good and her heart ached at every beat. She had gone after him when he had left, but he was nowhere to be seen. The more she tried to put him out of her mind the more she thought about him. Most nights she walked past his apartment just to feel closer him. One night she was particularly anxious to be reminded of Clark so she found herself walking up the steps to his apartment. Lois stood outside for a few minutes then began to fumble around with her keys.

'I know it's here somewhere…now which one… eureka'! Clark had given her a key to his apartment just in case she ever needed him.

The door opened. Lois found her way to the light switch without bumping into anything. She stood on the bottom step and glanced around the room. All the furniture was covered with dustsheets and there were boxes stacked against the far wall. Running her hand across the back of the sofa she stopped, pulled the sheet off and sat down. She noticed that one of the boxes was marked 'Lois'. Curiosity getting the better of her she walked over and removed the box from where it had been placed and took it back to the sofa. Slowly and carefully she began to empty its contents. A lump rose in her throat as she picked up the picture taken of herself and Clark at the Smallville fete and another picture at the Kerths.

One by one she set aside every picture that was a dear memory to her; and must have been for him. Everything and anything that had some significance of their relationship was in that box. Up until that moment she had no idea of how much he must detest her. A solitary tear fell down her cheek to the corner of her mouth. Just as she was about to open the little trinket box she had in her hand, she felt a gust of air pass by. Still clutching the box she headed for the window that was slightly open. She shut it and turned around, only to see Superman staring at her with his arms folded.

Lois gasped and put her hand to her mouth "SUPERMAN!"

"Evening Lois, what are you doing here? Have you taken up burglary?"

She looked at the man before her. Lois hadn't seen him on a one to one basis since Clark left. She assumed as they were such good friends that he had sided with Clark.

"No! Please, it isn't what you think. I expect you know what happened between Clark and I. Is that why I haven't seen you in ages?"

"I've been busy, the world doesn't revolve around you, Lois."

Lois looked at the floor wandering why on earth he was acting so bitter towards her. This was so unlike him. "I know I'm."


Clark could see Lois was upset. He couldn't go to her and comfort her; it would be too painful for him.

"I'm sorry Superman, you don't know how much I miss Clark, his company, his benevolence and his smile. Have you seen him recently?"

"A couple of weeks ago. He works in New York for 'The Observer'."

"Is. Is he happy?"

"What do you think Lois? He thought the world of you."

"I suppose that should make me feel better, but it doesn't. Well, if you see him could you tell him that I'm always thinking of him and that I hope one day we can be friends again."

Clark nodded. "I'll let him know. What's that in your hand?"

"Oh, I don't know, it came from that box over there." Lois pointed to the pile of memorabilia on the coffee table.

Clark took a closer look with his vision. It was the ring he had kept for Lois and had never given it to her. "I better take that, you really shouldn't be looking at Clark's stuff."

Lois handed the box over to him. "Well, I guess I better go home. See you around."

"Bye, Lois."

Clark let out a big sigh and collapsed on his sofa. Seeing Lois was the last thing he expected. Moving to New York had helped to ease the pain but it hadn't closed the wound. Lois Lane could still affect him more than any other woman on the planet. Her whole aura sent him reeling into oblivion. It took all his super strength to stop himself from touching her. He knew only too well that it would weaken him more than kryptonite ever could.

Lois had suffered too, he knew that, but she had made a fool of him too many times. The night he had gone to her apartment and found her half naked with Scardino was the last straw. Deep down he knew that she was seeing Scardino because he was never around, but it still hurt him deeply. Clark put the photos and keep sakes back into the crate and sealed it. He took one last look around the apartment and flew off into the night sky.

The next morning at the 'Daily Planet' Lois was in a world of her own, sitting at her desk and doodling on her note pad.

"Lois, are you alright honey?"

"What…oh, er sorry Perry. I was thinking about Clark."

"I see, well I may have something that will cheer you up." Perry dropped an envelope on her desk.

"What's this?"

"Open it and find out," laughed Perry.

Lois tore open the envelope and read the piece of paper. "A ticket to New York and an invitation to the 'Annual Journalists' Charity Ball'. Oh Perry, this is fantastic! I've always wanted to go to that. Thank you."

"My pleasure Lois. I thought you needed cheering up. There's just one thing, as it's for charity there's a slight theme to it this year."

"Go on."

"It's fancy dress."

"Fancy dress!!!" exclaimed Lois. "What sort of fancy dress?"

"Heroes and Villains."

Lois laughed, "You're joking right?"

"Nope, come on you'll have fun!"

"Well alright, but who shall I go as?"

"Wonder Woman, Supergirl or Catwoman.rrrrrah!"

Lois gave Perry a hard stare. "Perry, it's not funny. I think I'll make a good Wonder Woman."

"I'm sure you will darlin', I'm sure you will."


Fancy Dress Ball

Lois landed at JFK airport a few days later. She was really looking forward to the ball but she was also apprehensive, as she knew that Clark might be there too.

On her way to the hotel the taxi stopped outside the 'New York Observer' offices. Glancing around she saw a face she recognized instantly. It was Clark and he was running towards something.not something but someone, a woman. It looked like it was none another than Linda King her old rival at college. Lois watched in horror as they ran straight into each other's arms. Clark picked her up like she was a feather and spun her around and then.she couldn't look. It was more than she could bear.

"Driver, could you step on it please," shouted Lois.

Lois could hardly remember anything when she woke up in her hotel room the next day. She had thrown herself onto her bed and must have cried herself to sleep. Standing in front of the mirror Lois Lane studied her face. She looked awful, her eyes were all red and puffy, and her hair was all disheveled. She looked like a ghost.

'Get a grip Lane', she said to herself. 'Look what he's doing to you, if you want him go and get him, crying won't bring him back'.

Lois decided to pull herself together and get herself an action plan. The first thing was to go to a beauty salon and get a makeover. And the second was to shop, shop and shop, and find a Wonder Woman costume. She spent the whole afternoon in Bloomingdales. Lois was shattered but looked a million dollars.

"Clark Kent here I come," she said as she stepped out of the doors and on to the street.

Back at the hotel Lois put on her Wonder Woman outfit, well what there was of it. 'The final touch' she said to herself, as she positioned the wig in place. Lois didn't even recognize herself when she looked in the mirror, the costume looked fantastic. Grabbing her coat she made her way to the hotel where the ball was being held.

She gave her invitation to the doorman, walked through the large double doors and into the main hall. There were Heroes and Villains everywhere, not surprisingly Superman seemed to be a popular choice with the males. The hall looked incredible! It was like something from the movies. Lois felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Excuse me um.Wonder Woman but would you like a drink or maybe a dance?" Lois turned around and laughed out loud. It was Jimmy in a Robin suit. She gave him a hug and made him turn around so she could see his outfit properly.

"I didn't know you were coming, Jimmy?"

"Well nor did I until yesterday. Perry is here somewhere. He shouldn't be too hard to spot, he is in an Elvis get up."

"What! Elvis is neither a Hero nor a Villain. Oh, I think I see him over there by the Batman cave."

"Well that's what I said to him but the Chief insists that Elvis was a Superhero."

"Come on Jimmy, let's go and see him," she said grabbing his arm and ruffling his hair.

Jimmy knew how much Lois missed CK and he could tell that she was anxious to see him. "I saw Clark earlier. He was with some woman."

"Linda King?"

"Yeah, I think he said that was her name."

"Well I don't want to talk to either of them."

"He asked after you."

"He did?"

"I told him to look out for Wonder Woman."

"Oh Jimmy, have you seen how many Wonder Women there are here?"

Clark was standing on the other side of the room. He hadn't recognized Lois at all in that skimpy outfit she was wearing. It wasn't until he saw Jimmy talking with her that he had seen it was her underneath all that hair. She did look extremely sexy in that costume and Clark wasn't the only one who thought that either. All the men in the room were tripping over themselves as they walked by her. But she mesmerized one man in particular, and if his memory hadn't failed him the man in question was Claude, Lois's ex-boyfriend.

"Clark, what you staring at?" asked Linda.

"Oh, um nothing, just thought I recognized someone, that's all."

"Anyone I know?" she said putting her arm through Clark's.

"No, listen Linda why don't you grab us some cocktails from the bar. I just need to go to the bathroom."

"Sure, don't be too long."

'Damn she's gone' Clark muttered to himself as he scoured the room for Lois. He could see Jimmy but there was no sign of Lois. "Jimmy?"

"CK, hi, are you ok? You're acting like you've lost something."

"Fine thanks, have you seen Lois? I saw her with you a couple of minutes ago."

"Yeah, she mentioned something about going to adjust her wig."

"Oh right, I see."

Clark headed toward the Ladies powder room, and by the looks of it he was just in time. Claude was holding down Lois and he was pulling at her clothes. Normally Lois would have been trying out her latest, karate kick on him but when Clark looked closer she seemed to be drifting in and out of consciousness. He quickly rushed over and pulled Claude off her, sending him flying down the corridor and smashing into the wall. Scooping Lois off the floor and into his arms he kicked down a door to one of the hotel rooms and laid Lois on the bed, covering her with a blanket for modesty.

"Lois?" he whispered as he followed the lines of her white porcelain face with his hand.

Her eyes flickered slightly and she murmured something that he couldn't convey. Looking down at her face he loathed himself for leaving her. She was even more stunning than she was in his dreams. It was only now that he realized just how much he had missed her.

"Clark, is that you?" A blurred vision of red, blue hovered over her, but it wasn't Superman or was it? He was wearing glasses and he kinda looked like Clark…then suddenly it hit her so hard that she sat up with a start.

"Lois, Lois are you alright?"

Lois was staring at Clark like she'd seen a ghost. She tried to speak but words failed her.

"Do you wanna drink of water or something, can you remember what happened?" Clark asked.

"I, I, I, feel so stupid, of course it all fits together just like a jigsaw."

"What does Lois?"

"Don't patronize me… S u p e r m a n, Clark, whatever your name is?"

Clark looked down at himself and then at Lois. He had his Superman costume on and his glasses. He had forgotten to take them off when he changed from his Batman outfit into Superman. After all he couldn't really go the ball as Clark Kent dressed up as Superman. It would have been too obvious.

"You're deluded Lois."

"I most certainly am not Kent. If I'm deluded then I'm really Wonder Woman. You really are a dark horse, were you ever going to tell me?"

"Alright so you've caught me out. I was going to tell you, that day before I left the Planet but you didn't give me a chance. Thinking about it now I should have told you a lot sooner, it would have saved a lot of heartache and maybe you could of understood why I always had to rush off when you had something important say."

"You didn't trust me, did you?"

Clark moved over to the bed and sat next to Lois. "Yes, but I wasn't sure how it would effect our relationship. You were in love with one half of me and I really wasn't sure what you thought about the other half."

"I guess I can see your point but I love you both."

"You said that in the present tense, does that mean that's how you feel now?"

"Listen I'm a little confused Clark and I really should be getting back to the ball, Perry will be wandering where I am."

"Of course if you're sure you're ok. I better get back to Linda anyway."

"Speaking of Linda, what's going on with you two? Is it serious?" Lois bit on her lip as she waited in anticipation for Clark's reply.

"She got a job at the 'Observer' a few months after she left the 'Star' and went to the coast — her movie didn't go too well. We get on great and she's been a good friend to me. I suppose we have become quite involved in each other's lives but I've been finding it difficult to take the next step in our relationship. It just doesn't feel right."

"Oh, why?" said Lois inquisitively.

"Because…" Jimmy who was standing at the door caused Clark to stop in mid sentence. Clark quickly took his glasses off.

"Superman, what's going on, is Lois alright?"

Lois walked over to Jimmy and gave him a reassuring hug. "I'm fine Jimmy, thanks to my hero over there, now are we gonna have that dance?"

"Sure Lois, I'll be the envy of all men, and all the women will want me."

Lois and Clark exchanged glances and laughed. "Thanks Superman, I'll see you later maybe," winked Lois. Clark changed back into Batman and went to find Linda at the cocktail bar.

"Linda, I'm sorry I was talking to Perry. Did you get me a pina colada?"

"Perry has been over by the karaoke machine for the last 40 minutes Clark, so where have you really been?"

"Ok, ok I was with Lois."

"Lois! I didn't even know she was here."

"She's over there with Jimmy. Wonder Woman."

"That's Lois?" she said surprised.


"God, she sure doesn't leave much to the imagination does she. No wonder you were gone so long."

"Linda!" Clark gave a stern look and led her to the dance floor.

Linda and Clark danced up alongside Jimmy and Lois. "Hello Lois," said Linda.

"Evening Linda, nice get up."

"Thanks, same to you."

The song finished and all couples dispersed from the dance floor. Lois felt someone grab her arm; she turned around to see it was Clark.

"Can I have the next dance Lois?"

"Sure, give me five minutes and I'll meet you back here."


Lois rushed off to tidy herself passing a very drunk Claude on the way. "Oh get up Claude you look pathetic," she sneered.

Clark was waiting for her when she got back. "I thought you'd stood me up."

"No, I had a few words to say to Claude."

Clark gently pulled Lois towards his body, he felt her arms enfold around his torso and her face close to his. She whispered softly into his left ear, "I'm sorry."

"For what?" he replied.

"Being so ghastly to you the few weeks before you left. It wasn't intentional, I wanted it to be you who bought me the flowers, said all the nice things and wooed me, not Dan and I was so hurt that you'd always fly off when I was trying to pour my heart out to you."

"It's all in the past now Lois, I realize now that I was just as much to blame. I didn't mean what I said at the Planet about not knowing what I ever saw in you an."

Lois was giggling. "I'm sorry."

"What, did I say something to amuse you Lois?" asked a confused Clark. "No, but when you stood up to me and said all that stuff, it really turned me on. It's another side of you that I hadn't seen and it was kinda sexy."


"You know what they say.treat em mean, keep em keen."

"I see, well I'll bear that in mind."

Lois noticed Linda King giving her a long hard stare and it was making her uncomfortable. "Clark, I don't think Linda is too happy about us dancing together."

"No, it's getting late and I had better take her home."

"Superman Express?" enquired Lois.

"Um no, Linda doesn't know about that."

A big grin came over Lois's face; she loved having one over that woman.

"Wait a second, I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon for Metropolis. If you wanna talk I'm staying at the Grande Plaza Hotel, Penthouse Suite."

Clark smiled and kissed her goodbye on the cheek. "Thank you Lois."

She watched him walk over to Perry and Jimmy to wish them goodnight and then he was gone.

Lois couldn't sleep that night, all she could think about was how stupid she must have seemed to Clark swooning over Superman and then practically ignoring Clark. There had been so many times and incidents that were a dead give away about his double life. The main one being she had never seen both men together apart from when Diana Stride tried to expose him and Superman and Clark were at the press conference, but even looking at that more carefully it was all a bit strange. Not to mention the fact that she was an investigative reporter who was fooled by a pair of glasses!

In a way they were two different people; it was like when he was Superman he was confident, strong and audacious, and as Clark he was the loyal, dependable one who'd do anything to appease anyone.

She really wanted to make a fresh start with Clark, they had spent much valuable time apart and she didn't want that anymore. She loved him. It had taken her a long time to realize it but deep down it had always been there and whenever it came to the surface she would put a guard up. Lois decided if he came to her this afternoon she would tell him how she felt.



Looking at her watch she had half an hour left before the taxi arrived and there was still no sign of Clark. The suspense was killing her, would he turn up or not? Lois went outside onto the balcony to get some fresh air; the view was spectacular. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the air was crisp, she pulled her Cashmere tighter round her body to block out the cold. Lois was suddenly startled by the sound of something landing on the ground, looking down she found a red rose, she bent down to pick it up when Clark slowly floated down towards her.

"You didn't think I'd stand you up, did you Lois?" He smirked.

Lois blushed and coyly looked up to meet his face. "To be honest I really didn't know, but I'm very pleased you didn't."

"How long is it until you leave?" Clark asked.

"Another 15 minutes, listen we haven't got long and I want to tell you something before I leave."

"And I want to tell you something… you first Lois."

"Oh, god there's nothing like pressure is there." Lois stood herself directly opposite Clark, fidgeting with her hands. "Well, the thing is I, I, I lo."

Clark placed his finger over her lips and silenced Lois, she closed her eyes and the tears came. Shortly after that he cupped her face with his hands and wiped the tears away. Slowly and gently he brought her face to his and kissed her fervently on the mouth and they were intertwined in one another for the rest of the afternoon.

Lois lay on the bed staring up at the ceiling.

"Is there nothing you're not exceptional at Clark Kent?"

Clark laughed. "Actions speak louder than words Lois and as you know, I'm not too good at talking."

She rolled over and propped herself on Clark's chest. "Anyway what I was going to say before you kindly interrupted me was that I love you and I've hated every minute and every second that we've been apart. It felt like I'd lost a limb."

"Nice metaphor, seriously though," he continued as he ran his fingers through her hair. "I could never stop loving you Lois, not even if I wanted to. Do you think we could start again?"

"I'm game if you are farm boy!"