I'll Be Your Shoulder When You Cry

By Claudia Callejas <ccallejas@yahoo.com>

Rated: G

Submitted: May 2002.

Summary: Jimmy feels a little depressed after Mother's Day celebrations, as he remembers his dead mother.

This is my second story and it follows "A Family Mother's Day". The main characters are not Lois and Clark. This is a story in which Jimmy Olsen and his sweet wife, Lucy Lane- Olsen, are the main characters.

Characters in this story, with the exception of Mary Olsen and Ellen Samantha Olsen, are copyrighted by December 3rd Productions, Warner Brothers, DC Comics and ABC.

I would appreciate any comments. I'm an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, and I am teaching Literature, so any comments will be fully appreciated. Thank You.


After a warm Mother's Day celebration with the whole family at the Kent's farm in Smallville, Jimmy, Lucy, and their baby daughter Ellen Samantha, returned to their apartment.

After putting Ellen to bed, the couple sat on their balcony to enjoy the night breeze under the stars. The sky was beautiful that night. They sat next to each other holding hands.

As Jimmy sighed, Lucy noticed a glimpse of sadness in Jimmy's eyes. She got closer to him, embraced him tenderly, and kissed him softly on his cheek. "Is something wrong, sweetheart?" she asked.

"No, just seeing how beautiful the stars are tonight makes me sigh," Jimmy answered.

"Who are you trying to fool, James Bartholomew?" Lucy said, sure that she was right and added, "You're sad. I can tell by the look in your eyes."

He looked back at her, and when their eyes met, Jimmy's eyes filled with tears. As a tear started rolling on his cheek, Lucy swept it away with a soft caress. She pulled him closer and they embraced each other lovingly for a few minutes.

Still in her arms, Jimmy started crying. At her side, he could be himself. He felt loved, accepted, secure…

Lucy felt he needed her love and understanding, and her shoulder to cry on.

When he was calmer they pulled away, Lucy held his hand and broke the silence. "I've never seen you like this before Jimmy. What's bothering you? You seemed so happy today at our party."

"It's that I've remembered my Mom. I used to celebrate this day with her when she was alive. I miss her so much. And, seeing you, CK, and Lois celebrating your Mother's Day made me realize once again that my mother is not here anymore," Jimmy said.

"Oh, honey, the fact that she's dead doesn't mean that you don't have a mother. She's not here physically, but she watches over you every single day of your life. According to what you have told me about her, Mary's not the kind of mother that would forget her child. She was always there for you, especially when your dad left. Believe me, she's here with you," Lucy replied.

"Do you think she's proud of me? She always said she wanted me to become a decent man, a professional, have a family and be a responsible father," Jimmy said.

"I'm sure she is, Jimmy," Lucy said with love. "You're a wonderful man, the best husband I could've had, and you're becoming a terrific parent. I'm proud of you. And the more I realize this, the more I love you."

Their eyes met. "Love you too," Jimmy said softly and they kissed…


Later, they were sitting at their kitchen table drinking tea. Lucy, then said "Honey, I have an idea…"


The following morning, they got up an hour earlier than usual. The couple and their adorable baby daughter, Ellen, left home and headed to a place in the city they never thought of going before… the cemetery.

They stopped at a flower shop to buy a bouquet of roses. When they got to the cemetery Jimmy knew exactly where to go. As soon as they found Mary Olsen's grave, Jimmy placed the flowers in a vase and said, "Mom, I know I haven't been here in a long time, but you know that I think of you often. Yesterday was Mother's Day… boy, I had you on my mind all the time wishing you were here with us… Um… I want you to meet the two most important people in my life… Look, this is Lucy, my wife. You'd love her, she's the sweetest and most wonderful woman in the world… that's why I married her… and this beautiful baby is our daughter Ellen… Ellen Samantha. I hope you're proud of me Mom. I have a family and I'm trying my best as a husband and father… and I have a pretty good job at the Daily Planet. I'm not only the main photographer, I'm also a researcher, and am becoming an expert on computer programming. I really wish you could see me…"

His voice broke, tears filled his eyes, and he felt a sharp pain in his chest. "I love you, Mom, I miss you so much…" he concluded.

Lucy wrapped an arm around his shoulders and said, "Jimmy… Mary says she's proud of you, I can hear her saying it, and she wants you to know that you bringing us here has been the best Mother's Day present in years."

Jimmy faced her and kissed his wife's and daughter's foreheads, and, looking back at the grave and his family, stated, "Thanks, to all of you. Lucy, Ellen… Mom, you're the best thing in my life, I love you so much."

They kept silence for a few moments until Lucy said, "I think we better get going. Mary, it was so nice meeting you and talking to you… oh, and don't worry… I'll take good care of Jimmy, he's the most wonderful gift in my life, as well as our daughter. Thank you for bringing him to life. We'll drop by soon."

With this said the Olsen's left the cemetery. They left Ellen at the Lane grandparents' house as usual. Jimmy then drove Lucy to work and then headed straight to The Planet for another day of work. He felt renewed, in peace with himself, and happy to be alive.