A Family Mother's Day

By Claudia Callejas <ccallejas@yahoo.com>

Rated: G

Submitted: May 2002.

Summary: A surprising Mother's Day celebration in Smallville for Martha, Ellen, Lois and Lucy, with all the family.

This is my first fanfic story. I had the idea for this story because we recently celebrated Mother's Day. The characters in this story are Lois and Clark, Martha and Jonathan Kent, Ellen and Sam Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane (his wife) and three beautiful kids, CJ Kent (almost 4 years old), Amy Lois Kent (one and a half years old), and Ellen Samantha Olsen (a year old).

Characters in this story, with the exception of CJ Kent, Amy Lois Kent and Ellen Samantha Olsen, are copyrighted by December 3rd Productions, Warner Brothers, DC Comics and ABC.

If you would like to send me comments I would appreciate it. I would appreciate any comments. I'm an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, and I am teaching Literature, so any comments will be fully appreciated. Thank You.


It was a cool Wednesday morning, May 2002. Sam Lane was driving to the hardware store when he noticed several signs reminding everyone that Mother's Day was coming. This made him remember his own mother, who had died long ago. Then, he remembered how he used to celebrate Mother's Day for his wife Ellen with his two beloved daughters: Lois, his princess, and Lucy, his little angel.

The two girls loved planning surprise parties for Ellen with their dear dad. That was when everything seemed perfect. Soon after… he left… and everything changed in their lives.

Now, he'd got his family back, and was trying to build a new life. He felt the need to plan something for Ellen, like in the old times, to compensate at least a little bit for all those years of absence. He would talk to his daughters later on and plan something together with them for Ellen.


At the Planet, Clark was doing a search on the internet, and he felt overwhelmed by the huge amount of online offers to buy something for Mother's Day.

He thought about his mother, Martha, how would he express his love for her this time? Then, he remembered the face of a woman that meant a lot to him, Lara, the woman who had given him life and whom he had never met. His eyes became teary, and he heard a familiar voice.

"Daydreaming, honey?"

Lois made him smile. "I was thinking about what to get mom for Mother's Day," Clark said.

"Tell you what, why don't we go shopping together with the kids tonight? We can buy something for your mom and mine too. Besides, Monday is my mother's birthday."

"Sounds like a good idea to me," Clark replied.


As Sam Lane was about to call his daughters, he remembered they were already mothers too. He had a new idea, different plans must be made.


At the Planet, Clark was pouring some coffee for Lois and himself when Jimmy approached him.

"Hey, CK, Mother's Day is coming and I need to find something for Lucy, but I'm not sure what to get her. Or should I take her out to dinner, or cook for her? Just anything to make her happy."

"I've been thinking about Lois and my mom too," Clark said.

As they were going to their desks the phone rang.

"Jimmy Olsen, may I help you?"

"It's Sam Lane, Jimmy. Don't let Lois know it's me."

"Sure, no problem. What can I do for you?" Jimmy said.

"Well, not exactly for me. I've been thinking all morning about planning a surprise Mother's Day party for Ellen, Lois and Lucy. What do you think?"

"I think it's a great idea," Jimmy replied.

"Well, I would like to meet with you and Clark to plan everything. Do you think we could get together this afternoon around four thirty? We can have some coffee and talk about it."

"Sure, four thirty sounds great to me. See ya then," Jimmy said.

"Is Clark around?"

"Yeah, just a sec. CK? You have a call on line two."

"Thanks, Jimmy,"


Later that afternoon, Sam, Jimmy and Clark were having coffee together. Clark told the two men that he had a mother he would like to celebrate too. They all agreed to call Jonathan and let them know about their plans.

"Hi, Dad, how are you? Please don't let Mom know that I'm calling you."

"OK, son, what's the matter?" Jonathan said.

"It's just that I'm having coffee with Sam and Jimmy and we are planning on having a party for Mother's Day, since all our wives are mothers. We want Mom, Ellen, Lois and Lucy together on Sunday. What do you think?" Clark explained.

"Well, it sounds like a good idea to me, son. What exactly are you planning to do?"

"We were thinking on making lunch for them and having the kids give them presents. Something simple just to show them how much we love them," Clark replied.

"I have an idea. How about you all come over to Smallville on Saturday afternoon? You can spend the night here, we'll make room for all of you. That way we can have plenty of time to cook and do whatever we want."

Clark liked his father's idea. "That's a great idea, Dad. Let me tell Sam and Jimmy."

Both men agreed with the idea.

"Dad, we all agree with you. Thanks! If you don't mind we will continue planning minor details and I'll call you tomorrow. Or better still, why don't you call me sometime around nine tomorrow morning? I don't want mom to become suspicious."

"OK, son, we'll talk tomorrow."

The three men continued their planning and came up with some pretty good ideas.


The following morning, Jonathan called Clark as agreed. Clark explained their plans. First, Clark was in charge of making invitations to the party, which would be sent by mail to each of the four women.

The three couples from Metropolis would travel to Smallville on Saturday at around three o'clock. Sam would prepare the menu for the two days and do the shopping. Jonathan would prepare the house for the guests. Jimmy would take care of the music, prepare some decorations for the party, prepare a special surprise, and would be the official photographer for the family event. As for the presents, every husband would manage to buy something for their wives.

Clark hurried with the invitations. Since it was already Thursday, he decided to take Ellen's and Lucy's straight to their homes. He was worried that by using regular mail they would get them too late, therefore he used the Superman Express Mail Service and did the same with Martha's. Lois' was put on her desk along with a red rose.

Lois was surprised to find a red rose along with an envelope. She hurried and opened it. Her eyes filled with tears as she read:

This was sent to you for being one of the most wonderful mothers in the world. We are inviting you to a family party to celebrate your special day.

Date: May 11 and 12, 2002.

Place: The Kent's Farm at Smallville, Kansas

Don't miss it!

With love,

Sam, Jonathan, Clark, Jimmy, CJ, Amy Lois and Ellen Samantha.

She approached Clark and gave him a great big hug. "That's so sweet of you. Thank you!"

"You deserve that and more," Clark said and kissed her softly.

CJ and Amy Lois, along with Ellen Samantha (Jimmy and Lucy's baby daughter), spent the day with their Lane grandparents, where a babysitter and "Nana Ellen" took care of them. Lois and Clark usually had lunch with them, whenever they didn't have an assignment that took their time.

When they got to the Lane's home that day, Lois went directly to her mother. They were both excited about the family party and spent all during lunch talking about it and asking so many questions they practically drove Sam and Clark crazy. That same afternoon Lois called both Lucy and Martha and talked about it for a long time.


On Saturday morning, Lois, with the help of Clark, packed clothes and personal items for the four of them. Lucy did the same with the help of Jimmy. Ellen on the other hand, did all the packing herself since Sam went shopping. And Martha helped Jonathan in preparing the house for their guests. Sam and Ellen would sleep in Clark's room. The two young couples and their kids would "camp" out in the living room.

The trip began at around two o'clock that afternoon. By six, they had arrived at Smallville. They greeted each other happily.

"This is a big family reunion," Martha said. "We're so happy to have you at home. Welcome."

CJ and Amy Lois started yelling, "Nana! Grandpa!" as they saw their Kent grandparents.

They all unpacked and made themselves comfortable. Martha had prepared iced tea and some homemade cookies for the whole gang. After a while they ordered pizza for dinner. They all had a great time that evening chatting, teasing each other, and talking about childhood experiences.

As Lois and Lucy prepared their kids for bed, and Martha and Ellen talked in the kitchen, the four men mysteriously disappeared. Lois was the first one to notice it.

"Where are they?" she asked.

"Who?" Lucy replied.

"The men. They're not in the house. Where did they go? They didn't say anything. What are they up to? Mmm…" Lois said, as though she was starting to research a story.

"I don't know, maybe they're preparing something," Lucy added.

"You know something I don't know, Lucy? C'mon… spill it!" Lois demanded.

"Believe me, Lois, I know nothing. All I said was maybe they're preparing something for tomorrow. Who knows? You always want to know everything in advance. Don't you like surprises? I love them," Lucy said.

"Well, I don't really like surprises, but with Clark I've learned to enjoy them. He's so thoughtful and… never mind!"

Meanwhile, Sam, Jonathan, Jimmy, and Clark were preparing tomorrow's surprise at a small storage house the Kents had at their farm. It was far enough from the house so the ladies would not even wonder where they were. The big surprise… Jimmy had brought his guitar and the four men were rehearsing some songs they would perform for their wives tomorrow. It took them about an hour to finish their rehearsal.

When they got back home Lucy was already in bed reading a book. Lois, on the other hand, had made her mom and Martha aware of the men's disappearance. The three women were waiting on the porch when they came back.

Lois was the first one to speak. "What a great celebration. We are here to celebrate together and you four disappear and here we are worried about you. But, why should we be worried? You seem so happy."

"C'mon, Lois, what's the matter with you?" Jimmy asked.

"Nothing, just wondering where you four were," she answered.

"Princess, we just went for a walk," Sam said.

"A pretty long walk. Must've been for a whole hour," Ellen added.

"Ladies, calm down, we just went to our old storage house to get the grill and other things ready for tomorrow's lunch. There's no need to worry. Besides Clark was with us. What could've possibly happen to us," Jonathan said. (Everyone in the family, except the children knew about Clark's secret).

"Dad's right. Don't get upset about this. We've had a good time so far. Remember we four are preparing everything, it's your special day. I suggest we all go and rest," Clark added.

With this everyone said goodnight and went to bed.

Lois and Clark stayed on the porch for a while. Clark hugged his wife tenderly. She said, "Oh, Clark, why am I so crabby? I seem to be the troublemaker all the time. Lucy went to bed because she was tired of my demands. She told me I couldn't stand not knowing everything. You once told me that too. I think she's right. But I can't help being like that…"

"And I love that in you, Lois," Clark said. "You never seem to give up, you're always investigating. That's what makes you a great reporter."

"Oh, Clark, you always say the nicest things to me. Nobody understands me like you do, and… nobody loves me like you…" she said.

"Right," he said and they kissed.

"So, what's the surprise?" Lois asked.

"What surprise?" Clark answered.

"The one you have prepared for us," she said.

"There's no surprise. And even if there was I would never tell you. It wouldn't be a surprise anymore. So stop asking questions, "investigative reporter". Wait until tomorrow," Clark added.

"All right. Let's go to bed. The kids are already sleeping, they were awfully tired," she said.

And they entered the house.


The following morning, when Lois woke up, she realized Clark was not beside her. She noticed that everyone else in the room was still sleeping.

Then, Clark appeared, holding a beautiful white orchid he had just cut from one of the trees at the farm. "Happy Mother's Day," he whispered. "I wanted to be the first one to say that."

"Thank you, honey. You are the first one," she said back.

They embraced each other and stayed like that for a while until they heard a tiny, but very loud, familiar voice.

"Mommy… Daddy…" It was Amy Lois, as noticeable as her mother.

"Oh boy…" Clark said softly.

"Shhh, Amy Lois, come here," Lois whispered.

The little girl got up and ran to her parent's mattress.

"Good morning, sweetie," Lois said while hugging her tightly.

"How's Daddy's little girl?" Clark said and kissed her forehead.

"Good," the little girl responded. Then she jumped onto her father's stomach. "Play, Daddy?"

"Later, everybody's asleep now," he answered.

"Why? I wanna play!!" she demanded. Then, as she saw Jimmy getting up, she added in a loud voice, "Uncle Jimmy'O!"

"Morning, Amy Lois," he said.

That was enough for the rest of the guests to wake up.

"Good morning, guys. Does she wake you up like that every morning?" Lucy asked.

"Usually it is louder, but we're used to it. Sorry, guys!" Clark responded.

"It reminds me of her mother. Accept it, Lois, she's just like you," said Lucy.

Lois just gave her sister a strange look.

"Well, Ladies… Happy Mother's Day!" Jimmy interrupted.

Both Lois and Lucy answered at the same time. "Thank you!"

CJ ran to Lois, hugged her, and said, "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy. I love you."

"I love you too! This is great," Lois said.

Then the two men and the kids started congratulating the two women, except for little Ellen Samantha who was still sleepy and did not understand what was happening around her. In a few minutes, the two older couples appeared in the living room and they continued congratulating the women.

The men took care of fixing breakfast for the ladies. Martha and Ellen went back to their rooms to take showers and get dressed. Lois and Lucy prepared milk for their kids. Then, both of them went to the porch. Lucy had a special surprise for Lois.

When they were alone on the porch, Lucy gave Lois a card. "I just want to thank you for everything you did for me on those days that mom was unable to take care of us. You were like a mother to me, Lois. I will always be grateful for that," Lucy said.

Lois' eyes filled with tears and she said, "Lucy, I don't know what to say."

"Anyone else would just say thank you, Lois. I love you, big sis!" Lucy added.

They looked into each other's eyes and embraced.

Lois then said, "Lucy, you're the best kid sister anyone would like to have. I love you, Lucy. I just knew we needed each other then. I know I was sometimes hard on you, but that's all I could do. Forgive me for —"

"No, there's nothing to forgive, Lois. You gave me what I needed. We both made mistakes. But those mistakes helped us become who we are now. Thank you," Lucy interrupted.

"Breakfast's ready!" said a voice inside the house. Both women wiped their eyes and joined the family for breakfast.

The rest of the morning, the four women and the kids had fun walking around the farm, chatting, and playing with the kids. The four men were really busy preparing lunch.

At around eleven thirty, they gathered around the grill where the men were cooking BBQ ribs and chicken. They all ate and had fun talking about almost anything. After lunch Clark announced, "Ladies, after we clean up we have a special surprise for you, so please don't go anywhere."

"Ha! Just as I suspected. Why did you lie to me, Clark?" Lois demanded.

"Honey, I didn't lie to you. If I had told you, it wouldn't be a surprise. That is why I still can't tell you what it is. So, be patient," Clark replied.

"C'mon, princess, don't argue about this any more," Sam added.

"Don't worry, guys, you go ahead, clean and do the dishes. We'll wait patiently," Martha said. And, as the four men were leaving, she added, "Don't you wish they'd do this every day? Oh, this is wonderful!"

"Well I can't complain about that. Clark helps me with everything," Lois said.

"Yeah, Jimmy does the same too," Lucy added.

"You sure were lucky to have been born at this time. For us it hasn't been that easy. Right, Martha?" Ellen said.

"Right! I'm glad things have changed for you girls," Martha added.

About half an hour later, Jonathan appeared.

"Ladies, we are waiting for you and the kids in the barn."

"In the barn??" Martha said.

They all moved to the barn and the ladies were surprised to see a small stage, with curtains and everything.

"Wow, you worked hard," Ellen said.

"I'm really… um… surprised," Lois added.

"Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentleman (looking at CJ). This is your host, "Sammy". Welcome to our special Family Mother's Day Concert. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed preparing everything," Sam said, and added, "From the bottom of our hearts… with all our love… we have brought here the famous group, "The Back Stage Boys".

As he spoke, the women said, "Oh, wow!", "Incredible", "Super", "Unbelievable".

Sam continued, "Our first song will be "Yesterday". Enjoy!"

Jonathan opened the curtain and there they were… Jimmy playing the guitar, Sam, Jonathan, and Clark singing. When they finished the song, the four women stood up and applauded for them.

Sam introduced the following song: "And now, James, our leading guitar player, will sing "Close to you"."

Jimmy introduced the song himself. "This is especially for the woman who has changed my life… Lucy, with all my love for you… Close to you".

Lucy was really excited about the song; she nearly cried.

The third song was "My Favorite Things". The four men performed it.

Once again Sam introduced the last song. "And now, today's big surprise, another romantic song… "Can't Smile Without You", by the one and only Clark Kent!"

Lois' heart started beating so fast she thought she would have a heart attack, "Clark? He doesn't sing… is this a joke?"

"No, honey, I thought that I could not do it until Jimmy made me sing. So, this is for the woman who sustains me, the woman who fills me with life … Lois, you know I can't smile without you," Clark said.

Lois' eyes filled with tears as he heard her husband sing. Her heart was beating faster, she felt butterflies in her stomach… she could not believe what she was hearing and seeing.

When Clark finished, everyone stood up with excitement and congratulated him. Lois stayed in her place. Clark approached her and they both shared a warm embrace.

"Thank you, Clark… this was the best surprise I've ever had," she said with tears in her eyes.

CJ pulled at Clark's pants saying, "Daddy, Daddy, I liked it." He leaned down to hug his son. Then, it was Amy Lois. "Daddy, sing… sing, daddy." He carried her in his arms, hugged her, and kissed her forehead. Lois did the same with CJ.

Martha came close. "That was lovely, son."

"Thank you, Mom," he replied.

After all the excitement, the whole gang went back to the house. It was almost time to leave. They all picked up their belongings, had something to drink, and started saying good-bye.

Ellen was the one to start the thank you speech. "Jonathan, Sam, Clark, Jimmy, my sons… on behalf of the four of us, I want to thank you for this wonderful present. We really had a great time with our family. You were so kind to us, so many surprises. You really exceeded our expectations."

"I really enjoyed having all of you at our home, this is your home too," Martha added. "Thirty-five years ago, my family was Jonathan and I, now… we're a big family, and I am so happy about it. I hope we can do it some other time."

Lucy continued. "The food was delicious, the songs were out of this world, and I really enjoyed being here in Smallville. I love your house, Martha and Jonathan. Thank you".

"Well, everyone said everything, so I guess there's nothing more to say… but, besides all the thank you's, we "the four mothers" want to invite you to a Father's Day celebration next month. We will let you know the details when we get organized. We're looking forward to it. Don't miss it!" Lois concluded.


That's all, Folcs