A Dreamy Revelation

By Antonia <antonia_koskina@hotmail.com>

Rated: PG

Submitted: May 2002

Summary: A fluke accident on an icy night leads to an unusual dream for Lois Lane. Just who is Clark Kent?


Clark glanced at his watch impatiently. It was 6:58pm. Lois would be there in two minutes; she was never late. He glanced again at his reflection in the mirror; the navy suit that looked back at him wasn't what he had particularly wanted to wear tonight as he knew Lois much preferred the charcoal one. But, he reminded himself, tonight all expectations were supposed to have been discarded. A slow smile started to spread across his face as he remembered the scene from earlier today…

…Lois had been at her desk as typing away furiously on their latest story, and Clark, as usual, has been slyly watching her out of the corner of his eye. Sometimes he thought, he would be able to watch her forever and never tire of her amazing beauty. He loved the way a raven lock of hair would fall down over her face, and how she would push it back impatiently as she worked. The way her face lit up when she had a bright idea; the way she babbled away on endless tangents; how he secretly loved every moment… Clark's thoughts were extinguished when he realised Lois was staring back at him with an amused expression on her face.

"Hey, farmboy, you look pretty spaced out for someone who has a deadline to meet in about five minutes," she commented with a wry smile. "I'm all done."

Clark grinned; he had almost finished the story, but the rest wouldn't take him a second with the help of his superspeed typing. "I was thinking, maybe you wanted to go out for dinner tonight, after everything is tidied up here." He stood up and wandered over to Lois' desk. He placed his hands on her shoulders and started to work on her knotted muscles.

Lois leaned back into his strong hands with a blissful expression on her face. "Mmm, dinner sounds very good. You know I've been waiting for an occasion to wear that new burgundy dress I bought, you will love it — no, wait!" She jerked forward, fixing her eyes on Clark. "We've had this conversation before, you aren't supposed to have to live up to other people's expectations…"

"Lois, honey, relax. Just as long as you're there, that's all that matters, not your dress colour."

"But Clark, you're missing the point."

"Ok, ok, no burgundy dress, no charcoal suit. But you will come, won't you?" Clark's voice rose very slightly.

Lois grinned. "Of course I will. I wouldn't miss it for the world." She stood up and reached for her bag as they walked over to the elevators.

"So, shall we say 7:00pm? I won't be late. I'm just staying here for a little while longer to finish something up."

"Ok, but I think *I'll* be the one picking you up, 'cos that's just another darned expectation." Lois grinned mischievously as the elevator doors opened. Clark opened his mouth to speak. "And I don't want to hear any more about it!" Lois leaned forwards and silenced him with a passionate kiss. Clark pressed himself against her and held her in his arms, not wanting the moment to end.

"I love you, Clark Kent," she said simply as she pulled away, and the doors of the elevators closed between them leaving a somewhat dumbfounded Clark staring at the space where she had been…

…Clark shook himself awake. It was 7:09pm. <That's funny,> he thought, <it wasn't like Lois to be late>


Lois shivered as she walked down the steps onto the street outside her apartment; it was a bitterly cold night. A fine layer of ice had begun to form on the windscreen of her Jeep. She sighed. <Great, just what I need>. She was already running a bit late as she had been wasting time trying on everything in her wardrobe that wasn't burgundy. Lois attempted to scrape off the ice, but this proved rather difficult in her thin heels and clingy black dress. <Ok, so maybe this ice isn't so thin after all,> she thought, gritting her teeth.

Five minutes later she started the car and pulled out of the street. The clock on the dashboard read 7:09pm in incandescent figures. <Step on it, Lois, you're late.> She hummed along to a song on the radio and smiled to herself when she realised that she had butterflies in her stomach. Today she had told Clark that she loved him for the first time. Lois pondered over what had made her say it — it was totally out of character for her, but it was true. She felt so much love for Clark that it scared her sometimes; that was why she hadn't given him the chance to respond to her statement, but had rushed off in the elevator. If she was honest with herself, she was truly petrified of how he might have responded. <What if he doesn't love me back? Have I scared him off now? Oh God, I can't bear the thought of losing him, not when we have only just got it together properly.> Lois swallowed hard and pushed these thoughts aside. <Don't be ridiculous, Lois,> she scolded. <This *is* Clark we are talking about. Wonderful, caring Clark…>

Lois didn't see the stray dog until the last second; she slammed her foot on the brake and swerved violently. The wheels of the car skidded onto a patch of fateful black ice on the side of the road. The world slowed down for the few seconds it took for Lois' car to spin around and slam into the brick wall on the opposite side of the street. The car bonnet was crumpled and no one on the deserted street heard her barely audible whimper as she slipped into unconsciousness.


Nobody of course, except for Clark; he sensed something was wrong in an instant. He was so tuned into Lois that he could even pick out her footsteps as they echoed along a busy street, when he was over the other side of town. He heard the screech of car brakes as clear as day, and his heart leapt in agony when he recognised the undeniable sound of Lois' soft moan, followed only by a lull of heart- wrenching silence.

Superman be damned, Clark hadn't the time to change. He leapt out of his window and shot like a lightning bolt towards the direction of the crash.

His stomach dropped when he approached what was undoubtedly Lois' Jeep, pulverised against a brick wall. <Oh, God, no, please.> Without a moment's hesitation he tore off the car door and reached for Lois; she was unconscious. <Please be OK, *please* God. Oh Lois!> Clark struggled with the tears that were flooding from his eyes uncontrollably. The steering wheel was smeared with blood, which looked to be coming from the side of her head. Clark gently pulled her free of the wreck. He listened for a pulse; it was there, but barely audible. She didn't appear to have any visual injuries, apart from the cut on her head, but as he well knew there could be a lot of internal damage unseen. He gathered her up in his arms and held her close before hastily flying off, this time in the direction of Metropolis Hospital, protecting the body of his soulmate with his life.

"It's OK, Lois. I'm here, you're going to be all right, everything will be fine. You'll be back up on your feet in no time at all, back in that office, back smiling and laughing… I'm sure of it, just a little scratch nothing major-" Clark choked on the words as he flew over Metropolis to the hospital. Lois was still unconscious but it put some degree of reassurance into him when he talked to her. <Could she hear him?>

"I love you Lois Lane and don't you ever forget it," Clark swallowed hard. "You made me the happiest man alive when you said those words to me today, do you know that? But you disappeared before I could say it back." Clark stared ahead unblinkingly; his heart ached when he looked at her. He hadn't got to tell her that he loved her… <What if she never found out? What if he *never* got to tell her?> He was sure the pain in his chest was worse than any physical pain anyone could experience, but then how was he to know? The thought of losing Lois bit into his heart like gnashing teeth, harsh and inexorable. The feeling was unimaginably acute. Lois' head fell back slightly; he gently righted this, supporting her neck with utmost care, and tried to shake his fears as he approached the familiar building of Metropolis Hospital. Realising he was not dressed in The Suit, Clark landed behind a high wall and ran around the corner into the hospital, praying both for Lois and in hope that they hadn't been seen.


Clark had stayed by Lois' side as much as he could during the evening, holding her hand and gazing at her beauty as she lay in a sound slumber. He had been evicted from this position several times for various tests and procedures earlier on, but they had finally left her for the night in a suitably 'stable' condition. The doctor had told him that the injury to her head had been fairly minor and was somewhat amazed at the lack of injuries she had received, despite the seriousness of the accident. When Clark had heard this he had been overcome with relief, and had welled up with tears of joy on the spot. The doctor paused, and added that they were slightly concerned with her heart; her breathing was slightly irregular, but there was nothing more they could do tonight.

Clark watched her sleeping; she looked so pale and fragile among the white sheets, but her beauty was as breathtaking as ever. Words couldn't describe how he loved her. He promised himself that as soon as this was over, he would tell her everything about himself; there was too much to lose if he didn't. He knew that now — and he couldn't risk losing her again. <But,> he reminded himself, <this isn't over yet, is it? Lois is still lying here unconscious. However much you might think she can hear you, she can't — you know that. Those words are going to have to be said aloud…> Clark's thoughts drifted like this for a while, until they began to deteriorate subconsciously, and his eyelids began to droop. He slumped forward in the uncomfortable chair and sighed heavily; it had been a long day.


Lois recognised the sensation as soon as she became aware of it. She felt the cold icy wind in her face and hair; she was flying. She wanted to shiver, but she couldn't move a muscle — she was numb. A thought occurred to her; this was just a dream, a beautiful dream. One which she had had so many times before; flying high over the busy streets of Metropolis in the arms of Superman. Except they weren't all that busy, she sensed, and it was dark and cold — oh yes so very cold; there was a distinct bite in the air. Lois couldn't see his face but she knew it was Him. She recognised his taught muscular physique immediately. <And after all,> she reminded herself, <who else can fly around here?>

<But wait; if this is a dream, anything can happen.> She pondered this possibility for a moment, but was distracted when the arms holding her tightened their grip ever so slightly and he began to speak.

"I love you, Lois Lane, and don't you ever forget it."

Lois' heart skipped a beat. <Superman loved her?> She struggled to open her eyes; this sure was turning out to be one good dream.

"You made me the happiest man alive when you said those words to me today, do you know that? But you disappeared before I could say it back." Superman's voice seemed to be failing him.

Then impact of his words hit her hard. <Wait a second, she hadn't said those words to *Superman*.> She forced her eyes to open and looked straight into the eyes of none other than Clark Kent. Lois suddenly felt very awake indeed, and a fresh wave of shivers came over her, this time not from the cold. Clark — her partner, her best friend, her date, the man she had told openly and honestly today that she was in love with. No Superman, no cape, just Clark.

He was staring unblinkingly straight ahead; tears ran down his cheeks. He made no attempt to wipe them away. Lois tried to move, or to speak so he would acknowledge the fact that she was awake, but she couldn't. She felt dizzy and his image began to blur as her head fell back and her eyes fell shut. She had no control of anything. <This must be a dream,> she thought desperately. <But it feels so real.> Her heart began pumping hard as she grasped the reality of what this meant…


Clark had drifted off to sleep to the regular bleep of Lois' heart monitor. He had been subconsciously aware of its rhythm in his sleep, so when the pace of the monitor suddenly quickened, Clark jerked awake. He panicked; the bleeps were unstable and inconsistent. Oh, God, no, please. He ran to the doorway and yelled at the top of his voice. "Please, somebody help quickly! Anybody, she needs help!" A nurse appeared from around the corner and bustled into the room, followed hastily by a doctor and another nurse.

"Please sir, if you would just like to step outside -" one of the nurses began sensitively.

Clark's mouth set into a hard line. "I'm not leaving her," he pronounced bluntly.

"But it would be -" the nurse tried again, but the man stepped past her and took hold of the patient's hand. She sighed impatiently but there wasn't time to argue. She joined the doctor and the other nurse in their attempt to right the patient's heartbeat.

Clark was in despair; this couldn't be happening. "Come on Lois, you can do it. Don't you die on me, Lois, come on! You're a fighter, Lois, c'mon FIGHT!" Clark's voice rose as he voiced these last few words. The nurse shifted towards him and murmured something about him leaving, but Clark couldn't hear her, he couldn't hear anything. He concentrated every last drop of his energy, every corner of his mind, onto Lois; he willed her to survive with all his might. "I love you…" he whispered hoarsely, and a very strange sensation came over him. Under normal conditions, Clark would have struggled to determine what it was — but it was as if his soul had reached out to hers and connected with it, as if they were united and at one. Clark's heartbeat became irregular and began to match the sound of the beeps from the heart monitor. He took several deep breaths and tried to regain control of his heartbeat and find a steady rhythm. His calming inhalations began to gently slow their pulses, and the beeps from the heart monitor began to miraculously even out. Clark didn't know whether he was doing this or not but tried to keep his breathing even. 'Listen to me, Lois, you can do this. You're gonna be alright.'


Lois could hear a voice calling her, talking to her. It was Clark. She knew it. Lois' heartbeat was starting to slow, and the initial shock of her revelation was beginning to wear off. She had to reach him, she had to get out of this…this…what ever it was, and get to Clark. She had to tell him that she loved him, no matter who he was, or what he could or couldn't do… Her head began to clear. Lois lurched forward slightly and her eyes fluttered open. When her vision focused, she saw Clark sitting by her on one side, her hand in his — tears streaked down his face. On her other side she saw three figures she didn't recognize; they looked to be nurses or doctors of some sort. She was lying in a bed made up of scratchy white linen sheets with machinery hooked up all around her; there was a dull aching pain in the side of her head. <What the hell is going on?>


Clark's stomach flipped as Lois quivered slightly and opened her eyes hazily. She stared first at him, then began around the room, drinking it all in. "Lois?!"

"Clark," Lois called feebly, "I — you're here! I, I heard you, I heard you calling me…" she choked. Tears began to form in the corners of her eyes.

"Lois! Are you ok? I mean, of course you're not, but what happened? — I mean, I just found you in — Oh! I can't bear to think about it. I was so scared, Lois. Oh, my God, I thought I'd lost you! I thought I'd lost you before I ever got to tell you that — that — that I love you, Lois, so much. More than — more than I could ever describe, and when you said that to me today at the Planet, you made me the happiest man alive, but I never got a chance to say, to tell you, I -" Clark was babbling frantically his breath ripping out in rags, he paused.

Lois smiled through her tears at her partner's gabbled words; they warmed her heart. She sighed. "Oh, Clark, I love you too…" One of the unfamiliar figures began to speak; Lois was only half-listening, trying to make sense of it all.

"Thank you, doctor. Can I just have a minute with her?" Clark asked tentatively.

Lois faltered. <He was a doctor?> Suddenly the memory of what happened all came flooding back. The date, the car, the ice, rushing to avoid being late for Clark, her daydream of him, the sudden presence of the stray dog, her car swerving in avoidance, spinning on the ice into the brick wall. So this must be the hospital.

Lois then remembered the dream she'd had while she must have been floating numbly through unconsciousness. A delicious dream of flying through the air in Clark's arms; a dream where Clark was Superman — but was it a dream? A thought occurred to her. "Clark, how did I get here?" she asked innocently.

"I brought you," a faint smile crossed his lips. <Typical Lois,> he thought, <wants to know the facts.> "But don't worry about that," he added hastily.

Lois' mind began to work overtime. <How did he get her to the hospital? How did he know what had happened? If Clark *was* Superman, he would have heard the crash instantly, and would have come to help, taking her to the hospital.> Lois pieced the final idea together. <But having no time to get into the whole Superman outfit.> Lois yawned heavily; all this brainstorming was proving to be very tiring indeed, but the idea was certainly compatible with her dream. Well there was only one way to find out.

She began reticently, not knowing quite how to voice her thoughts, "Clark…"

"Ahem, err, I do hate to interrupt, but it is essential that Miss Lane gets some rest now, *alone*." The nurse stressed the last bit, eyeing Clark in a somewhat menacing manner. She prepared herself for an objection from the man. He opened his mouth, so she cut in sharply, "Now look, Sir, rules are rules. I'll hear no more about it. She has been through a terrible ordeal tonight and needs some sleep."

Lois shifted uncomfortably and Clark rose to his feet. "Okay." He held up his hand to silence her. "I was just about to agree." He smiled at the nurse who sighed, exasperated, and crossed her arms impatiently. He then looked down at Lois. "Can it wait 'till tomorrow?" he asked.

"Uh, sure." Lois admittedly felt slightly relieved; maybe now wasn't the best time to ask Clark if he had a dual identity. In fact, it was a stupid idea anyway. He bent down to kiss her softly, then turned and left the room. Lois sighed; however much she tried she couldn't shake off the feeling that something was amiss. "Oh, Nurse, before you go…" She had a sudden thought.

"Yes, dear?"

"What time was I admitted to the hospital?" she asked.

"7:12pm on the dot. It's right here on the doctor's computer printout of your records." The nurse paused and looked at Lois. "I really do suggest you get some sleep you know; I don't think he'll be going anywhere tonight." She chuckled to herself as she left the room pulling the door closed as she went, leaving Lois as far away from sleepy as she'd ever been before.

<7:12pm?> Lois remembered the moments before the crash; she had been thinking about Clark — she had been late because of the ice on the windscreen. She remembered looking down at the illuminated clock on the dashboard of the car, just moments before she had seen the dog. It had read 7:09, she was sure of it. <How the hell did Clark manage to get her to the hospital three minutes later? It was over the other side of town; it took ten minutes on a good day, at least.>

<Don't be ridiculous, Lois> she scolded herself. <This is absurd — Clark, Superman? Ha! He probably just got fed up of waiting and started to walk towards my place when he saw the crash. Maybe Superman turned up and dropped me off here; he usually does on these occasions. Yes, that's more like it.> Lois sighed heavily; she had been imagining it, she must have. A faint moan passed her lips; her head hurt, and her tired eyes began to close, but Clark was still in her mind as she drifted off to sleep.


When Lois awoke her first instinct told her she was late, very late. Lois hated being late; Perry would think she was slacking and give her one of his disapproving looks. She prized her eyes open and looked around at the blank walls that surrounded her. <Wait a minute, this isn't home,> she thought. Last night's events came rushing back, along with her confusing Clark/Superman predicament. She groaned deeply and pushed the thoughts aside. <Don't be absurd, Lois,> she scolded herself mentally.

There was a soft rap at the door; Clark's head came into view. He beamed when he saw she was awake. "Hey, you're awake! How are you feeling?"

"Groggy and yuck, but better now you're here," she shot him a cheeky grin.

Clark's insides warmed at her girlish behaviour, she was obviously feeling better. "I've been here all night," he said, remembering last night's ordeal painfully. After he had left Lois, he'd spent the night in the waiting area. It hadn't been particularly easy for him to relax on the comfortless plastic hospital benches that were provided, and he had been paranoid about floating while he slept. <But at least she was okay,> he reminded himself.

"Aww," she squeezed his hand. "You must be exhausted, I can't believe what happened — I was so looking forward to our date."

"Oh, Lois, there is plenty of time for more dates. Hey, I've even got forever if you're free!" He paused at those words and looked at her seriously. "What matters most is that you're okay."

"Forever sounds good to me…" Lois was smiling all over, then she suddenly seemed to snap out of it. "But for now don't worry about me. Nothing can keep me off my feet for long — you know that! Although I have been thinking maybe you were right."

Clark frowned. "About what?"

"Oh, you know, the expectations thing," she paused, looking up at Clark through her dark lashes, to see if he had cottoned on. He knew exactly what she meant.

"Ha, yes, well, I think next time we'll be sticking to the good old-fashioned date; the type where *I* take *you* out."

Lois grinned foxily. *You know, I may have to hold you to that Mr. Kent." She held out her hand. Clark took it and, instead of grasping it in his, he turned the palm upwards and planted the softest of kisses upon it. Their eyes met and Lois' insides fluttered wildly.



Exactly a week later, Lois experienced the exact same fluttering feeling as she looked into Clark's eyes. This time the scratchy white sheets and ominous looking equipment of the hospital ward did not surround her. Instead she was sitting in an exquisite restaurant, at a romantic candle-lit table for two, in a stunning burgundy dress; however, this time the feelings were not particularly pleasurable.

She had been released from the hospital two days after the accident with nothing more than a small cut on the side of her head. Her heart appeared to be in perfect condition, as did everything else — much to the doctor's surprise — and physically, she felt one hundred percent fine. But inside, something was nagging at her conscience. Every time it appeared, she tried to dismiss it nonchalantly with a shake of the head or a change of conversation — but she knew it wouldn't go away until she got it out in the open, however stupid it was going to sound. It was, of course, that confusing 'dream' she'd had the night of the accident. Her thoughts had been invaded with similar such scenarios ever since, played out mantra-like in her head, over and over. Lois had begun to think and suspect things that she knew she shouldn't do about Clark, and indeed about Superman himself.

As she gazed over at Clark, a faint smile of satisfaction crossed her lips as she remembered the flawless evening they had spent together so far. It had been truly perfect in every way; he had been truly perfect. She knew without a doubt she wanted to be with him forever — and even now found it difficult to imagine a life without him in it. She wanted to know everything about him as she felt there was so much she didn't know — but how to ask? <I will — I will ask everything I want to know, just as soon as I get this off my chest,> she thought silently.


Clark couldn't have been happier; he was sitting across from the woman he loved, in an expensive restaurant enjoying a candle-lit dinner. It had been a wonderful night in every possible way. The more time he spent with Lois, the more certain he became that he wanted to spend the rest of his days with her. He knew that he never wanted to look across into anyone else's eyes, share a romantic dinner with anyone else, and hold anyone else in his arms like he held her…

As they chatted his thoughts began to wander. After the accident Clark had been convinced he would tell Lois everything, before things got really serious. The speech he had practised and edited a thousand times seemed to sound all wrong. He knew that however he told her, it would come as a big shock; he expected her to get really mad and upset — it pained him to think of it. He never wanted to hurt her — ever. But he knew it would be inevitable. Surely he was kidding himself to think she would be okay with it, certainly not straight away anyway, but it had to be done. <Right, that's it,> he thought, <I'm going to tell her everything tonight. I'm going to seize the moment…> He looked up. Lois was staring intently at him — she had obviously noticed that he was quiet and that his thoughts were elsewhere.

"Lois -"

"Clark -"

They spoke in unison. Clark chuckled softly. "You go first."

Lois sighed heavily. "This is going to sound so ridiculous."

"Go on."

"Well, something's been bothering me since the night of the accident and I just can't shake it. I know this is totally stupid but," she paused and drew breath, "I had this dream." She laughed nervously. "Well I think it was a dream anyway! And I was flying over Metropolis — like with Superman, except it wasn't Superman, it was you, I was flying in your arms and you were crying and…"

The smile had dropped off Clark's face and he felt as though he was frozen to the spot.

Lois didn't notice; she kept on talking. "You kept on speaking to me but I couldn't reply, I was numb. You were talking about that day in the office and how I ran off and, oh, I don't know! It all sounds so silly doesn't it? But I -" Lois stopped when she saw Clark's face; he looked like he had seen a ghost. "Clark? What is it?" He swallowed hard and fidgeted nervously at his tie.

"Clark, what is it? What's wrong?"

The words echoed through his mind. <What could he do?> He had to tell her now. <But not here,> he thought panicking; he couldn't risk anyone else overhearing.

"Lois, I'm so sorry, I didn't want it to be like this. I wanted to be the one who told you. I was about to, I -"

"Told me what?!" Lois felt the panic rise up in her throat, choking her. She tried to swallow it. "Clark, tell me."

"Yes, but not here, somewhere more private."

"No, come on just tell me now; whatever it is, spit it out." In the back of her mind Lois knew what he was going to say. She knew she should be furious — in fact somewhere in the tangled mess of her emotions was fury, but surprisingly it wasn't one of the most predominant. She felt shocked and foolish and hurt — oh so hurt — but she also felt incredibly excited and overwhelmed with love.

His heart was pounding; it was now or never. He took a deep breath and leant forwards. In a low voice he said, "Lois, *I* am Superman."

Even though she had been expecting it she was still stunned at the revelation. <so it hadn't been a dream.> All the emotions flooded her brain: she felt stupid and betrayed and angry. She searched for words to verbalize these feelings but they wouldn't come; for some reason she felt scared that she would lose him if she weren't able to control her feelings. She struggled to take it all in. <The whole time he's been lying to me, oh my God THE WHOLE TIME.>

Clark winced at the expression on her face. <What had he done?> "Lois, I, we -"

Lois cut in sharper than she'd meant to. "We have a lot to talk about."


It was well into the early hours of the next morning when Lois finally returned home from her date with Clark. She flopped down on her bed, both physically and mentally exhausted. She felt like she had been emotionally drained, and was now left with a numb, empty shell for a body.

Right after Clark had confessed his secret, they left the restaurant abruptly to find a more private place to talk. After wandering along the streets of Metropolis for a while, they'd ended up going back to his apartment, as it had been a bitterly cold night again. There they had talked for what seemed like an eternity. Lois felt she had experienced every emotion known to man: hurt, anguish, fury, grief, guilt, excitement, love — you name it, she'd felt it. <But what had come of it?> she thought silently, as she felt no better for it.

The shock had still not completely worn off. Every now and then she would cringe at a memory of something she'd said to Clark — accusing him of being a 'nobody', or blush at how she'd thrown herself at Superman. Or she would flush with anger, remembering a lie he had told her or an excuse he had made.

However, above all these feelings was a great deal of love. She felt it whenever she looked at Clark, or even thought of him. (Which she had been doing a lot that evening.) The story he had told her about his childhood had been heart wrenching; it had touched her so deeply that she knew she couldn't be angry any more. Clark had dealt with so much in his life already, especially while growing up. As a young teenager he'd had to make so many life-altering decisions, which boys of that age really shouldn't have to deal with. She'd had a tiny glimpse of how hard it had been for him, and she was convinced. She also knew very well that it was still hard for him, that every day life must be so painful. She couldn't imagine having to hide like that. It was then that she had realised that it was vital for her to understand, to help him in whatever way she could. He had confided in her — ok, so she'd already kinda known, but he had never told anyone before. She reasoned it was downright selfish to be angry.

Lois had asked so many questions, but still felt she'd only asked half of them. When she finally left him, she walked home alone. Clark offered to fly her, and she'd been tempted — but decided it was best to have some time alone and try to put some order to her thoughts. No such luck; they were just as jumbled as ever. As she'd walked out Clark had turned to her.

"What's going to happen to us, Lois?" he'd asked softly. "Can we get through this? Can we make it okay?"

She had sighed deeply. "I don't know what's going to happen Clark, but I'm willing to try if you are." She had answered before turning and walking away, trying to hide the small smile that crossed her lips. She, however, clocked the smile of relief on his face as she turned.

Lois was now lying in bed. She knew she should try and get some sleep, but she couldn't. She was too mixed up. As she tossed and turned she began to get more and more confused about the accident. How had she known about Clark being Superman? Had it all been real after all? Clark had told her he'd found her car smashed into a wall, and that she had been unconscious while he took her to the hospital. So how could it be possible? Did she have some sort of weird psychic power? <No, of course not, that's insane,> she thought. As the thoughts echoed in her head she felt herself finally feeling drowsy. She closed her eyes and gently drifted off to sleep, knowing she would never really reach the answer to that question, but what did it matter? They would work things out eventually. Everything would be fine.


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