The Mysteries of a Diamond Mine

By Lois Lane Wanna Be <>

Rated: G

Submitted: May 2002

Summary: In this second season vignette, Lois discovers that sometimes help can come in the simplest of forms.

Well this is my first fanfic. I first posted this on the L&C Message Boards and the feedback I got was wonderful. Thanks to all who read my work and asked for a sequel. Sequel? I'll see. I don't own the characters, they are not mine, but the story is mine and the ideas are mine and well…you get the picture.


It was early. Early for an investigative journalist like Lois Lane. She wasn't supposed to be home at 9:30 p.m. She was supposed to be at some stakeout for a story or starting an article to be placed in the early edition of the paper and what was she doing? She was wallowing. Wallowing over her co-worker, partner, and best Friend, Clark Kent.

Lois Lane hated to wallow.

"I can't control Clark. I mean, it's not like I am his girlfriend or anything!" Lois said to herself out loud.

Tears burned her eyes at those last words "…or anything".

Going over to her living room window she looked up into the night sky for some stars to talk to. Even though it was kind of childish, Lois had no one else to turn to. If Clark couldn't be there, maybe the stars could guide her. Her problem was that this was Metropolis, New Troy. Lois knew there was no way she would be able to see stars anywhere in this city.

"Now if I was in Smallville…I could look up with Clark and see a diamond mine of stars. GRR! No, I don't want to think about good times with Clark right now. I am hurt and I am… I am jealous."

Lois was tired of hearing her own babble. She was about to go try sleeping this whole thing off when she spotted a half-burned candle on her coffee table. An idea suddenly brightened up her face. Lois quickly ran to her kitchen to get some matches. Once the candle was lit, Lois brought it to the window. She then turned out the lights of her apartment and brought a chair over to the temporary "star" she had made.

"When you don't have cake, make it!" said Lois triumphantly, smiling at her own philosophy.

For a few moments she just stared at the semi-melted candle, glowing brightly in the darkness of her apartment. Lois then started to cry. Between her sobs she told the "star" how much she really cared about Clark and how she was really angry with Mayson Drake. Mayson was always looking at Clark in "that way" that just made Lois want to pounce on her. Clark never ran away from Mayson and never made stupid excuses to get away from her. Clark only did that to Lois and she always let it go. Yet, this had never really bugged her until now. Lois wanted Clark all to herself and not because of her if-I-want-it-I-get-it-Mad- Dog-Laneattitude but because she…loved him.

She loved Clark! This feeling was wonderful and scary to come to grips with, all at the same time. She knew it could never work out if Clark kept running or kept seeing Mayson all the time. Yet despite the odds, Lois had a sense something could be there.

"Oh my God! This is driving me insane!" Lois wailed to her star. "Why is life trying to torment me if things are not meant to be? Why is it making me feel this way? Is it really written in the stars for Clark and I to be together or what? I need to know. Tomorrow I will talk to him and hopefully I will get my questions answered."

Lois was then silent. In the dim light of her dying star, she saw that it was almost midnight. She had been babbling to a candle about her problems with Clark for the past two and a half-hours! A wave of tiredness swept over her. Picking up the candle, she walked to her dark bedroom. Putting the now very faint candle on her nightstand, she got into bed. Before she closed her eyes she asked one last favor of her star:

"Please…stay with me until I fall asleep. That's something normally…Clark would…do."

Lois fell into a deep sleep. Moments later the candle went out with a poof and a tiny curl of smoke floated up from the melted wax. It floated up through Lois' bedroom ceiling, past the apartments above, and into the night sky. The sky all of a sudden seemed brighter, like a gigantic diamond mine had just been discovered in the middle of Metropolis.


Copyright 2002 Lois Lane Wanna Be